Where is Perry Indoor Golf located?

Perry Indoor Golf

Location Size Price Range Phone Number
Peoria, IL Indoor $25 – $40/hour (309) 692-4653

Perry Indoor Golf is an indoor golf facility located in Peoria, IL. The facility offers a price range of $25 – $40 per hour and can be accessed by calling (309) 692-4653.



Indoor Golf near me

Location Phone Number Website
Atlanta, GA (404) 456-3393 www.whereisperry.com/

Perry Indoor Golf is an indoor golf facility located in Atlanta, GA. They offer a state-of-the-art indoor experience for golfers of all skill levels. With a focus on helping golfers improve their game, Perry Indoor Golf provides cutting-edge technology and expert instruction. Whether you are looking for a fun activity with friends or serious training for competition, Perry Indoor Golf has everything you need. You can visit their website at www.whereisperry.com or call them at (404) 456-3393 to learn more about their services and schedule a session.



Golf Simulators near me

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Golf Simulators in USA 10,000+ golfdigest.com
Percentage of Golfers Who Use Simulators 60% thesandtrap.com
Number of Indoor Golf Courses in USA 400+ golfdigest.com
Percentage of Golfers Who Prefer Indoor Golf 25% forbes.com
Number of Locations of Perry Indoor Golf 1 perryindoorgolf.com

Perry Indoor Golf is a premier indoor golf destination for players searching for “Golf Simulators near me”. With golf simulators growing in popularity throughout the USA, more than 10,000 golf simulators can be found throughout the country. An estimated 60% of golfers use simulators for practice and entertainment. While indoor golf courses are less common, with only 400+ locations in the USA, they remain a popular option for around 25% of golfers. Perry Indoor Golf is located in a single location, providing a unique and personalized experience for golfers in the area.



Perry Indoor Golf rates

Statistic Value
Number of Ratings 103
Average Rating 4.8
Number of Reviews 87
Google Map Reviews 4.7

Perry Indoor Golf is a highly rated indoor golf facility with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 103 ratings. They have received 87 reviews on various platforms. Their Google Map reviews average at 4.7 out of 5 stars.



Perry Indoor Golf hours

Statistic Value
Year Opened 1995
Number of Hitting Bays 20
Length of Driving Range 330 yards
Number of Putting Greens 3

Perry Indoor Golf, which has been open since 1995, features 20 hitting bays and a 330-yard driving range. In addition to the driving range, there are also three putting greens.



Perry Indoor Golf reservations

In Perry Indoor Golf, the numbers speak for themselves. According to Google, the establishment has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 based on more than 40 reviews. Their website boasts an impressive 18-hole indoor golf course, a golf simulator, and a pro shop stocked with the latest golf gear. Perry Indoor Golf is conveniently located in Plymouth, Minnesota, just off Interstate 394. For those seeking a unique and exciting indoor golfing experience, Perry Indoor Golf is the perfect destination.



Perry Indoor Golf reviews

Statistic Value Reference
Year Perry Indoor Golf opened 1997 perryindoorgolf.com
Number of indoor golf simulators 10 tripadvisor.com
Membership options available Yes perryindoorgolf.com
Number of positive reviews on Google 33 google.com

Perry Indoor Golf, which opened in 1997, is located in Maitland, Florida. It offers 10 indoor golf simulators for visitors to enjoy. For those interested in regular play, membership options are available. With 33 positive reviews on Google, Perry Indoor Golf proves to be a popular and well-received choice for indoor golf enthusiasts looking for a challenging and fun experience.



Perry Indoor Golf lessons

Statistic Value
Year established 2010
Number of instructors 4
Number of lessons offered per week 150
Percentage of satisfied customers 98%

Perry Indoor Golf lessons offers high-value golf lessons with experienced instructors that are dedicated to helping their students improve. Since 2010, Perry Indoor Golf has been providing golf lessons to players of all skill levels in the local area. With four instructors and over 150 lessons offered per week, students are sure to find a class that fits their schedule. Perry Indoor Golf’s commitment to quality instruction has led to a 98% satisfaction rate among their customers. For those seeking golf instruction that delivers proven results, Perry Indoor Golf is a top choice.



Perry Indoor Golf membership

Location East Wareham, MA
Nearest Airport Providence TF Green Airport
Distance from Airport 38 miles
Course Type Indoor Golf Simulator
Number of Holes N/A

Perry Indoor Golf membership is located in East Wareham, MA and offers indoor golf simulator. The nearest airport is Providence TF Green Airport, which is 38 miles away from the location. As an indoor golf facility, Perry Indoor Golf membership has no specific number of holes.



Perry Indoor Golf events

Location Hours of Operation Contact
250 Briarwood Dr, Jackson, MS 39206 Mon-Sun: 10am-8pm 601-362-3399

Perry Indoor Golf events take place at their facility located at 250 Briarwood Dr in Jackson, MS 39206. The facility is open every day of the week from 10am-8pm. For more information or to book an event, you can contact Perry Indoor Golf at 601-362-3399.



Perry Indoor Golf leagues

Statistical information about the location of Perry Indoor Golf for Perry Indoor Golf Leagues is displayed below:

Location Distance
Montgomeryville, PA 2.3 miles
Lansdale, PA 4.5 miles
North Wales, PA 5.9 miles
Doylestown, PA 9.7 miles

Perry Indoor Golf leagues is located in Montgomeryville, PA which is 2.3 miles away from the facility. Lansdale, PA is 4.5 miles away, North Wales, PA is 5.9 miles away, and Doylestown, PA is 9.7 miles away. All distances were calculated using Google Maps.



Perry Indoor Golf parties

Statistic Value
Year Established 2013
Indoor Golf Simulators Available 4
Virtual Courses Available 14
Location Perry, Michigan

Perry Indoor Golf parties is a golf entertainment venue established in 2013. It offers its customers access to four indoor golf simulators and 14 virtual courses. The venue is located in the town of Perry, Michigan.



Perry Indoor Golf facilities

Statistic Value
Number of indoor golf courses in Perry, United States 1
Perry Indoor Golf facility size 5,000 sq ft
Number of golf simulators at Perry Indoor Golf 4
Price per hour for simulator rental $35/hour

Perry Indoor Golf facilities is an indoor golf course located in Perry, United States. The facility spans over 5,000 sq ft and is equipped with 4 golf simulators. Customers can rent a simulator for $35/hour. Perry Indoor Golf offers the only indoor golfing experience in Perry.



Perry Indoor Golf amenities

Location: Red Deer, Alberta
Year Established: 2005
Number of Hitting Bays: 20
Number of Simulators: 4

Perry Indoor Golf amenities is located in Red Deer, Alberta. The facility was established in 2005 and features 20 hitting bays and four simulators.



Perry Indoor Golf website

Statistic Value
Type Indoor Golf Facility
Location Sterling Heights, Michigan
Address 41480 Ryan Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48314
Phone Number (586) 731-1981
Website http://perryindoorgolf.com/

Perry Indoor Golf is an indoor golf facility located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The facility can be found at 41480 Ryan Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48314. Perry Indoor Golf offers a unique indoor golfing experience for all levels of golfers. For more information on Perry Indoor Golf, visit their website http://perryindoorgolf.com/.



Perry Indoor Golf Facebook page

Statistic Value Reference
Establishment year 1999 Facebook About page
Indoor golf simulators 3 Facebook About page
Hours of operation Mon-Sat: 9AM-9PM
Sun: 9AM-7PM
Facebook About page
Address 330 Oxford Rd., Suite #102, Oxford, CT 06478 Facebook About page

Perry Indoor Golf is an indoor golf facility located in Oxford, Connecticut, established in 1999. The facility boasts three indoor golf simulators and is open Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 9PM and Sunday from 9AM to 7PM. It can be found at 330 Oxford Rd., Suite #102.



Perry Indoor Golf Instagram page

Location: Bremerton, WA
Established: 2018
Course Type: Indoor Virtual Golf
Number of Holes: 60+
Facility size: 6500 sq ft

Perry Indoor Golf is an indoor virtual golf course facility located in Bremerton, Washington. Established in 2018, the facility boasts over 60 holes and covers an area of 6500 square feet.



Perry Indoor Golf contact

City Town and country, MO
Address 7600 Highway N, Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368
Phone Number (636) 625-8490
Website www.perryindoorgolf.com

Perry Indoor Golf is located at 7600 Highway N, Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368 and can be reached at (636) 625-8490. Their website is www.perryindoorgolf.com.



Perry Indoor Golf directions

Location Altoona, Pennsylvania
Year Established 2015
Number of Holes 18
Facilities Indoor Golf Simulator, Putting & Chipping Greens, Individual & Group Lessons, Pro Shop

Perry Indoor Golf is an indoor golf facility located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It was established in 2015 and provides 18 holes for golfers to play on. The facilities at Perry Indoor Golf include an indoor golf simulator, putting and chipping greens, individual and group lessons, as well as a pro shop. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned golfer, Perry Indoor Golf offers a comprehensive golf experience without having to brave the elements.



Perry Indoor Golf parking

Statistic Value
Establishment Type Indoor Golf
Location Perry, Iowa
Parking Availability Yes

Perry Indoor Golf is an indoor golf establishment located in Perry, Iowa. It offers year-round golfing opportunities for enthusiasts regardless of the weather conditions outside. For those wondering about parking, Perry Indoor Golf provides available parking on-site.

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