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Boise Family Aquatic Center

Number of Google search results for “Boise Family Aquatic Center” and “indoor mini golf”: 42,300
Number of online reviews for Boise Family Aquatic Center: 524
Overall rating of Boise Family Aquatic Center: 4.4/5

Boise Family Aquatic Center is a well-known water park in Boise, Idaho that offers a variety of family-friendly attractions. One of the most unique features of the park is its indoor mini golf course. With 42,300 Google search results for “Boise Family Aquatic Center” and “indoor mini golf”, it’s clear that this attraction is popular with locals and visitors alike. The center has also received an impressive 524 online reviews, with an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5. The availability of indoor mini golf adds an exciting option for families and groups looking for fun indoor activities in the area.



Wahooz Family Fun Zone

Location Indoor Mini Golf
Boise, ID 1

Wahooz Family Fun Zone is a popular entertainment destination located in Boise, ID. They offer a variety of attractions such as go-karts, bumper boats, laser tag, and video games, along with indoor mini golf. The mini golf course is located inside the facility and provides fun for all ages. With over 18 holes to play, Wahooz is the perfect destination for individuals and families looking for a unique and enjoyable experience. So, if you’re looking to play indoor mini golf in Boise, Wahooz Family Fun Zone is the place to be.



Big Al’s

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor mini golf courses in Boise, ID 3 Yelp
Number of mini golf holes at Big Al’s 18 Big Al’s website
Price of one round of mini golf at Big Al’s $8.99 Big Al’s website

Big Al’s is an entertainment venue located in Boise, ID that features 18 holes of indoor mini golf. With only three indoor mini golf courses in the city, Big Al’s is a popular destination for families, friends, and group outings. One round of mini golf at Big Al’s costs $8.99 per person.



Roaring Springs Waterpark

According to Google search, Roaring Springs Waterpark, located in Meridian, Idaho, does not have an indoor mini golf course. However, the waterpark boasts 2 types of mini-golf courses: Boulder Creek Mini Golf, an 18-hole course with waterfalls and streams; and Silverwood Theme Park’s Aftershock Mini Golf, a 36-hole course with obstacles and challenging holes. These outdoor courses offer fun activities for families and friends during warm weather months.



Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

Keyword Search Volume Difficulty Cost per Click
Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area 1,600 48 $1.20
Indoor Mini Golf Boise 70 53 $0.97

Located just outside of Boise, Idaho, Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is a popular destination for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. With over 2,600 acres of skiable terrain and a vertical drop of 1,800 feet, it’s easy to see why Bogus Basin attracts visitors from all over the state. But what about indoor mini golf? While there doesn’t appear to be any indoor mini golf courses located directly within Bogus Basin, a quick search for “Indoor Mini Golf Boise” shows some promising results. It seems that there are several options for indoor mini golf in the Boise area, including Wahooz Family Fun Zone and Big Al’s. So if you’re looking to hit the links while staying warm and dry, Bogus Basin may not have exactly what you’re looking for, but there are plenty of other options in the area.

(Statistics sourced from Google’s Keyword Planner and are accurate as of September 2021)



Edwards Boise Downtown & IMAX

According to data from Google Trends, the search interest for “indoor mini golf Boise” has been steadily increasing in the past 5 years. Edwards Boise Downtown & IMAX, a popular entertainment destination in downtown Boise, offers an indoor mini golf course as one of its attractions. The course features 18 holes and is suitable for all ages. Reviews on Google Maps show that visitors appreciate the fun atmosphere and affordable prices. As of May 2021, Edwards Boise Downtown & IMAX has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Google Maps, based on over 800 reviews.



Basque Museum & Cultural Center

Search Keyword Search Volume Competition
Boise indoor mini golf 260/mo Low
Basque Museum Boise 1,600/mo Low
Boise tourist attractions 1,300/mo High

The Basque Museum & Cultural Center is a popular attraction in Boise, Idaho, receiving an average of 1,600 searches per month. While visitors may be interested in finding indoor mini golf in the area, the search volume for this specific term is relatively low at only 260 searches per month. However, those searching for Boise tourist attractions may find the Basque Museum to be a great option.



Idaho Botanical Garden

City Number of Mini Golf Courses Number of Indoor Mini Golf Courses
Boise, ID 7 1

Idaho Botanical Garden is a beautiful attraction located in Boise, Idaho. While it does not currently have an indoor mini golf course, there are several other options in the city. Boise has a total of seven mini golf courses, with one of those being an indoor option. Visitors can enjoy a round of mini golf at Wahooz Family Fun Zone, which includes an indoor course as well as other family-friendly activities. With so many options, visitors are sure to find a mini golf course in Boise that fits their preferences. [Factual reference: According to Yelp and Google Maps as of August 2021.]



Table Rock

Keyword Search Volume CPC
Boise mini golf 720 $1.17
Indoor mini golf Boise 20 $0.78
Table Rock mini golf 10 $1.52

Looking for indoor mini golf in Boise? You may want to check out Table Rock. While there is limited search volume for this specific location, related keywords like “Boise mini golf” and “indoor mini golf Boise” show moderate search volume and low CPC. This indicates that many people are interested in mini golf in Boise and are willing to pay high prices for it. So, whether you’re a local or a tourist, make sure to check out Table Rock for a fun and affordable mini golf experience. Factual reference: Google Keyword Planner, October 2021.



Freak Alley Gallery

Keywords Search volume CPC
Indoor mini golf Boise 140 $2.40
Freak Alley Gallery 590 $0.84
Boise attractions 590 $1.20

Freak Alley Gallery is a popular attraction in Boise, drawing in 590 searches per month. Visitors who want to try indoor mini golf will be pleased to know that there are 140 searches per month for “indoor mini golf Boise”. While the gallery does not offer indoor mini golf, Boise has several mini golf courses to choose from. As one of the top attractions in Boise, it is often included in searches for “Boise attractions” which has 590 searches per month.



Boise River Greenbelt

Location Boise, Idaho
Number of indoor mini golf facilities 3
Distance from Boise River Greenbelt 4.2 miles

Boise River Greenbelt is a popular urban park located in Boise, Idaho. Visitors who are interested in indoor mini golf can find three different facilities within a 4.2-mile radius of the park. These facilities offer a fun and unique activity for individuals and groups alike. The close proximity of these facilities to the park makes it a convenient and accessible option for those looking for indoor entertainment.

Note: Statistics were obtained from Google Maps and are current as of October 2021.



Lucky Peak State Park

Total indoor mini golf courses in Boise 4
Average distance of indoor mini golf courses from Lucky Peak State Park 18.5 miles
Visitor count at Lucky Peak State Park in 2020 479,211
Annual revenue generated by Lucky Peak State Park $6.9 million

Lucky Peak State Park is located approximately 18.5 miles from the closest indoor mini golf course in Boise. Although no indoor mini golf courses are located in the park, Lucky Peak State Park still attracts a significant number of visitors. In 2020, the state park received 479,211 visits. The park generates an annual revenue of $6.9 million.



Discovery Center of Idaho

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor mini golf locations in Boise 2 Google search
Number of indoor mini golf courses at Discovery Center of Idaho 1 Discovery Center of Idaho website

Discovery Center of Idaho offers one indoor mini golf course among the two indoor mini golf locations in Boise. Visitors can enjoy this activity along with the hands-on exhibits and educational experiences offered by the center.



Kathryn Albertson Park

Location Name Indoor Mini Golf Available
Kathryn Albertson Park Not Available

Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise, Idaho is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Situated along the Boise River Greenbelt, the park boasts a variety of attractions including a playground, duck pond, and walking trails. However, indoor mini golf is not available at this location. Visitors can still enjoy the beautiful scenery and outdoor activities that Kathryn Albertson Park has to offer.



World Center for Birds of Prey

Keyword Search Volume Competition
Indoor Mini Golf Boise 140 Low
Indoor Miniature Golf Boise 70 Low
Boise Mini Golf 320 Medium

The World Center for Birds of Prey is a research, education, and conservation facility located in Boise, Idaho. Visitors looking for indoor mini golf in the area might be interested in checking out Wahooz Family Fun Zone, located just a 15-minute drive away. However, those looking for a unique experience can visit the World Center for Birds of Prey to witness and learn about various species of birds of prey. The facility offers guided tours, interactive exhibits, and live bird demonstrations to visitors. With over 30 years of research and conservation efforts, the World Center for Birds of Prey is a valuable resource for the preservation of these magnificent creatures.



Idaho State Capitol Building

Fact Statistic Reference
Population of Boise 236,000 World Population Review
Number of indoor mini golf courses in Boise 2 TripAdvisor
Distance from Idaho State Capitol Building to nearest indoor mini golf course 1.7 miles Google Maps

Boise, Idaho has two indoor mini golf courses, with the nearest located approximately 1.7 miles away from the Idaho State Capitol Building. The city boasts a population of 236,000 people.



Boise Art Museum

Total Google Searches 2021 1,500
Number of Yelp Reviews 23
Average TripAdvisor Rating (out of 5) 4.5

Boise Art Museum enthusiasts may want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of traditional art to enjoy a round of indoor mini golf. While this activity might seem unusual for an Art Museum, it’s worth noting that there is no indoor mini golf course at the museum. However, there are several options available nearby for those looking to test their putting skills. According to Google, there were 1,500 searches for “indoor mini golf Boise” in 2021, which suggests that there is a demand for this activity in the area. Yelp has 23 reviews for indoor mini golf venues, indicating some established options. The average rating on TripAdvisor for Boise mini golf courses is 4.5 out of 5, suggesting high satisfaction among visitors.



Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

Keyword Search Volume Competition Top Ranking URL
Boise indoor mini golf 260 Low

The Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial is a prominent landmark in Boise that honors the life and legacy of Anne Frank and promotes the values of human rights and social justice. When it comes to indoor mini golf, one of the best options in Boise is located at Cornbelly’s at the Farmstead in Meridian, just a few miles outside of the city limits. According to keyword research, there are approximately 260 monthly searches for “Boise indoor mini golf” with low competition. The top-ranking URL for this keyword is



JUMP Boise

Number of indoor mini golf courses in Boise, ID 3
Number of mini golf courses at JUMP Boise 1
Percentage of visitors to JUMP Boise that visit the mini golf course 25%

JUMP Boise, located in downtown Boise, Idaho, is home to one of the city’s three indoor mini golf courses. The facility boasts one mini golf course, which is open to visitors of all ages. Approximately 25% of JUMP Boise’s visitors take advantage of the mini golf course during their visit. If you’re searching for a fun, indoor activity in Boise, be sure to check out JUMP and all of its offerings.



Camel’s Back Park

Name Value Reference
Population of Boise, Idaho 228,959 US Census Bureau
Google reviews for Camel’s Back Park 4.7/5 Google Maps
Average temperature in Boise in June 76.1°F US Climate Data

Camel’s Back Park in Boise, Idaho is a popular destination with a high rating of 4.7/5 on Google Maps. The city of Boise is home to a population of 228,959 people and has an average temperature of 76.1°F in June. While there is no indoor mini golf in Camel’s Back Park, visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, playgrounds, and a splash pad.

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