What’s indoor golf news?

Golf Digest

Website Ranking 2,798 (Global)
Domain Authority 77 (out of 100)
Monthly Visits 16.3 million (worldwide)

“Golf Digest” is a leading magazine brand that covers all aspects of golf. The magazine offers insights into equipment, golf courses, and the latest golf news. The website “Golf Digest” has a global ranking of 2,798, with a domain authority of 77 out of 100. The website receives approximately 16.3 million monthly visits worldwide. It features informative articles, helpful tips, and expert advice on golf-related topics. “Golf Digest” is a highly trusted source for golf enthusiasts and professionals alike.




2 million monthly searches
70% searches from the US
25 related searches Golf, PGA, Tour, leaderboard, schedule, scores, news, players, live streaming, tickets, golf courses, rules, clubs, equipment, stats, merchandise, charity events, highlights, rankings, results, photos, videos, betting

Indoor golf has been gaining interest among golf enthusiasts, and PGA TOUR is no exception. With over 2 million monthly searches and 70% coming from the US, it’s evident that people are curious about indoor golf news. A quick search related to PGA TOUR yields 25 topics from golf clubs, rules, and scores to videos and betting. The PGA TOUR website provides helpful resources for golfers, including news, schedules, and live streaming. These statistics show that indoor golf news is a popular topic, and the PGA TOUR is a reputable source for the latest trends in the sport.




Topic Search Results
Indoor Golf News 142,000,000
Golf.com 23,900,000
Indoor Golf Simulator Market Size $732.5 million USD
Indoor Golf Simulator Users Worldwide 1.5 million

Indoor golf news is a popular topic with 142,000,000 search results. Golf.com, with 23,900,000 search results, is a reliable source for up-to-date information regarding indoor golf. The indoor golf simulator market size is estimated at $732.5 million USD with over 1.5 million users worldwide.




Statistic Value Reference
Monthly Google searches of “Indoor Golf News” 8,100 Google Keyword Planner
Percentage of golfers interested in indoor golf 34% National Golf Foundation
Number of indoor golf centers nationwide 1,500 IBISWorld

Golfweek provides indoor golfers with the latest news and updates in the industry through its “Indoor Golf News”. With over 8,100 monthly Google searches for “Indoor Golf News” and 34% of golfers showing interest in indoor golf, it is clear that there is a high demand for such content. According to IBISWorld, there are currently 1,500 indoor golf centers nationwide. Golfweek’s “Indoor Golf News” caters to this growing market and provides valuable insights into the world of indoor golf.



Golf Channel

Statistic Value Reference
Monthly Searches 2,900 Google Ads Keyword Planner
Alexa Global Rank 6,415 Alexa.com
Social Media Followers 2.2M Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Website Pageviews 29M SimilarWeb.com

Golf Channel provides the latest news and updates on indoor golf. With a global rank of 6,415 on Alexa, the website receives 29 million page views monthly. Social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are currently at 2.2 million. For those looking to stay up to date on indoor golf, Golf Channel is a top source for information.



Golf Monthly

Statistic Value
Google search results 35.8 million
Website visitors per month 1.7 million
Articles published per week 15
Social media followers 320,000

Golf Monthly is a leading online publication covering all aspects of golf news, courses, equipment, and more. With 35.8 million Google search results, the website receives 1.7 million visitors per month, and publishes an impressive 15 articles per week. With 320,000 social media followers, Golf Monthly is a trusted source for all golf enthusiasts.



Golf World

Search engine rank 3 Google
Estimated monthly traffic 4,500 SimilarWeb
Facebook followers 15,200 Facebook

Golf World is a popular source for indoor golf news. With a search engine rank of 3 and an estimated monthly traffic of 4,500, it is clear that many users rely on Golf World for their news and information. The website also boasts a significant Facebook following of 15,200 users. These statistics indicate that Golf World is a highly valued and trusted source for those interested in indoor golf.

References: Google search engine, SimilarWeb, and Facebook.



Golf Advisor

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf centers in the US 5,000+ https://www.projectfoodforest.org/golf-simulator
Expected indoor golf simulator market size by 2025 $508 million https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190924005250/en/Global-Golf-Simulator-Market—Expected-to
Percentage of golfers who prefer indoor simulator technology 44% https://www.ngf.org/news/golf-simulator-and-driving-range-market-to-reach-7-billion-by-2026/

Golf Advisor reports on the latest trends and news in the golf industry. With over 5,000 indoor golf centers in the US alone, the indoor golf simulator market is expected to reach a value of $508 million by 2025. 44% of avid golfers prefer indoor simulator technology, making it a growing market for those looking to improve their game.



Golf Tips Magazine

Statistic Value Reference
Monthly Website Visits 100,000+ SimilarWeb
Facebook Likes 400,000+ Facebook
Twitter Followers 50,000+ Twitter
Instagram Followers 30,000+ Instagram

Golf Tips Magazine is a popular indoor golf news source with over 100,000 monthly website visits according to SimilarWeb. The magazine’s social media presence includes 400,000+ Facebook likes, 50,000+ Twitter followers, and 30,000+ Instagram followers.



Golf News Net

6.5 million monthly pageviews
1.4 million monthly unique visitors
70,000 Facebook followers
23,000 Twitter followers

Golf News Net provides the latest and most comprehensive indoor golf news and information. With over 6.5 million monthly pageviews and 1.4 million monthly unique visitors, Golf News Net is the go-to source for golf enthusiasts. Their Facebook page has over 70,000 followers and their Twitter account has over 23,000 followers, making them a top influencer in the industry. Golf News Net is committed to providing valuable content and information that endure, making them a trusted and reliable source for golf news.



Golf Monthly .co.uk

Statistic Value
Monthly Searches 12,100
Domain authority 62
Backlinks 270,000
Organic Traffic 147,000

Indoor golf has become increasingly popular in recent times. Golf Monthly .co.uk is a highly reputable website that provides all the latest news, updates, and analysis related to indoor golf. With a monthly search volume of 12,100, the website has a domain authority of 62 and 270,000 backlinks, making it a highly credible source of information. Having garnered 147,000 monthly organic traffic, Golf Monthly .co.uk is one of the best sources of reliable and accurate indoor golf news.



Golf Industry Network

Statistic Reference
Global golf industry revenue Statista
Number of indoor golf facilities in the US Golfweek
Number of golf simulators sold in 2020 Golf Digest

Golf Industry Network provides the latest indoor golf news in the US and beyond. With the global golf industry generating billions of dollars in revenue, indoor golf facilities have become increasingly popular. In the US alone, there are thousands of indoor golf facilities catering to golf enthusiasts. According to Golfweek, there are now over 5,000 indoor golf facilities in the US, offering year-round golfing experiences. The rise in popularity of indoor golf has also led to increased sales of golf simulators. In 2020, Golf Digest reported that over 150,000 golf simulators were sold worldwide. Stay up-to-date with the latest indoor golf news at Golf Industry Network.

(statistics from Statista, Golfweek, and Golf Digest)



Golf Today

Statistic Value
Google Search Results 12,400,000
Monthly Searches 590
Website Visitors/month 11,400

“Golf Today” is an indoor golf news website that provides up-to-date information and reviews on indoor golf courses, equipment and tournaments. With over 12 million Google search results, it has become one of the most popular indoor golf news sites online. Monthly searches for “Golf Today” average at 590, and the website receives 11,400 visitors per month. Its informative articles and reviews have made it a go-to source for indoor golf enthusiasts.



Women & Golf Magazine

Category Statistic Reference
Website Metrics Global Rank: 716,880 alexa.com
Social Media Followers Twitter: 27.3k twitter.com
Readership Demographics Gender: Female – 85% womenandgolf.com

Women & Golf Magazine is a widely recognized online publication that provides news, features, and practical tips for women golfers worldwide. With a global rank of 716,880 and 27.3k Twitter followers, the magazine has become a go-to resource for women golfers worldwide. Of its many readers, 85% are women, which speaks to the magazine’s popularity and effectiveness in reaching its intended audience.




Statistic Value
Monthly Searches 1,000
Organic Traffic 800
Domain Authority 42

Indoor golf news is a topic that is gaining traction among golf enthusiasts. Those looking for the latest updates on indoor golfing techniques, equipment, or events can find a valuable resource in Golfalot. This online platform offers regular articles, reviews, and insightful interviews with industry experts, making it a go-to source for the latest indoor golfing trends. With a steady traffic of 800 visitors per month and a domain authority of 42, Golfalot provides valuable and reliable information that is accessible to golf enthusiasts of all levels.



Golf Course Industry Magazine

45% increase in demand for indoor golf facilities in last 5 years
80% indoor golf facilities utilizing virtual golf simulators
5 million golfers that use virtual golf simulators every year

Golf Course Industry Magazine reports that there has been a significant increase in demand for indoor golf facilities in the last 5 years, with a 45% rise in participation. Around 80% of these facilities are now utilizing virtual golf simulators, which are used by approximately 5 million golfers every year. These statistics demonstrate that indoor golf facilities are becoming more popular and are perhaps even becoming a preferable option for individuals looking for a golfing experience.



Club and Resort Business

Statistic Value Reference
Search Volume (Global) 1,600 Google Ads Keyword Planner
Domain Authority 61 Moz
Page Authority 51 Moz
Backlinks 8.42K Ahrefs

Club and Resort Business is an established online presence that specializes in golf news, including indoor golf-related news and developments. According to the Google Ads Keyword Planner, the term “indoor golf news” has an average monthly search volume of 1,600 worldwide. The website’s domain authority, as reported by Moz, is 61, while its page authority is 51. It has a total of 8.42K backlinks, according to Ahrefs. These statistics suggest that Club and Resort Business is a trusted source of information for individuals who are interested in indoor golf news.



Golf Punk Magazine

Statistic Reference
82% of golfers search online for news and information about the sport
55% of golfers prefer to read online articles about golf
12.5 million monthly Google searches for golf-related topics

Golf Punk Magazine is an online magazine that provides valuable golf news to its readers. With 82% of golfers searching online for news and information about the sport, there is a high demand for easily accessible and informative content. In fact, 55% of golfers prefer to read online articles about golf. Golf Punk Magazine satisfies this demand by providing up-to-date news and articles about the golf world. With 12.5 million monthly Google searches for golf-related topics, Golf Punk Magazine is a valuable resource for golf enthusiasts who are looking to stay informed about the sport.



Golf Architecture Magazine

Statistic Value Reference
Monthly web traffic 27,000 SimilarWeb
Domain authority 45 MOZ
Number of published articles Over 500 Golf Architecture Magazine
Number of social media followers 5,800 Twitter
Global Alexa ranking 1,702,492 Alexa

Golf Architecture Magazine is an online publication dedicated to the architecture and design of golf courses. With over 27,000 monthly web visitors and a domain authority of 45, it’s a trusted source for golf enthusiasts and industry professionals. The magazine has published more than 500 articles on various golfing topics, making it a go-to destination for golf course designers and architects. Additionally, Golf Architecture Magazine has a strong social media presence, with over 5,800 Twitter followers. Its global Alexa ranking is 1,702,492.



Golf Course Trades

Statistic Value
Estimated monthly search volume 1000
Average monthly clicks 500
Number of backlinks 2000
Domain authority 35

Indoor golf news is a popular online destination for golf enthusiasts who are interested in indoor golfing. It offers comprehensive coverage of the latest news, equipment, and trends in the indoor golf world. One of its most trusted sources of information is Golf Course Trades, a respected publication that provides in-depth analysis and insight into the golf course industry. Golf Course Trades has a monthly search volume of 1000 with an average of 500 monthly clicks. It has a strong online presence with over 2000 backlinks and a domain authority of 35. These statistics demonstrate that Golf Course Trades is a trusted and reputable source for those seeking information on indoor golf.

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