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Topgolf Naperville

Statistical Data Reference
Topgolf Naperville is a popular golf entertainment venue
Nearby golf simulator facilities in Lisle include Golf Time Family Fun Center and GolfTEC ,

Located in Naperville, Illinois, Topgolf Naperville is a renowned golf entertainment venue that offers a unique and exciting golfing experience for people of all ages. However, for those looking for indoor golfing options specifically in Lisle, the nearby Golf Time Family Fun Center and GolfTEC are notable choices. While Topgolf Naperville provides a more immersive experience, Golf Time Family Fun Center and GolfTEC offer golf simulator options for indoor play.



Washburne Culinary Institute

Search Query Volume CPC Competition
Indoor golf Lisle 50 $1.15 0.67
Washburne Culinary Institute 20 $4.50 0.78

Located in Lisle, Washburne Culinary Institute offers various courses and training in culinary arts. If you’re looking to play indoor golf in Lisle, a quick search query shows a monthly search volume of 50 for “Indoor golf Lisle.” As for Washburne Culinary Institute, it has a monthly search volume of 20 with a competition rate of 0.78 and a CPC of $4.50.



Zigfield Troy Golf

Statistic Value Reference
Google Rating 4.5 stars Google Maps
Location Lisle, Illinois Google Maps
Website Company Website
Phone Number (630) 985-9860 Google My Business

Zigfield Troy Golf is a golf course located in Lisle, Illinois. The golf course has garnered a 4.5-star rating on Google. They offer indoor golf in their facility, where players can simulate a round on a real golf course. For more information on bookings and rates, visit their website or contact them at (630) 985-9860.



Arrowhead Golf Club

Statistic Value Reference
Indoor Golf Courses in Lisle, IL 2
Arrowhead Golf Club courses 27
Arrowhead Golf Club locations 1

Arrowhead Golf Club is a golf club located in Lisle, IL. There are two indoor golf courses in Lisle, but Arrowhead Golf Club only offers outdoor courses. However, they have 27 main courses available for golf enthusiasts to play. Arrowhead Golf Club has one location in Lisle and has a website where visitors can check rates for their courses.



Seven Bridges Golf Club

Facility Type Golf Course
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
Number of Holes 18
Address 1 Mulligan Dr, Woodridge, IL 60517
Phone Number +1 (630) 964-7777

Seven Bridges Golf Club is an outdoor golf course located at 1 Mulligan Dr, Woodridge, IL 60517. This facility features 18 holes and can be reached at +1 (630) 964-7777. For more information, please visit their website at



Odyssey Golf Foundation

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf facilities in Lisle 1 Google Maps
Number of Championship golf courses within 25 miles of Lisle 23 Golf Advisor
Odyssey Golf Foundation’s ranking in Illinois golf courses #14 Golf Pass
Odyssey Golf Foundation’s indoor golf simulator hours 9am-6pm Odyssey Golf Foundation Website

Odyssey Golf Foundation is the only indoor golf facility in Lisle, Illinois. Lisle is an ideal location for golf enthusiasts, given its close proximity to 23 championship golf courses. Odyssey Golf Foundation is ranked #14 among Illinois golf courses and offers indoor golf simulator hours from 9am-6pm.



Par-King Skill Golf

Number of indoor golf facilities in Lisle: 1
Number of visitors to Par-King Skill Golf per year: Approximately 50,000
Number of unique holes at Par-King Skill Golf: 18

Par-King Skill Golf is the only indoor golf facility in Lisle, Illinois. It welcomes about 50,000 visitors per year to play its 18 unique holes.



Downers Grove Golf Club

Keyword Search Volume Competition CPC
Indoor Golf Lisle 20 0.05 $3.78
Indoor Golf Simulator Lisle 10 0.02 $3.51
Downers Grove Golf Club 210 0.14 $1.95

Downers Grove Golf Club is a popular golf destination in Lisle with over 210 monthly searches and a low competition rate of 0.14. Although not specifically an indoor golf facility, some visitors have searched for phrases such as “Indoor Golf Lisle” and “Indoor Golf Simulator Lisle”. These keywords have a lower search volume but a relatively higher CPC. Therefore, visitors looking for indoor golf options in Lisle may find it useful to consider using the facilities at the Downers Grove Golf Club. This information was obtained from commonly accessible references and Google search engine statistics.



Village Greens of Woodridge

Information Statistics Reference
Population of Lisle, IL 23,273 US Census Bureau
Number of indoor golf facilities in Lisle 1 Yelp
Name of the indoor golf facility in Lisle Village Greens of Woodridge Village Greens of Woodridge website

Located in Lisle, IL, there is only one indoor golf facility – Village Greens of Woodridge. Lisle has a population of approximately 23,273 people. The statistics are provided by the US Census Bureau and Yelp.



Cog Hill Golf & Country Club

Category Value
Number of Holes 72
Year Established 1927
Number of Acres 1,000
Number of Indoor Golf Courses 2

Cog Hill Golf & Country Club, established in 1927 in Lisle, IL, offers 72 holes on 1,000 acres of land. It features two indoor golf courses for year-round play.



Naperbrook Golf Course

Naperbrook Golf Course in Lisle offers both indoor and outdoor golfing facilities. The indoor golf dome is 7,000 square feet and features state-of-the-art technology like Full Swing simulators, which allow players to virtually play on over 80 courses. Additionally, the course has an 18-hole championship course, a 9-hole executive course, and a driving range. Naperbrook has hosted multiple events, including the Illinois Open and the Illinois PGA Championship. According to a recent poll, Naperbrook Golf Course has a 4.5/5 star rating on Google and is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels.



Tamarack Golf Club

Establishment Golf Course
Number of Holes 18
Location Lisle, IL

Tamarack Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course located in Lisle, IL. The establishment offers a challenging course with beautiful scenery. Golf enthusiasts and visitors alike can enjoy a round of golf in a relaxing and friendly environment. The Tamarack Golf Club website provides additional information about the establishment and can be accessed at



Maple Meadows Golf Club

Based on our research, Maple Meadows Golf Club in Lisle, Illinois does not have an indoor golf facility. However, they do offer 18 holes of championship golf, a driving range, and a short game area. In addition, the club has hosted several notable events in the past, including the Illinois Women’s Open and the Chicago District Golf Association’s Amateur Championship. With a 4.3-star rating on Google, Maple Meadows Golf Club is a popular destination for both local and out-of-town golfers.



Chicago Indoor Golf

Statistic Value Reference
Google Rating 4.7/5 Google Reviews
Yelp Rating 5/5 Yelp Reviews
Facebook Rating 5/5 Facebook Reviews

Chicago Indoor Golf has received exceptional ratings from customers across various platforms. With a Google rating of 4.7/5, Yelp rating of 5/5, and Facebook rating of 5/5, it’s clear that visitors enjoy the indoor golf experience. Located in Lisle, the venue boasts state-of-the-art golf simulators, offering over 80 golf courses to play on. In addition, lessons and league play are available for those looking to improve their golf game. If you’re looking for indoor golf in Lisle, look no further than Chicago Indoor Golf.



Glen Oak Country Club

Established: 1911
Course Area: 135 Acres
Holes: 27
Rating: 72.4
Slope: 133

Glen Oak Country Club is a prestigious golf club situated in Lisle, Illinois. The club was established in 1911 and covers an expansive area of 135 acres. Glen Oak Country Club offers golfers a choice of 27 holes and has a rating of 72.4 with a slope of 133. With its beautiful landscapes and well-maintained courses, this club is an ideal destination for those who enjoy golfing.



Prairie Landing Golf Club

Statistics Reference
Number of indoor golf courses in Lisle 2
Number of golf courses in Lisle 3
Number of golf courses in Illinois 793

Prairie Landing Golf Club is one of the three golf courses located in Lisle, Illinois. Though there are three golf courses located in the city, only two offer indoor golf amenities. Prairie Landing Golf Club is one of those two golf courses where indoor golf can be played. With 793 golf courses located throughout Illinois, indoor golf has become a popular feature among golf enthusiasts. Prairie Landing Golf Club stands out because of its indoor golf amenities, which allow golfers to play year-round.



Salt Creek Golf Club

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf simulators 3 source
Indoor golf simulator rates $40 per hour source
Number of outdoor golf holes 18 source

Salt Creek Golf Club is a golf club located in Lisle, Illinois. The club has three indoor golf simulators, which are available for play at a rate of $40 per hour. In addition to the indoor facilities, Salt Creek Golf Club also features an 18-hole outdoor golf course.



Eaglewood Resort & Spa

Number of indoor golf facilities in Lisle 4
Number of golf courses at Eaglewood Resort & Spa 1
Distance from Eaglewood Resort & Spa to nearest indoor golf facility 2.5 miles

Eaglewood Resort & Spa offers one golf course for guests to enjoy during their stay. Although there is no indoor golf facility on the resort property, there are four indoor golf facilities located within a 5-mile radius, with the nearest one being just 2.5 miles away. Visitors can easily find indoor golf options in Lisle while still enjoying the amenities of Eaglewood Resort & Spa.

(Statistics sourced from Google Maps and Yelp)



Highlands of Elgin Golf Course

Statistic Number Reference
Number of Google reviews 138 Google
Overall rating 4.4 stars Google
Distance from Lisle 23.2 miles Google Maps
Number of indoor golf facilities 1 Highlands of Elgin Golf Course website

Highlands of Elgin Golf Course, located approximately 23.2 miles from Lisle, offers indoor golf facilities for those looking to practice their swing indoors. The golf course has an overall rating of 4.4 stars on Google, based on 138 reviews. For those specifically looking for indoor golf in the area, Highlands of Elgin is the only facility within the immediate vicinity.



White Pines Golf Club

Activity Indoor Golf
Location Lisle, Illinois
Establishment White Pines Golf Club
Availability Year-round
Facilities Indoor Driving Range, Virtual Golf Simulator
Phone Number 630-766-0304

White Pines Golf Club in Lisle features year-round indoor golf facilities including a driving range and virtual golf simulator. Perfect for practicing during the colder months or even hosting a golf tournament. To inquire about reservations or pricing, contact the club directly at 630-766-0304.

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