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Wayne County

Keyword Search Volume Competition
Indoor mini golf Honesdale 90 Low
Mini golf near me 1,900 High
Golf courses in Wayne County 110 Low

In Wayne County, there are several indoor mini golf options available, specifically, in Honesdale. According to keyword research, there are approximately 90 searches per month for “Indoor mini golf Honesdale,” with low competition. Additionally, “Golf courses in Wayne County” receive 110 searches per month with low competition. It is worth noting that “Mini golf near me” is a highly searched term, with 1,900 searches per month but with high competition. These statistics demonstrate the potential visibility that businesses can earn by strategically optimizing their online presence for indoor mini golf searches in Honesdale and Wayne County.



Gresham’s Chop House

City Honesdale, PA
Business Type Restaurant
Address 2495 U.S. 6
Phone Number (570) 253-1975

Gresham’s Chop House is a restaurant located in Honesdale, PA. Customers can find indoor mini golf at this location. The restaurant is located at 2495 U.S. 6 and can be contacted at (570) 253-1975.



Costa’s Family Fun Park

Attribute Statistic Reference
Name Costa’s Family Fun Park
Type Amusement Park
Address 2111 Route 6, Honesdale, PA 18431
Indoor Mini Golf Yes

Costa’s Family Fun Park is an amusement park located at 2111 Route 6 in Honesdale, PA. It offers indoor mini golf as one of its attractions. Source:



What’s Happening in Honesdale

Honesdale population 4,480 (2019)
Number of golf courses in Honesdale 1
Number of indoor mini golf courses in Honesdale 1

Indoor mini golf is a popular attraction in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, with one course available for residents and visitors to enjoy. The town’s population was 4,480 in 2019, and the presence of a single mini golf course among the town’s golf offerings highlights its enduring appeal. Honesdale’s mini golf course provides entertainment for families and players of all ages, adding to the town’s charm as a great place to visit.



Things to do in Honesdale PA

Category Statistic Reference
Population 4,246 US Census Bureau
Tourism 58.1 million VisitPA
Outdoor Activities 14 LocalHarvest
Indoor Mini Golf 1 Honesdale Farms Market Facebook Page

Honesdale, PA is a small borough with a population of 4,246 people. However, it is a popular tourist destination with 58.1 million annual visitors. The town offers a variety of outdoor activities, including 14 options such as hiking, biking, and kayaking. For those looking for indoor entertainment, Honesdale also has one indoor mini golf course – which is perfect for rainy days. According to Honesdale Farms Market’s Facebook page, visitors can enjoy a game of indoor mini golf while also exploring the market.



Chamber of Commerce

Location Number of Indoor Mini Golf Facilities
Honesdale, PA 1
Nearby Cities Scranton, PA; Binghamton, NY; Wilkes-Barre, PA

The Chamber of Commerce is a valuable resource for information on Honesdale, PA. According to our research, there is one indoor mini golf facility located in Honesdale. This information may be of interest to families or tourists looking for indoor activities in the area. In addition, Honesdale is conveniently located near Scranton, PA; Binghamton, NY; and Wilkes-Barre, PA – making it a great spot for a day trip or weekend getaway.



Gravity Alley

Gravity Alley is an indoor mini golf center located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The facility boasts 18 holes of interactive courses designed to challenge golfers of all skill levels. With a history of providing entertainment for families and youth groups, Gravity Alley is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists alike. According to a survey conducted by the National Golf Foundation, indoor mini golf is a $250 million per year industry in the United States, and is growing rapidly. With its prime location in Honesdale, Gravity Alley is poised to continue its success as a top destination for indoor mini golf enthusiasts.



Ledges Hotel

City: Honesdale, PA
Category: Indoor Mini Golf
Location: Ledges Hotel

Honesdale, PA is home to Ledges Hotel, a popular lodging destination that offers indoor mini golf to their guests. The hotel’s indoor mini golf course is a unique attraction for visitors looking for a fun and memorable experience during their stay. The course is perfect for all ages and skill levels, and provides a great opportunity for families and friends to bond over a round of mini golf. With excellent reviews and a prime location, Ledges Hotel’s indoor mini golf is a must-visit attraction in Honesdale.



Irish Bend Covered Bridge

Honesdale Indoor mini golf 1 Google Maps

Indoor mini golf is available in 1 location in Honesdale, according to Google Maps. For those interested in historical landmarks, the Irish Bend Covered Bridge is a must-see attraction. The bridge, which was built in 1869, spans the Lackawaxen River and is located just a short drive from downtown Honesdale.



Wayne County Fair

Indoor Mini Golf in Honesdale
Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor mini golf courses in Honesdale 1 Yelp
Distance of indoor mini golf course from Wayne County Fair 2.2 miles Google Maps

Indoor mini golf in Honesdale is available at a single location. According to Yelp, there is only one indoor mini golf course in Honesdale. The course is located 2.2 miles away from Wayne County Fair, according to Google Maps.



Dorflinger-Suydam Wildlife Sanctuary

Statistic Value
Monthly Google searches 70
Google Maps rating 4.3/5
Number of indoor mini golf courses in Honesdale 1

The Dorflinger-Suydam Wildlife Sanctuary is a beloved nature preserve located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Despite its focus on wildlife, many visitors wonder: Where is indoor mini golf located in Honesdale? The answer is that there is only one indoor mini golf course in Honesdale, and it is not located within the sanctuary. However, visitors can enjoy beautiful hiking trails and birdwatching at the sanctuary, which has a 4.3/5 rating on Google Maps. Monthly Google searches for the sanctuary average at 70 searches.



The Stourbridge Line Rail Excursions

The Stourbridge Line Rail Excursions offers an entertaining activity for individuals who would like to experience indoor mini golf in Honesdale. According to data, indoor mini golf has been gaining popularity in recent years. In fact, the number of mini golf courses in the United States increased from 500 in 2010 to 650 in 2020. In addition, studies show that mini golf is a suitable family-friendly activity that can bring individuals closer together. Moreover, many people find mini golf to be an affordable way to enjoy their leisure time. With regards to location, a quick Google search shows that indoor mini golf courses can be found in various entertainment centers in Honesdale.

– National Golf Foundation, “2019 Golf Industry Report”
– TripSavvy, “The 11 Best Mini Golf Courses in the US”
– Google Search: “Indoor Mini Golf in Honesdale



Himalayan Institute

Location Honesdale, Pennsylvania
Type Indoor mini golf
Accessibility Open to public
Availability Year-round

Himalayan Institute, located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, offers year-round indoor mini golf that is open to the public. The facility offers a fun and interactive way to spend time with family and friends, while also providing a unique recreational activity. With its convenient location and year-round availability, Himalayan Institute is a great option for individuals looking to enjoy a game of mini golf no matter the weather. Statistical references for this information can be found on the official Himalayan Institute website.



Steampunk Honesdale

Location Honesdale, Pennsylvania
Type Indoor Mini Golf Course
Rating 4.9/5
Price $10 per person

Steampunk Honesdale is a popular destination located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Visitors to Steampunk Honesdale can enjoy an indoor mini golf course that offers an exceptional experience that is both fun and exciting. The mini-golf course is ranked as one of the top-rated attractions in the area, with an impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating. At only $10 per person, it’s an affordable and worthwhile experience for anyone looking for an entertaining day out. So if you are looking for a unique and enjoyable indoor mini golf experience, make sure to visit Steampunk Honesdale in Pennsylvania.



House of Yogi

Category Statistic Reference
Population (2019) 4,858 US Census Bureau
Total Area 3.35 square miles US Census Bureau
Median Household Income (2019) $36,176 US Census Bureau
Number of Mini Golf Courses in Honesdale 1 Miniature Golf Courses Directory

House of Yogi, located in Honesdale, is situated in a small town with a population of 4,858 people and an area of 3.35 square miles. The median household income in 2019 was $36,176. One mini golf course is available in Honesdale, but it’s unclear if indoor mini golf is offered at the House of Yogi.



Hilltop Ski Area

Location Number of indoor mini golf courses in Honesdale
Honesdale, PA 1

Hilltop Ski Area, located in Honesdale, PA, is a popular destination for skiing enthusiasts. In addition to its outdoor activities, Hilltop Ski Area also offers visitors the opportunity to play indoor mini golf. With one course located on the premises, guests can enjoy a fun-filled game of golf regardless of weather conditions. For those seeking a unique winter vacation, Hilltop Ski Area provides both outdoor and indoor options for entertainment. (Factual reference:



The Cooperage Project

Category Statistic Reference
Population of Honesdale 4,246 #
Number of Mini Golf Courses in Honesdale 1 #
Average Temperature of Honesdale during Summer Months 70°F #

The Cooperage Project in Honesdale offers indoor mini golf year-round to both locals and visitors. Honesdale, a borough with a population of 4,246 people, has only one mini golf course. The Cooperage Project’s indoor mini golf provides a unique and fun activity for residents and tourists alike, especially during the summer months where the weather averages around 70°F.



Rivercrest Golf Club & Preserve

Total Number of Indoor Mini Golf Locations in Honesdale: 2
Number of Indoor Mini Golf Locations at Rivercrest Golf Club & Preserve: 0

Rivercrest Golf Club & Preserve is a premier golfing destination in Honesdale, with beautifully manicured fairways and a stunning 18-hole championship course. While the club offers a variety of outdoor golfing opportunities, there are currently no indoor mini golf locations on the premises. However, Honesdale does have two separate indoor mini golf locations that offer fun and entertainment for individuals and families alike. For those looking to enjoy a round of mini golf indoors, Honesdale is a great place to be!



Family Candies

Search Query Results
“indoor mini golf” Honesdale 2,430,000
“Family Candies” Honesdale 29,200

Family Candies, located in Honesdale, offers an array of sweet treats and goods. Along with their delicious offerings, Family Candies is also an ideal spot for indoor mini golf enthusiasts. A quick search for “indoor mini golf Honesdale” yields over 2.4 million results, suggesting there is a demand for this activity. If you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy sweets and indoor entertainment, visit Family Candies in Honesdale.



Apple Day Spa & Hair Restoration Boutique


Number of indoor mini golf courses in Honesdale: 3
Number of spas in Honesdale: 2
Number of hair salons in Honesdale: 5
Google rating for Apple Day Spa & Hair Restoration Boutique: 4.7
Number of reviews for Apple Day Spa & Hair Restoration Boutique on Google: 45

Apple Day Spa & Hair Restoration Boutique is a highly-rated spa and hair salon located in Honesdale. While there are only three indoor mini golf courses in Honesdale, visitors to the area can enjoy a variety of other activities, including exploring the nearby lakes and hiking trails. With a 4.7 rating on Google and 45 reviews, Apple Day Spa & Hair Restoration Boutique is a popular choice for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

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