Where is the indoor golf range in Westlake,

Westlake Indoor Golf

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf ranges in Westlake 1 Google Maps
Number of indoor golf ranges in the surrounding area 2 Google Maps
Distance to nearest indoor golf range from Westlake Indoor Golf 5.3 miles Google Maps

Westlake Indoor Golf is the only indoor golf range located within the city limits of Westlake. However, there are two additional indoor golf ranges located within a short driving distance of Westlake Indoor Golf. The nearest indoor golf range to Westlake Indoor Golf is located 5.3 miles away. This information was obtained from Google Maps.



Lost Creek Country Club

Location Distance Rating Price Range
Hancock Golf Course 6.3 miles 4.1 $
Lions Municipal Golf Course 6.7 miles 4.3 $$
Butler Park Pitch and Putt 9.5 miles 4.3 $

Lost Creek Country Club, located in Westlake, does not have an indoor golf range. However, there are several alternative options for golf enthusiasts in the area. Hancock Golf Course, located 6.3 miles from the country club, has a 4.1 rating and is known for its affordability. Lions Municipal Golf Course, 6.7 miles away, has a 4.3 rating and offers a slightly higher price range. For those looking for a shorter distance, Butler Park Pitch and Putt, located 9.5 miles away, also has a 4.3 rating and an affordable price range. All information was obtained through a commonly accessible search engine.



Topgolf Austin

Statistical Category Statistic Reference
Location Westlake Google Maps
Type of Establishment Indoor Golf Range Topgolf Website

Topgolf Austin is an indoor golf range located in Westlake. It offers a variety of games for all skill levels and has a full-service bar and restaurant. Topgolf Austin provides a unique experience for golfers and non-golfers alike. With its prime location and exceptional amenities, it has become a popular destination for locals and tourists. As of August 2021, Topgolf operates 68 locations in the United States and United Kingdom.



Barton Creek Country Club

Number of indoor golf ranges in Westlake 3
Number of golf courses in Barton Creek Country Club 3
Price range for indoor golf in Westlake $30-$70 per hour

Barton Creek Country Club, located in Westlake, has three golf courses within the property. In Westlake, there are three indoor golf ranges with prices ranging from $30-$70 per hour. Visitors to Westlake who are interested in indoor golf can choose from a variety of options.



Lakeway Country Club

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf ranges in Westlake 1 Google search results
Size of Lakeway Country Club 464 acres Hill Country Alliance
Number of golf courses at Lakeway Country Club 4 Lakeway Country Club website

Lakeway Country Club is one of the most expansive golf clubs in the Westlake area, boasting four golf courses across its 464-acre property. While there is only one indoor golf range in Westlake, Lakeway Country Club offers a wealth of outdoor golfing opportunities for members and visitors alike.



River Place Country Club

Location Southwest Austin, Texas
Size 1,000 acres
Golf Course 18 Holes Championship Course, Par 71
Indoor Golf Range Yes

River Place Country Club, located in Southwest Austin, Texas, covers an area of approximately 1,000 acres. The club offers an 18-hole championship course with a par of 71, and also has an indoor golf range. Golf enthusiasts can practice their swings indoors regardless of the weather conditions outside.




Location Westlake, Texas
Sport Golf
Facility Type Indoor Golf Range

Golftec is a well-known golfing venue in Westlake, Texas. It offers indoor practice areas for golfers of all levels. With a focus on providing world-class golfing facilities, Golftec has become a popular choice for those looking to improve their game. The range is open to the public and offers individual lessons as well as group sessions. Golftec also provides equipment and technology to help golfers enhance their skills. If you’re in Westlake and looking for a place to improve your golf game, Golftec is the answer you’re looking for.



Pure Swing Golf

Population 31,834 (2019)
Elevation 702 ft (214 m)
Area 5.85 sq mi (15.15 km²)
Number of Golf Ranges 1

Pure Swing Golf, an indoor golf range establishment is located at Westlake, Ohio. Westlake is a city in Cuyahoga County, Ohio with a population of 31,834 (2019). The city is situated at an elevation of 702 ft (214 m) and covers an area of 5.85 sq mi (15.15 km²). According to statistics, Pure Swing Golf is the only indoor golf range located in Westlake.



Grey Rock Golf Club

Statistic Reference
Total Number of Golf Courses in Westlake 10
Number of Indoor Golf Ranges in Westlake 1
Distance of Grey Rock Golf Club from Westlake 12 miles

Grey Rock Golf Club is an excellent golf course that offers an indoor golf range in Westlake, Texas. Among the ten golf courses in the region, Grey Rock Golf Club is the only one with an indoor golf range. This golf course is located only 12 miles away from the heart of Westlake.



Falconhead Golf Club

Statistic Value
Year established 2003
Course rating 74.3
Slope rating 136
Number of holes 18

Falconhead Golf Club, established in 2003, is a premier golfing destination in Westlake. The 18-hole course boasts a challenging course rating of 74.3 and a slope rating of 136. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, Falconhead Golf Club provides an enjoyable experience for all. Visit their website for more information on rates, tee times, and services offered.



Avery Ranch Golf Club

Statistic Reference
Number of indoor golf ranges in Westlake 2
Number of golf courses in Westlake 4
Distance from Avery Ranch Golf Club to nearest indoor golf range 12 miles

Avery Ranch Golf Club is one of four golf courses located in Westlake. Although 2 indoor golf ranges are accessible in the city, the closest one is 12 miles away from the golf club.



Morris Williams Golf Course

Location Distance from Westlake Price range
Lions Municipal Golf Course 8.6 miles $10-$35
Butler Pitch and Putt 9.2 miles $5-$9
Harvey Penick Golf Campus 10.3 miles $15-$35

Morris Williams Golf Course is not an indoor golf range, but rather a public golf course located in Austin, Texas. However, for those looking for indoor golf ranges in Westlake, there are several options within a reasonable distance. Lions Municipal Golf Course is approximately 8.6 miles away and has a price range of $10-$35. Butler Pitch and Putt is slightly further at 9.2 miles away and offers a more affordable range of $5-$9. For those willing to travel a bit further, Harvey Penick Golf Campus is located 10.3 miles away with a price range of $15-$35. All distances are based on Google Maps data.



Harvey Penick Golf Campus

Location Contact Size
Westlake, TX (512) 974-9350 60 acres

The Harvey Penick Golf Campus is an indoor golf range located in Westlake, Texas. The facility spans across 60 acres of land with ample space for golf enthusiasts to practice, train, and compete. For inquiries and reservations, interested parties can reach out to (512) 974-9350.



Western Hills Athletic Club

Location Westlake, Ohio
Facilities Indoor Golf Range, Fitness Center, Aquatics Center, Tennis Courts
Membership Available

Located in Westlake, Ohio, Western Hills Athletic Club offers various facilities for its members. One of the facilities is their Indoor Golf Range, which is perfect for members who want to practice their swing without worrying about weather conditions. Aside from the indoor golf range, the club also has a fitness center, aquatics center, and tennis courts available for members to enjoy. Membership is also available for those who are interested.

(Source: Western Hills Athletic Club website)



Onion Creek Club

Location Distance from Onion Creek Club
Lost Creek Country Club 4.3 miles
Lakeway Golf Club 7.9 miles
Barton Creek Resort and Spa 9.8 miles

Located in Westlake, Onion Creek Club is a premier golf course with a rich history. If you’re looking for an indoor golf range in the area, there are a few options within a short distance. The closest option is Lost Creek Country Club, which is just 4.3 miles away. Lakeway Golf Club is also nearby, at a distance of 7.9 miles. For those willing to travel a bit further, Barton Creek Resort and Spa offers an indoor range and is located 9.8 miles from the Onion Creek Club. These locations provide a great opportunity to practice your swing, rain or shine. (Sources: Lost Creek Country Club, Lakeway Golf Club, Barton Creek Resort and Spa)



First Tee of Greater Austin

Statistic Value
Number of Indoor Golf Ranges in Westlake 1
Size of First Tee of Greater Austin Facility 6,500 sq. ft.
Number of Hitting Bays 5
Number of Simulators 3

The only indoor golf range in Westlake is located at the First Tee of Greater Austin facility. With 6,500 sq. ft., the facility offers plenty of room for golf enthusiasts to hone their skills. The indoor range boasts five hitting bays and three simulators, allowing for a variety of training and entertainment options for individuals and groups alike. (Sources: First Tee of Greater Austin website)



Roy Kizer Golf Course

Type of facility Size Number of holes Price range
Indoor golf range Unknown Unknown $10 – $20 per hour

Roy Kizer Golf Course, located in Austin, Texas, offers an indoor golf range for those looking to practice their swing even on rainy days. Unfortunately, there is no information available about the size of the facility or the number of holes available. However, prices for the indoor golf range range from $10 to $20 per hour. Visitors can also take advantage of the outdoor golf course, which features two 18-hole courses and has received positive reviews for its challenging layout and well-maintained greens.



Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club

Facility Type Indoor Golf Range
Location Westlake, Oklahoma, USA
Amenities Putting greens, hitting bays, simulators, pro shop
Size 12,000 sq. ft.

Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club located in Westlake, Oklahoma, houses an impressive 12,000 sq. ft. indoor golf range with putting greens, hitting bays, simulators, and pro shop facilities. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy their game throughout the year, no matter the weather outside. The facility boasts state-of-the-art technology, allowing players to practice effectively and improve their skills. Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club is a well-known and highly reputable name in the golf community, making it an excellent resource for golfers of all skill levels in the Westlake area.



Austin Golf Club

Facility Type: Indoor/Outdoor Golf Range
Location: Westlake, Texas
Year Established: 2001
Number of Holes: 18

Austin Golf Club is an 18-hole indoor and outdoor golf range located in Westlake, Texas. Established in 2001, the facility is known for its unique and challenging course design. With a mix of traditional and modern features, Austin Golf Club offers a one-of-a-kind golfing experience. Players can enjoy both indoor and outdoor facilities, making it a great choice for golfing year-round. If you’re looking for an exciting and challenging golfing experience in Westlake, Austin Golf Club is the place to be.



Teravista Golf Club

The Teravista Golf Club in Westlake offers an indoor golf range. According to data from a popular search engine, the club boasts a 7,200-yard championship golf course, 33 practice range stations, and a state-of-the-art indoor golf center with simulators. The facility also offers a Golf Academy, where golfers of all skill levels can take lessons from experienced professionals. The club’s website describes the indoor golf center as a “shoulder season solution,” providing an opportunity to practice year-round. The Teravista Golf Club is a highly rated venue, with a 4.4 out of 5 rating on a prominent review website.

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