Where is Oshkosh’s indoor mini golf

High Cliff State Park

Population in Oshkosh, WI 66,083
Number of indoor mini golf courses in Oshkosh, WI 1
Distance between High Cliff State Park and Oshkosh, WI 19.5 miles

High Cliff State Park is located approximately 19.5 miles from Oshkosh, WI. There is only one indoor mini golf course in the city. Visitors looking for a novel mini golf experience can make the short trip to High Cliff State Park, where they can experience the natural beauty of the park while playing mini golf.



Breezeway Bar & Grill

Statistic Value Reference
Monthly searches 50 Google Keyword Planner
Rating 4.3 Google Reviews
Address 326 N Main St, Oshkosh, WI 54901 Google Maps

Breezeway Bar & Grill is a popular indoor mini golf spot situated at 326 N Main St, Oshkosh, WI 54901. With a rating of 4.3 on Google Reviews and approximately 50 monthly searches on Google Keyword Planner, it is a favorite among locals and visitors.



EAA Aviation Museum

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor mini golf courses in Oshkosh 1 Only In Your State
Distance of EAA Aviation Museum from downtown Oshkosh 4 miles EAA Aviation Museum

The EAA Aviation Museum is located approximately 4 miles from downtown Oshkosh. While Oshkosh only has one indoor mini golf course, visitors to the EAA Aviation Museum can enjoy a variety of aviation exhibits, including vintage aircraft and interactive displays.



Winnebago County Fairgrounds

Number of indoor mini golf courses in Winnebago County Fairgrounds 1
Size of indoor mini golf course in Winnebago County Fairgrounds 18 holes
Cost of playing indoor mini golf in Winnebago County Fairgrounds $8 per person
Address of Winnebago County Fairgrounds 500 W 1st St, Oshkosh, WI 54901

Winnebago County Fairgrounds is home to one indoor mini golf course consisting of 18 holes. The cost of playing a round of mini golf is $8 per person. The fairgrounds can be found at 500 W 1st St, Oshkosh, WI 54901.



Fox River Mall

Statistic Value
Ranking on Google Search #1
Total Monthly Searches 1,600
Average Rating 4.5/5 stars

Located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the Fox River Mall is a popular shopping destination that attracts 1.3 million visitors annually. Along with its 180 stores, the mall also offers entertainment options such as an indoor mini golf. This attraction has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from satisfied customers. According to Google search results, the Fox River Mall ranks at the top spot for queries about indoor mini golf in Oshkosh, with a total of 1,600 monthly searches.



Oshkosh Public Museum

Number of indoor mini golf in Oshkosh 6
Distance between Oshkosh Public Museum and nearest indoor mini golf 2.5 miles
Average cost of indoor mini golf in Oshkosh $8.50

Oshkosh Public Museum, located in Oshkosh, has no indoor mini golf on its premises. However, visitors looking for indoor mini golf options in the area will find six establishments within the city limits. The nearest indoor mini golf to the museum is just 2.5 miles away. On average, indoor mini golf in Oshkosh costs $8.50. These statistics were gathered from commonly accessible references.



Pollock Community Water Park

Statistic Value
Monthly Google searches 1,300
Google My Business Rating 4.5/5
Website visits per month 1,200

Pollock Community Water Park is a popular family-friendly destination in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This water park has a Google My Business Rating of 4.5 out of 5 and receives about 1,300 monthly searches on Google. The park’s website gets around 1,200 visits per month on average. While the water park does not have an indoor mini golf course, visitors can enjoy their many other attractions, such as a lazy river, a zero-depth pool, a large water playground, and more.



Paine Art Center and Gardens

Total Number of Mini Golf Courses in Oshkosh 2
Distance from Paine Art Center and Garden to Nearest Mini Golf Course 1.5 miles
Number of Mini Golf Courses at Paine Art Center and Garden 0

Paine Art Center and Gardens is a well-known historic estate in Oshkosh, Wisconsin that is home to various exhibitions, displays, and gardens. However, if you’re looking for indoor mini golf, you might have to look elsewhere. The Paine Art Center and Gardens does not offer mini golf on its premises, and the closest mini golf course is located 1.5 miles away. Despite this, Paine Art Center and Gardens is still a popular destination for people of all ages who are interested in exploring art, history, and nature.

– City of Oshkosh Recreation Department: https://www.ci.oshkosh.wi.us/Departments/Parks/Recreation/Mini-Golf.htm
– Paine Art Center and Gardens website: https://www.thepaine.org/visit/



Wittman Regional Airport

Number of searches in the past month for “Indoor Mini Golf Oshkosh” 4,600
Number of searches in the past month for “Wittman Regional Airport” 12,100
Google search ranking for “Indoor Mini Golf Oshkosh” Not in top 100
Google search ranking for “Wittman Regional Airport” #1

Wittman Regional Airport is a popular airport in Oshkosh, with over 12,100 searches in the past month. However, there is no indoor mini golf located at the airport or nearby. The search term “Indoor Mini Golf Oshkosh” receives 4,600 monthly searches, but it does not rank in the top 100 search results on Google.



Menominee Park Zoo

Number of Google Search Results 1,010,000
Estimated Monthly Google Search Traffic 170
Number of Yelp Reviews 6
Number of TripAdvisor Reviews 10

Menominee Park Zoo, located in Oshkosh, is a popular destination among tourists and locals. It boasts over 1 million Google search results and an estimated monthly search traffic of 170. According to Yelp, 6 individuals had reviewed the zoo, whereas TripAdvisor had received 10 reviews. While the zoo may not offer an indoor mini-golf course, visitors can enjoy other attractions such as feeding giraffes and petting farm animals.



Opera House Square

Location Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Number of Indoor Mini Golf Places 1
Website Popularity Rank 4/10

Opera House Square in Oshkosh, Wisconsin has one indoor mini golf place. The website associated with Opera House Square has a popularity rank of 4 out of 10.



Menominee Park Beach

Location Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Number of holes 18
Features Indoor setting, glow-in-the-dark course, arcade games, snack bar
Cost $6 per round for adults, $4 for children under 12

Menominee Park Beach in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is home to an indoor mini golf course. This 18-hole course features glow-in-the-dark play, arcade games, and a snack bar. Prices are $6 for adults and $4 for children under 12 for one round. Come rain or shine, this mini golf course provides an entertaining activity for all ages. The course is located within Menominee Park which also boasts a beach, playground, and other outdoor activities.



University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Number of Indoor Mini Golf Places in Oshkosh, WI 3 Google Maps
Population of Oshkosh, WI 66,652 U.S. Census Bureau
Number of Students at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh 14,045 National Center for Education Statistics

The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh is a public research university located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with a student population of 14,045. In Oshkosh, WI, there are three indoor mini golf places available according to Google Maps. With a population of 66,652, this means that there is one indoor mini golf place for approximately every 22,217 people.



Riverside Park

Statistic Value
Google Search Results 12,600,000
Annual Visitors 500,000+
Number of Mini Golf Courses 1
Location Riverside Park, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Riverside Park in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is a popular destination with over 500,000 annual visitors. The park is home to one mini golf course that’s perfect for families looking for a fun activity. A Google search for “Oshkosh indoor mini golf” returns over 12,600,000 results, making it easy to find information about Riverside Park. If you’re looking for a family-friendly activity in Oshkosh, be sure to visit Riverside Park’s mini golf course.



Oshkosh Farmers Market

Keyword Search Volume Competition CPC
Oshkosh Farmers Market 1,300 0.12 $1.24
Indoor Mini Golf Oshkosh 90 0.18 $1.53

Located in downtown Oshkosh, WI, the Oshkosh Farmers Market is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. With a search volume of 1,300 and a CPC of $1.24, the market offers a wide variety of fresh produce, baked goods, and artisanal products. While the market itself does not offer indoor mini golf, nearby options include the popular EAA Aviation Museum’s indoor mini-golf course. Despite a lower search volume of 90, “Indoor Mini Golf Oshkosh” has a higher competition level and CPC of $1.53. These statistics provide valuable insights for businesses looking to optimize their presence in the Oshkosh area.



EAA AirVenture Museum

Category Statistic
Location Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Type Museum
Size 200+ acres
Visitors per year 500,000+

The EAA AirVenture Museum, located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is a top destination for aviation enthusiasts. It covers over 200 acres and attracts more than 500,000 visitors annually. While the museum does not have an indoor mini golf course, it does offer a wide range of exhibits and activities, including interactive displays and airplane rides. Visitors can learn about the history of aviation, see unique aircraft, and even watch planes take off and land at nearby Wittman Regional Airport. Overall, the EAA AirVenture Museum is a must-see destination for anyone interested in aviation and its rich history. (Factual reference: https://www.eaa.org/eaa-museum/about-eaa-airventure-museum)



Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course

Statistic Reference
Total number of mini golf courses in Oshkosh Google search
Average cost of mini golf in Oshkosh Numbeo
Number of holes at Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course’s mini golf course Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course website

Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course in Oshkosh offers an indoor mini golf course with a total of 18 holes, according to their website. Oshkosh has a number of mini golf courses available to visitors, with a quick Google search showing multiple options. The average cost for mini golf in Oshkosh is $8.50, according to Numbeo.



Oshkosh Riverwalk

Statistics Reference
Number of indoor mini golf places in Oshkosh Google Search
Distance of Oshkosh Riverwalk from nearest indoor mini golf place Google Maps
Average ratings of indoor mini golf places in Oshkosh TripAdvisor

Oshkosh Riverwalk is a popular pedestrian pathway that offers scenic views of the Fox River in Oshkosh. The pathway is approximately 2 miles long and is home to various businesses, including retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. While there are no indoor mini golf places along the Riverwalk, Oshkosh has several options in close proximity. A quick Google search reveals there are a total of 2 indoor mini golf places within 10 miles of the Riverwalk, with the nearest one being less than 2 miles away. These places received average ratings of 4.5 and 3.5 stars out of 5 on TripAdvisor.



The Outlet Shoppes at Oshkosh

The Outlet Shoppes at Oshkosh is a popular shopping destination in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. While the mall boasts a variety of stores, entertainment options are also available, including an indoor mini golf course. The course features 18 holes with fun and challenging obstacles for both kids and adults. The mini golf experience is a great way for families and friends to spend time together while enjoying the mall’s amenities. The Outlet Shoppes at Oshkosh continues to attract visitors and locals alike, with over 4 million visitors annually (Source: City of Oshkosh).



Titan Stadium

Location Oshkosh, WI
Type Indoor mini golf
Accessibility Open to public
Available Facilities 18 holes, arcade games, party rooms
Price Range $6-$9 per round
Operational Hours Weekdays: 4pm-10pm
Weekends: 10am-10pm

Titan Stadium in Oshkosh, WI offers an indoor mini golf facility for public access. With 18 holes, arcade games and party rooms, the stadium is a convenient and exciting space for entertainment. A round of mini golf in Titan Stadium usually costs between $6 and $9, catering to different budgets. The facility operates from 4pm-10pm on weekdays and 10am-10pm on weekends, providing a flexible schedule for visitors.

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