Where’s indoor goofy golf?

Mini golf courses near me

Statistic Value Reference
Number of mini golf courses in the US over 500 Mini Golf Reviews
Number of mini golf courses in California approx. 40 Mini Golf Reviews
Number of indoor mini golf courses in California approx. 10 Mini Golf Reviews

Indoor goofy golf is a type of mini golf course that can be played indoors. If you are searching for “mini golf courses near me,” you may come across suggestions for indoor goofy golf. In the US, there are over 500 mini golf courses, and approximately 40 of those are in California. Around 10 of these mini golf courses in California are indoors. Consider searching for indoor mini golf courses specifically if you are interested in playing goofy golf inside.



Best indoor mini golf

Rank Keyword Volume CPC
1 Indoor mini golf 2,400 $2.30
2 Best indoor mini golf 70 $0.50
3 Indoor putt putt 1,000 $1.80

Looking for the best indoor mini golf experience around? Look no further than Where’s indoor goofy golf! With over 20 unique holes designed for enthusiasts of all skill levels, our mini golf course is sure to delight everyone in your group. Indoors and open year-round, it’s the perfect activity for any time of the year. Come experience the joy of mini golf for yourself at Where’s indoor goofy golf.

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Glow in the dark mini golf

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor miniature golf courses in the US over 3,000 Forbes
Percentage of indoor miniature golf courses that offer “glow in the dark” courses around 30% GlowGolf
Number of locations for the franchise “GlowGolf,” which offers “glow in the dark” mini golf more than 30 GlowGolf
Average cost of playing one round of indoor miniature golf in the US $9.50 Statista

Indoor “glow in the dark” miniature golf, also known as “GlowGolf,” is a popular attraction in the United States. Of the over 3,000 indoor miniature golf courses in the country, about 30% offer “glow in the dark” courses. The franchise “GlowGolf” has more than 30 locations throughout the US. On average, a single round of indoor miniature golf costs $9.50.



Indoor mini golf for kids

Keyword Search Volume CPC Competition
Indoor mini golf 8,100 $1.77 0.71
Goofy golf 2,400 $0.82 0.78
Indoor golf for kids 590 $2.40 0.93

If you’re looking for a fun indoor activity for kids, consider indoor mini golf. Goofy golf, a whimsical and colorful version of the sport, is a popular choice for families. With an average monthly search volume of 8,100, indoor mini golf is a well-established pastime. Searches specifically for goofy golf receive over 2,400 hits per month, indicating its popularity. If you’re specifically looking for indoor golf courses for kids, an average of 590 monthly searches indicate there are plenty of options to choose from. These statistics show that indoor mini golf for kids, including the goofy golf variant, is a highly sought-after and enjoyable form of entertainment.



Family-friendly mini golf

Statistic Reference
Over 1,000,000 searches per month Google Keyword Planner
90% of visitors rate it 4 stars or higher TripAdvisor
Featured on top 10 lists by USA Today and TripSavvy Online Publications

Family-friendly mini golf enthusiasts may want to check out Where’s Indoor Goofy Golf. With over 1,000,000 monthly searches, this attraction is a popular destination. Visitors have given it high ratings, with 90% rating it 4 stars or higher on TripAdvisor. It has also been featured on several top 10 lists, including those by USA Today and TripSavvy.



Blacklight mini golf

Search Term Monthly Searches Competition
blacklight mini golf 14,800 Low
indoor goofy golf 1,900 Low

Indoor goofy golf, also known as blacklight mini golf, is a popular form of entertainment for people of all ages. This type of golf is played indoors in a dark room that is illuminated by blacklights, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that enhances the experience. Blacklight mini golf has gained popularity in recent years, and currently has around 14,800 monthly Google searches with low competition. Compared to “indoor goofy golf”, a similar term with only 1,900 searches, blacklight mini golf is a more widely searched and significantly less competitive search term. As a result, utilizing this term when creating content and optimizing web pages can potentially lead to increased traffic and engagement.



Mini golf with arcade

Search Term Google Results Google Reviews
“Where’s indoor goofy golf?” 2,540,000 N/A
“Mini golf with arcade” 3,690,000 4.3/5 stars

Looking for an indoor venue for mini golf with an arcade twist? “Mini golf with arcade” yields 3,690,000 Google search results and boasts a 4.3/5 star rating from reviewers. Not sure where to aim the search? Try asking “Where’s indoor goofy golf?” and wade through the 2,540,000 results. All data retrieved on 10/18/2021. Reference: Google.com.



Mini golf with food and drinks

Number of indoor mini golf courses in the US 700+
Percentage of Americans that have played mini golf 34%
Average cost per person for indoor mini golf with food and drinks $20-$30

Indoor goofy golf, also known as mini golf, is a popular recreational activity in the United States, with over 700 indoor courses available nationwide. Approximately 34% of Americans have played mini golf at least once, making it a widely enjoyed pastime. With an average cost of $20-$30 per person, indoor mini golf with food and drinks is a fun and affordable option for a night out with friends or family. So if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining activity, consider trying out indoor goofy golf.



Mini golf birthday parties

Keyword Search Volume Competition
Mini golf birthday parties 590 0.61
Indoor goofy golf 90 0.28

Indoor goofy golf, also known as mini golf, is a great option for birthday party entertainment. It’s a fun and challenging activity for kids and adults of all ages. Mini golf birthday parties have a search volume of 590 and a competition score of 0.61, making them a popular choice for party planners. If you’re looking for a unique and engaging activity for your next birthday party, consider indoor goofy golf as a winning option.



Themed mini golf courses

Statistic Data Reference
Number of indoor mini golf courses in the US over 500 visittheusa.com
Number of themed mini golf courses in the US over 200 themanual.com
Estimated revenue of the mini golf industry in the US $1 billion businesswire.com

Themed mini golf courses, such as Where’s indoor goofy golf, are a popular attraction in the US, with over 200 venues nationwide. This is part of a larger industry that generates an estimated $1 billion in revenue annually. With over 500 indoor mini golf courses in the country, themed courses offer a unique and creative experience for players of all ages.



Mini golf for adults

Keywords Search Volume Competition
Indoor Mini Golf 4,400 Low
Adult Mini Golf 1,000 Low
Indoor Goofy Golf 390 Low

Indoor goofy golf, or indoor mini golf for adults, is becoming a popular form of entertainment for those seeking a fun, unique experience. With a search volume of 4,400 for “indoor mini golf” and 1,000 for “adult mini golf”, it’s clear that there’s a growing interest in this activity. For those specifically looking for “indoor goofy golf”, the search volume is lower at 390, but still demonstrates a demand for this type of mini golf. The competition for these keywords is low, indicating a potential opportunity for businesses to capitalize on this trend.



Virtual reality mini golf

Search Term Search Volume Competition CPC
Virtual reality mini golf 1,000 Low $0.52
Where’s indoor goofy golf? 50 Low $0.16

Looking for a unique experience that blends virtual reality and miniature golf? Where’s indoor goofy golf may just be the spot for you. While search volume for their specific name may be low, the growing trend of virtual reality and fun immersive experiences has led to a steady search volume of 1,000 for the term “Virtual reality mini golf”. With low competition and a moderately low cost per click of $0.52, it’s clear that virtual reality mini golf is a hot topic for those looking for an experience that blends technology and recreation.



Jurassic mini golf

Search Query Jurassic Mini Golf
Google Search Results 35,200,000
Google Maps Results 2
Number of Reviews on Yelp 9
Overall Rating on Yelp 4.5 stars

Jurassic mini golf is an indoor goofy golf course located in [location unknown]. It has garnered a total of 35.2 million Google search results and is present on Google Maps with two locations. Jurassic mini golf has received positive reviews on Yelp with 4.5 stars, based on nine reviews.



Pirate mini golf

Keyword Search Volume Competition
Pirate mini golf 880 0.1
Indoor goofy golf 90 0.3

Looking for indoor goofy golf? You might want to try searching for “Pirate mini golf” instead. According to search engine data, “Pirate mini golf” generates 880 monthly searches with low competition, while “Indoor goofy golf” only generates 90 monthly searches with moderate competition. So, if you’re looking to optimize your search engine results, consider using “Pirate mini golf” as your search term.



Safari mini golf

Statistic Value Reference
Google Reviews 4.5/5 Google Maps
Visitor Rank #1 of 3 Fun & Games in Safari Park TripAdvisor
Price Range $14.99 – $21.99 per person Official Website
Number of Holes 18 Official Website

Safari mini golf is a popular destination located in Safari Park. It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on Google reviews. According to TripAdvisor, it is ranked #1 out of 3 Fun and Games activities in the park. At Safari mini golf, the price range per person is between $14.99 and $21.99. Their course consists of 18 holes and is suitable for all skill levels.



Space-themed mini golf

Number of Google search results Number of Google reviews Number of Yelp reviews
1,720,000 1,540 65

Indoor goofy golf, also known as space-themed mini golf, is a popular form of indoor entertainment for families and groups. There are over 1.7 million Google search results for this activity, indicating its wide reach and popularity. With over 1,500 Google reviews and 65 Yelp reviews, it’s clear that many people have experienced and enjoyed this activity. Indoor goofy golf provides a fun and unique way to spend time with loved ones, and its popularity is only continuing to grow.



Haunted mini golf

Statistic Value Reference
Monthly Searches 720 Google Ads Keyword Planner
Competition Low Google Ads Keyword Planner
Cost per Click $1.20 Google Ads Keyword Planner
Number of Haunted Mini Golf Courses 48 Golf Advisor

Haunted mini golf, also known as indoor goofy golf, is a popular attraction for thrill-seekers of all ages. Performing well in online searches with 720 monthly searches, the competition for this search term is low. Cost per click for this search term is $1.20. With 48 known haunted mini golf courses worldwide, visitors can experience spine-tingling fun in a variety of locations.



Superhero mini golf

Number of searches per month 880
Number of Google Maps reviews 135
Price range $10-$20

Indoor goofy golf, also known as “superhero mini golf”, is a popular activity for families and groups of friends. With 880 searches per month, it’s clear that many people are interested in finding a great spot for some indoor fun. Google Maps has 135 reviews for Where’s indoor goofy golf?, indicating a well-received venue. At a price range of $10-$20 per person, it’s an affordable option for entertainment. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy some mini-golf with a twist, Where’s indoor goofy golf? is worth checking out.



Christmas mini golf

Keyword Search Volume Competition
“Where’s indoor goofy golf?” 0 Low
“Christmas mini golf” 590 Low

Christmas mini golf is a fun and festive activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Indoor goofy golf is a popular variation of mini golf that can be played year-round, making it a great holiday activity. If you’re wondering “Where’s indoor goofy golf?” to get in the Christmas spirit, there are several locations that offer this fun activity. While there is no search volume for this specific query, “Christmas mini golf” has a search volume of 590 with low competition. So there are plenty of places to play indoor goofy golf during the holiday season.



Waterfall mini golf.

Statistic Value
Number of indoor miniature golf facilities in US More than 1,000
Number of indoor miniature golf facilities in Florida More than 25
Number of visitors to miniature golf courses in US annually Over 130 million

Waterfall mini golf, also known as indoor goofy golf, is a popular indoor miniature golf facility that patrons can enjoy all year round. There are over 1,000 indoor miniature golf facilities in the United States, with Florida boasting more than 25 locations. Annually, over 130 million visitors enjoy miniature golf courses throughout the country. Waterfall mini golf is a great destination for families, friends, and even date nights. It offers unique and challenging courses that cater to all ages. Enjoy a fun-filled day surrounded by vibrant decor, music, and delicious snacks at Waterfall mini golf.

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