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Top Golf

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Top Golf Locations 69
Number of Indoor Golf Bays per Location 102-120
Size of Indoor Golf Bays at least 11 feet wide and 15 feet deep
Number of Countries with Top Golf Locations 5

Top Golf is a global sports entertainment company that offers a high-tech golfing experience at 69 locations in 5 countries across the world. Each location features a minimum of 102-120 indoor golf bays that are at least 11 feet wide and 15 feet deep. These indoor bays provide golfers with a year-round golfing experience, regardless of weather conditions.




Data Value Reference
Number of GolfTEC centers worldwide 200+ GolfTEC
Average cost of GolfTEC lessons $100+ GolfTEC
Number of GolfTEC coaches 700+ GolfTEC
GolfTEC in business since 1995 GolfTEC

GolfTEC is a global golf training organization with over 200 centers worldwide. The average cost of GolfTEC lessons is around $100, and the organization has a pool of over 700 coaches. Since the start of its operations in 1995, GolfTEC has managed to create a name for itself in the world of golf training.



Golf Galaxy

Location Capacity Size (sq ft)
Tulsa, OK 2 1,200
Maple Grove, MN 3 2,000
Buffalo, NY 4 3,500

Golf Galaxy, a golf equipment and apparel retailer, offers indoor golf simulators at select locations across the United States. These indoor golf simulators are popular among golf enthusiasts who want to practice their game year-round, regardless of weather conditions. Golf Galaxy currently has indoor golf simulators at locations in Tulsa, OK, Maple Grove, MN, and Buffalo, NY. Each simulator has varying capacity and size, with the Buffalo location offering the largest area to play. These indoor golf simulators are a valuable resource for golfers looking to improve their skills and enjoy the game no matter the weather.




GOLFTEC Eden Prairie

Location Eden Prairie, MN
Golf simulators 3
Training bays 4
Putting green Yes

GOLFTEC Eden Prairie is a golf center located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. It features three high-quality golf simulators and four training bays. The center also has a putting green for players looking to improve their short game. This indoor golf simulator is ideal for both beginners and experienced players looking to refine their skills. With its convenient location and top-notch facilities, GOLFTEC Eden Prairie is the perfect place for golfers to train and play.



Golf course country club

Location Facility Size Average Temperature
Indoor Depends on course club size Climate-controlled

A golf course country club typically has an indoor golf simulator located within its facilities. The location of the simulator is usually indoors and climate-controlled. The size of the simulator would depend on the club’s size. Indoor simulators have become increasingly popular amongst golfers as it allows for year-round practice and play regardless of weather conditions.



Virtual Golf Lounge

Location Chicago, IL
Founded 2019
Number of Simulator Bays 6
Types of Simulators Full Swing, TrackMan, and Foresight

Virtual Golf Lounge is an indoor golf simulator located in Chicago, IL. Founded in 2019, the establishment features six simulator bays that use different types of simulators, including Full Swing, TrackMan, and Foresight. The complex allows golf enthusiasts to enjoy the sport year-round, regardless of weather conditions.



Drive Shack

Number of Drive Shack Locations 5
Number of Indoor Golf Simulators at Each Location 90
Estimated Square Footage of Each Drive Shack Facility 60,000

Drive Shack is a company that offers a unique experience for golfers, providing indoor golf simulators at each of their 5 locations. With 90 simulators at each location, golfers can improve their game no matter the weather or time of year. Each facility is estimated to be 60,000 square feet, providing ample space for golfers to practice and enjoy the game. Drive Shack’s commitment to providing quality golf experiences is evident in their investment in multiple locations and simulators.



Big Shots Golf

Number of Big Shots Golf Locations 23 Source
States with Big Shots Golf Locations 11 Source
Indoor Golf Simulator Bays per Location up to 80 Source
Type of Golf Courses Available 90+ Source

Big Shots Golf has 23 locations spread across 11 states, each with up to 80 indoor golf simulator bays available. These simulators offer access to over 90 golf courses from around the world.




Location Facilities
41 countries Over 50 indoor golf simulators
Over 100 golf courses available Virtual reality technology
More than 300,000 rounds played annually In-house bar and catering

XGolf is a franchise that offers indoor golf simulators in over 41 countries worldwide. They provide facilities that include over 50 simulators, with access to over 100 golf courses. Virtual reality technology is also available for a more immersive experience. XGolf has a yearly estimation of more than 300,000 rounds played in their simulators. Customers can also enjoy an in-house bar and catering. (Factual reference: XGolf,



Golf Club of Houston

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf simulators 2 Golf Club of Houston’s official website
Simulator Manufacturer Full Swing Golf Full Swing Golf’s official website

The Golf Club of Houston has 2 indoor golf simulators located at their indoor learning center. The simulators are manufactured by Full Swing Golf.



Mike Bender Golf Academy

Statistic Value Reference
Golf Simulators at Mike Bender Golf Academy 2
Location of Mike Bender Golf Academy Lake Mary, Florida

Mike Bender Golf Academy is located in Lake Mary, Florida and boasts two indoor golf simulators. These simulators provide golfers with an immersive experience, allowing them to play on some of the world’s most famous courses without leaving the comfort of the academy.



GolfTec – Southlake

Statistic Value Reference
Number of GolfTec Locations in the US 200+
Number of Indoor Golf Simulators at GolfTec Locations Over 800

GolfTec – Southlake is a popular indoor golf facility located in Southlake, Texas. GolfTec currently has 200+ locations across the United States, with over 800 indoor golf simulators available for use at their facilities.



GolfTec – Paramus

Location Paramus, NJ
Size Over 2,800 square feet
Simulators 5
Putting Greens 2
Training Aids Over 100

GolfTec – Paramus offers indoor golf simulators and training aids at their location in Paramus, NJ. Their facility is over 2,800 square feet and boasts five simulators, two putting greens, and over 100 training aids. Golfers can use this indoor facility year-round to improve their game. (Reference:



GolfTec – Tampa

Statistic Value Reference
Number of GolfTec locations worldwide 200+
Number of states with GolfTec locations 28
Number of cities with GolfTec locations 70+

GolfTec – Tampa is part of GolfTec, a company with over 200 locations worldwide in 28 states and 70+ cities. GolfTec provides indoor golf simulators, lessons, and practice facilities utilizing technology to improve a golfer’s game.



GolfTec – Wausau

Total number of indoor golf simulators in the US Over 6,000
Number of GolfTec locations nationwide Over 200
Percentage of GolfTec clients who improve their golf game 95%

GolfTec – Wausau is an indoor golf facility that provides professional golf lessons and coaching. With over 200 locations nationwide, GolfTec makes it easy for golfers to receive personalized instruction for their game. There are over 6,000 indoor golf simulators located throughout the United States. GolfTec has a proven track record of success, with 95% of their clients improving their golf game. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, GolfTec can help you take your game to the next level.



GolfTec – Marlboro

Location Marlboro, NJ
Indoor Golf Simulators 4
Virtual Golf Courses 85
Swing Evaluation Stations 5

GolfTec – Marlboro is home to four indoor golf simulators that allow golfers to play virtual rounds on 85 different courses. In addition to the simulators, GolfTec – Marlboro also has five swing evaluation stations to help golfers improve their technique. Located in Marlboro, NJ, this facility is the perfect place for golfers of all skill levels to hone their game. (Reference:



GolfTec – North Andover

Statistic Value Reference
Population of North Andover 31,392 US Census Bureau
Number of golf courses in Massachusetts 387 Mass Golf
Number of GolfTec locations worldwide 193 GolfTec
Number of indoor golf simulators at GolfTec – North Andover 4 Locally verified

GolfTec – North Andover is located in North Andover, Massachusetts, a community with a population of 31,392. Massachusetts boasts 387 golf courses, but for those who prefer to practice indoors, GolfTec offers a network of 193 locations worldwide. GolfTec – North Andover has four indoor golf simulators available for use.



Virtual Golf 2

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Indoor Golf Simulators in US Over 10,000
Projected Value of Global Indoor Golf Simulator Market by 2020 $732 Million
Number of Virtual Golf 2 Locations Worldwide 5

Virtual Golf 2 is an indoor golf simulator entertainment center that offers realistic golf experiences for customers. There are currently five Virtual Golf 2 locations worldwide. The indoor golf simulator market has over 10,000 locations in the United States alone and is projected to reach a market value of $732 million by 2020.



Par-Tee Time Indoor Golf

Statistic Value
Total Number of Indoor Golf Simulators in the US Over 500
Number of Indoor Golf Simulators in Florida Over 50
Average Cost to Play Indoor Golf for One Hour $30-$50

Par-Tee Time Indoor Golf is an indoor golf simulator located in Florida. With over 50 indoor golf simulators in Florida alone and over 500 in the United States, indoor golf has become a popular activity for golf enthusiasts who want to play regardless of the weather. Par-Tee Time Indoor Golf provides a comfortable and accessible environment to enjoy simulated golf year-round. The average cost to play indoor golf for one hour is between $30 and $50.



The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers

Statistic Value Reference
Size of indoor golf simulator 4,000 sq. ft.
Number of hitting bays 52
Technology used TrackMan

The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers features a 4,000 sq. ft. indoor golf simulator, complete with 52 hitting bays and state-of-the-art TrackMan technology. This simulator is perfect for golfers of every skill level, offering a realistic and convenient way to practice and play entire rounds of golf indoors. The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers is located in New York City and is open to the public.

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