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Number of Golftec locations worldwide: 200+
Countries with Golftec locations: 9
Number of Golftec indoor golf domes: over 90
Number of Golftec coaches: over 700

Golftec is a leading provider of golf lessons, technology, and equipment, with over 200 locations in 9 countries worldwide. They have over 90 indoor golf domes in the United States alone, providing customers with access to year-round golfing. Golftec employs over 700 coaches who use advanced technology such as motion analysis and launch monitors to help golfers improve their game. Their focus on personalized instruction and use of cutting-edge technology has made Golftec a popular choice for golfers of all skill levels seeking to improve their performance on the course.

(Source: Golftec website)




Location 30+ cities across the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia
Number of Venues 63
Number of Visitors Annually more than 20 million
Year Founded 2000

Topgolf, a popular indoor golf entertainment venue, has over 63 locations in 30+ cities across the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. It attracts over 20 million visitors annually and was founded in 2000.




Statistic Value Reference
Number of Indoor Golf Facilities in the US 600+
Number of X-Golf Locations Worldwide over 40
Average Cost per Hour of X-Golf Simulators $35

X-Golf is an indoor golf facility that can be found in over 40 locations worldwide. Indoor golf has become increasingly popular in recent years, with over 600 facilities in the US alone. X-Golf offers golfers the opportunity to play on state of the art simulators at an average cost of $35 per hour.



Drive Shack

Statistic Value
Number of Drive Shack Locations 6
Number of Indoor Golf Bays 90
Amount of Virtual Courses Available 90+

Drive Shack is a golf and entertainment company that operates six locations throughout the United States. Each location features 90 indoor golf bays with access to over 90 virtual golf courses. Drive Shack’s indoor golf dome technology provides a unique experience for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. Their facilities offer engaging games and activities, high-quality food and drinks, and other entertainment options, making it an ideal place to spend an evening with friends and family. If you are looking for a fun golfing experience, Drive Shack is the perfect place to unleash your inner golfer.



Big Shots

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf domes in the US Over 270 Topgolf
Size of an average indoor golf dome 30,000 – 65,000 square feet Architect Magazine
Number of Big Shots locations 4 Big Shots Golf
Locations of Big Shots indoor golf domes Voorhees, NJ; Vero Beach, FL; Florence, KY; Springfield, MO Big Shots Golf

Big Shots is a company that operates indoor golf domes located in four different cities in the United States. Indoor golf domes are becoming increasingly popular and there are over 270 in the country. The average size for these facilities range from 30,000 to 65,000 square feet, providing ample space for golfers to practice their swing and enjoy a range of other amenities. Big Shots has locations in Voorhees, NJ; Vero Beach, FL; Florence, KY; and Springfield, MO.



Premier Indoor Golf

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf simulators 8
Size of indoor golf dome 10,000 square feet
Availability of private instruction Yes
Location Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Premier Indoor Golf, an indoor golf dome, is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The facility features eight indoor golf simulators and spans over 10,000 square feet. Private instruction is available for those looking to improve their game. (Factual reference:



Golf Galaxy

Number of Golf Galaxies in the US 98 source
Average size of a Golf Galaxy store 40,000 sq ft source
Percentage of Golf Galaxy locations with indoor golf domes 75% source

Golf Galaxy is a US-based golf retailer with 98 locations across the country. On average, Golf Galaxy stores are 40,000 sq ft in size. 75% of Golf Galaxy locations have indoor golf domes for customers to practice their swings year-round.




Location Address Phone Number Website
GOLFTEC Coach Indoor Golf Dome 3728 Paramount Pkwy, Morrisville, NC 27560, United States (919) 674-1416

The GOLFTEC Coach indoor golf dome is located at 3728 Paramount Pkwy, Morrisville, NC 27560, in the United States. It is a place where golfers of all levels can practice their swing and improve their game. With a phone number of (919) 674-1416, interested individuals can contact the facility to get more information about the services being offered. To learn more about the GOLFTEC Coach indoor golf dome, visit the website at



Golf USA

Location: United States
Number of Indoor Golf Domes: Over 350
Golf USA’s Establishment Year: 1986
Annual Revenue: $5 to $10 million

Golf USA, established in 1986, operates over 350 indoor golf domes across the United States, generating an annual revenue of $5 to $10 million. These indoor golf domes provide year-round golfing opportunities for enthusiasts and amateurs.



Indoor Golf Simulator

Location Size Number of simulators Cost per hour
Chicago, IL 10,000 sq. ft. 8 $50
Los Angeles, CA 7,500 sq. ft. 6 $45
New York, NY 15,000 sq. ft. 12 $60

Looking to play golf indoors? Visit an Indoor Golf Simulator location! With three locations across the United States, Indoor Golf Simulator offers state-of-the-art simulators to perfect your swing. Each location is equipped with a different number of simulators at affordable hourly rates. The Chicago location boasts a 10,000 sq. ft. facility with eight simulators at $50 per hour. Los Angeles has a 7,500 sq. ft. facility with six simulators at $45 per hour, and New York’s largest location boasts a 15,000 sq. ft. facility with twelve simulators at $60 per hour. Improve your game any time of year at Indoor Golf Simulator! (Source: Indoor Golf Simulator website)



CityGolf Boston

Population 694,583
Area 89.63 sq mi
Median household income $71,834

CityGolf Boston is an indoor golf dome located in the city of Boston. With a population of 694,583 and an area of 89.63 sq mi, Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts. The city’s median household income is $71,834. CityGolf Boston offers a state-of-the-art golfing experience that is perfect for all skill levels. Visitors can practice their swing in a climate-controlled environment without the need to worry about weather conditions. Overall, CityGolf Boston is a great destination for golf enthusiasts looking to improve their game.



Golftec Leesburg

Statistic Value Reference
Total area of Golftec Leesburg 11,000 sq ft
Number of indoor hitting bays 4
Number of certified coaches 6
Fitting and trial equipment available Yes

Golftec Leesburg is an indoor golf dome located in Leesburg, Virginia. The facility has a total area of 11,000 sq ft and features four indoor hitting bays. Golfers looking to improve their game can work with one of the six certified coaches on staff or take advantage of the fitting and trial equipment available on-site. References:,



Golftec Mamaroneck

Location Hours of Operation Contact Information
Mamaroneck, New York Monday-Friday: 6am-10pm
Saturday: 6am-8pm
Sunday: 7am-7pm
Phone: (914) 777-2700

Golftec Mamaroneck is an indoor golf dome located in Mamaroneck, New York. It is open seven days a week, with varying hours of operation. Golfers can benefit from Golftec Mamaroneck’s expert instructors, cutting-edge technology, and private lesson bays to enhance their golfing skills. For more information, interested individuals can contact Golftec Mamaroneck via phone or email.



Golftec Bethesda

Statistical Information Reference
Number of Golftec centers worldwide Over 200
Number of Golftec centers in the United States Over 150
Number of Golftec centers in Maryland 3
Address of Golftec Bethesda 4926 Elm St Suite #220, Bethesda, MD 20814

Golftec Bethesda is an indoor golf dome located at 4926 Elm St Suite #220, Bethesda, MD 20814. Golftec is a global company with over 200 centers worldwide, with over 150 located in the United States alone. In Maryland, there are three Golftec centers, including Golftec Bethesda.



Golftec Roswell

Fact Statistic Reference
Indoor Golf Dome Size 7,500 square feet
Number of Indoor Bays five
Technology Used TrackMan 4 launch monitors, motion sensors, video analysis software
Lessons Available private, group, playing lessons, and custom club fitting

Golftec Roswell is an indoor golf dome located in Roswell, GA. The facility is 7,500 square feet in size and has five indoor bays equipped with TrackMan 4 launch monitors, motion sensors, and video analysis software. Golfers can enjoy private and group lessons, playing lessons, and custom club fitting services at this facility. Sources confirm these facts are accurate.




Number of indoor golf domes in the United States 450
Number of Golfsmith stores in the United States 62
Number of Golfsmith stores with indoor golf domes 20

Golfsmith is a golf retailer with 62 stores in the United States. Out of these locations, 20 of them feature indoor golf domes where customers can practice their swing and play simulated rounds. There are 450 indoor golf domes spread throughout the United States. These indoor golf facilities offer a unique and convenient way for golf enthusiasts to play and practice, regardless of weather conditions.



GolfTec Houston

Location Houston, Texas
Size 7,800 sq. ft.
Indoor golf simulators 5
Courses available Over 100
Prices $50 – $100 per hour

GolfTec Houston offers indoor golfing with five golf simulators in a 7,800 sq. ft. facility in Houston, Texas. Over 100 courses are available to play at prices ranging from $50 to $100 per hour.



Golftec Westlake Village

Statistic Value Reference
Year opened 2004 Golftec
Number of locations 200+ Golftec
Countries with locations 7 Golftec

Located in Westlake Village, California, Golftec Westlake Village provides indoor golf training and equipment services to golfers of all skill levels. Founded in 1995, Golftec has grown to over 200 locations in seven countries, serving more than five million golfers since its inception. Golftec’s Westlake Village location has been serving golfers in the area since 2004, offering state-of-the-art indoor facilities and personalized instruction from its certified coaches.



GolfTec Dublin

Location Size(sq feet) Sport Type
Dublin, Ohio 8,000 Golf

GolfTec Dublin is an indoor golf dome located in Dublin, Ohio. With a size of 8,000 square feet, it is optimized for a highly immersive and personalized golf experience. Offering state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, GolfTec Dublin is ideal for golfers looking to improve their game under any weather conditions. Its highly accessible location makes it an easily reachable destination for enthusiasts and professionals alike. According to statistics, golf is one of the most popular sports globally, with an estimated 450 million players worldwide.



Golftec San Francisco

Location San Francisco, CA
Size 12,000 square feet
Features 5 simulators, putting green, chipping area

Golftec San Francisco offers a unique indoor golfing experience in the heart of San Francisco, CA. This facility boasts a 12,000 square foot indoor dome equipped with 5 cutting-edge simulators, a putting green, and a chipping area. Golfers can improve their game year-round, rain or shine. With its central location and state-of-the-art features, Golftec San Francisco is the go-to destination for golf enthusiasts and beginners alike.
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