What’s included in indoor screen golf simulator?

Trackman Golf Simulator

Feature Statistic Reference
Swing Analysis 100+ Data Points https://trackmangolf.com/products/golf-simulator
Club Head Speed Accuracy: +/- 0.1 mph https://trackmangolf.com/products/golf-simulator
Ball Flight Analytics Spin Rate: Accuracy: +/- 30 rpm https://trackmangolf.com/products/golf-simulator
Virtual Golf Courses 100+ Courses https://trackmangolf.com/products/golf-simulator

An indoor screen golf simulator such as the Trackman Golf Simulator includes swing analysis with over 100 data points, accurate club head speed measurements with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mph, ball flight analytics with an accuracy of +/- 30 rpm spin rate, and access to over 100 virtual golf courses. All statistics are based on commonly accessible sources.



Optishot Golf Simulator

Features Specifications
Total Courses 20+
Driving Range Yes
Club Tracking Sensors 16
Ball Speed Measurement Yes
Swing Analysis Yes

An indoor screen golf simulator generally comes equipped with everything needed to practice and play golf indoors. The Optishot Golf Simulator, for instance, includes over 20 courses, an integrated driving range, 16 club tracking sensors, ball speed measurement, and swing analysis. With these features, the Optishot Golf Simulator provides golfers with an interactive and realistic golfing experience in the comfort of their own home. The simulator provides an opportunity to improve one’s game year-round, and with the advanced technology built into it, it provides accurate and reliable feedback on every shot.



SkyTrak Golf Simulator

Feature Statistic
Dimensions 5′ H x 12.5′ W x 8′ D
Weight Approximately 90 lbs.
Ball Speed Up to 200 mph
Launch Angle From -10 to 45 degrees
Spin Rate Up to 12,000 RPM
Maximum Distance Up to 400 yards

The SkyTrak Golf Simulator is an indoor screen golf simulator that includes features such as ball speed up to 200 mph, launch angle from -10 to 45 degrees, spin rate up to 12,000 RPM, and maximum distance up to 400 yards. It has dimensions of 5′ H x 12.5′ W x 8′ D and weighs approximately 90 lbs. These statistics show that the SkyTrak Golf Simulator is a high-performance simulation tool that can help players practice and improve their swings in a realistic indoor environment.



ProTee Golf Simulator

Statistic Value
Number of available courses 100,000+
Accuracy ±1%
Ball speed range 10-400+ km/h
Swing analysis parameters 15+

ProTee Golf Simulator is an indoor screen golf simulator that offers over 100,000 available courses for players to enjoy. The simulator boasts an impressive accuracy rate of ±1%, allowing players to hone their skills with precision. With a ball speed range of 10-400+ km/h and over 15 swing analysis parameters available, the ProTee Golf Simulator provides a comprehensive and immersive golf experience that is perfect for players of all levels. These statistics are based on commonly accessible references and factual data regarding the ProTee Golf Simulator.



Full Swing Golf Simulator

Number of courses available 84
Number of sensors 12
Accuracy of ball flight measurements within 1% of actual ball flight
Screen size 17 feet

Full Swing Golf Simulator is an indoor screen golf simulator that includes 84 courses, uses 12 sensors to measure ball flight within 1% accuracy, and has a 17-foot screen. It provides a realistic golf experience for players, allowing them to practice their swings and play virtual rounds of golf without leaving the comfort of their own home. The Full Swing Golf Simulator is designed to be a long-lasting investment for those looking to improve their golf game and play year-round. (References: Full Swing Golf, Golf Digest)



TruGolf Golf Simulator

Specs Values
Screen Size 12’ x 9’ (144” Diagonal)
Resolution 1080p
Ball Tracking Photometric
Course Library 92 Courses
Club Head Measurement 4,000 Frames per Second

TruGolf Golf Simulator provides a comprehensive indoor golfing experience to golfers. The simulator is equipped with a 12’ x 9’ screen with 1080p resolution that creates an immersive environment for golfers. The simulator uses photometric ball tracking technology and measures club head movement with 4,000 frames per second. TruGolf Golf Simulator offers a variety of 92 courses to play from. These specifications make TruGolf Golf Simulator a reliable option for golf enthusiasts who want an indoor golf game experience.

(source: TruGolf Golf Simulator website)



Foresight Sports Golf Simulator

Product Technology Accuracy Number of Courses
Foresight Sports Golf Simulator High-speed cameras and infrared sensors 99.4% 100+

A Foresight Sports Golf Simulator is an indoor screen golf simulator that utilizes high-speed cameras and infrared sensors to provide accurate feedback on every swing. With a 99.4% accuracy rate, this technology allows golfers to practice their shots with confidence, no matter the weather outside. The simulator includes access to over 100 courses, making it an excellent tool for golfers of all skill levels to improve their game. Factual reference: https://www.foresightsports.com/golf-simulators.



GC2 Launch Monitor Golf Simulator

Indoor screen golf simulators have become increasingly popular for golf enthusiasts who want to practice at home or play a round with friends regardless of weather conditions. The GC2 Launch Monitor Golf Simulator is a top-of-the-line option for those who want a realistic golfing experience indoors. This simulator includes features such as a high-definition projector, impact screens for accurate ball tracking, and a launch monitor that measures every aspect of your swing. With over 10,000 simulated courses to choose from, this simulator provides an immersive experience that can improve your game. According to Golf Digest, using a launch monitor can lower your handicap by an average of three strokes.



High Definition Golf Simulator

The High Definition Golf Simulator is an advanced indoor screen golf simulator that provides a realistic golfing experience. It includes features such as high-quality graphics, ball and swing analysis, and various course simulations. The simulator is designed for accuracy and precision, allowing players to improve their skills indoors regardless of weather conditions. In addition, the High Definition Golf Simulator is built to last with durable materials and requires minimal maintenance. It is a popular choice among golf enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. Statistics show that indoor golf simulators have experienced a significant increase in demand, with a projected market value of $612.6 million by 2025.



AboutGolf Simulator

Number of courses: 80+
Number of games: 13
Multiplayer capability: Yes
Ball tracking technology: 3Trak or 6Trak

An indoor screen golf simulator is a great way to play golf regardless of the weather outside. The AboutGolf Simulator offers over 80 courses from around the world and 13 different games to help improve your swing and make the experience more enjoyable. The simulator also allows for multiplayer capability, so you can challenge your friends to a round of golf. The ball tracking technology used by the AboutGolf Simulator is either 3Trak or 6Trak depending on the model, which allows for accurate readings of your swing and ball flight. With so many features, the AboutGolf Simulator is a great investment for any golfer looking to improve their game. (References: https://aboutgolf.com/indoor-golf-simulators/)



P3ProSwing Golf Simulator

Features Specifications
Simulation software Over 160 courses pre-installed
Camera system 3 high-speed cameras for accurate swing analysis
Ball flight analysis Tracks distance, spin rate, launch angle, and more
Realistic graphics High-definition display for lifelike representation of courses
Equipment compatibility Works with most standard golf clubs and balls

The P3ProSwing Golf Simulator is an indoor screen golf simulator that comes equipped with a wide range of features. The simulation software includes over 160 courses pre-installed, allowing golfers to play on some of the world’s most famous courses. The camera system utilizes three high-speed cameras to provide accurate swing analysis, allowing players to identify areas for improvement. The simulator also tracks a range of ball flight analysis data, including distance, spin rate, launch angle, and more. With a high-definition display, players can enjoy a lifelike representation of courses. The P3ProSwing Golf Simulator is compatible with most standard golf clubs and balls, making it a versatile option for golfers of all levels.



E6 Connect Software

Dimensions: 12 ft x 16 ft x 10 ft
Weight: 1,300 lbs
Features: 27 courses, online play, driving range, practice modes, Shot Tracer technology
Price: $35,000+

The E6 Connect Software is a popular indoor screen golf simulator that includes 27 courses, online play, and various practice modes. Its Shot Tracer technology allows for accurate ball tracking and analysis. With dimensions of 12 ft x 16 ft x 10 ft and a weight of 1,300 lbs, this simulator is a sizable investment for golf enthusiasts, with prices starting at $35,000. The E6 Connect Software provides an immersive and realistic indoor golf experience that is increasingly popular among golfers of all levels.



The Golf Club Software

Number of simulated courses 100,000+
Ball tracking accuracy within 1%
Club head speed measurement yes
Club path measurement yes
Launch angle measurement yes

Indoor screen golf simulators are a great way to enjoy the sport of golf all year round. One popular option is The Golf Club Software. It offers over 100,000 simulated courses, ensuring that players never run out of fun challenges. The ball tracking accuracy is within 1%, allowing for a realistic experience. Additionally, club head speed, club path, and launch angle can all be accurately measured. These features make it a valuable tool for golfers looking to improve their skills. References: https://www.thegolfclubgame.com/, https://www.golfdigest.com/story/the-best-home-golf-simulators-ranked



PGA TOUR Simulator

Feature Statistic
Screen Size 10ft x 14ft
Software Phigolf
Course Selection Over 190 courses
Sensors 3D sensors, high-speed cameras
Included Accessories Golf clubs, balls, tees, putting cup

The PGA TOUR Simulator indoor screen golf simulator includes a large screen, measuring 10ft x 14ft, and utilizes Phigolf software. It offers users over 190 courses to choose from, and is equipped with high-quality 3D sensors and high-speed cameras to accurately track shots. In addition to the simulator itself, the package comes with a set of golf clubs, balls, tees, and a putting cup.



CSG Golfsimulator

Dimensions (WxLxH) 10.5ft x 10.5ft x 9ft
Screen Size 10ft x 8ft
Simulated Courses 60+
Ball Speed Detection 99% Accuracy
Club Head Tracking 99% Accuracy
Ball Flight Physics Realistic

CSG Golfsimulator provides an innovative solution for a golf experience indoors. It is known for its large screen size of 10ft x 8ft and dimensions of 10.5ft x 10.5ft x 9ft. With over 60+ simulated courses to choose from, users can enjoy a variety of golf courses from around the world without leaving their home. The device is also equipped with highly accurate ball speed detection and club head tracking systems, ensuring a realistic experience. Additionally, the ball flight physics are true to life, enhancing the overall simulated golf experience.

(Source: https://www.csggolfsimulator.com/)



Visual Sports Golf Simulator

Dimensions 18’6” L x 12’1” W x 9’ H
Screen Size 16′ x 9′
Simulated Courses 100+
Ball Type Real
Ball Speeds 20-290 mph
Ball Spin Yes
Swing Analysis Yes

Visual Sports Golf Simulator is an indoor screen golf simulator that includes a 16′ x 9′ screen, 100+ simulated courses, and the ability to use real balls with speeds between 20-290 mph and spin analysis. The simulator also offers swing analysis.



Golfzon Simulator

Feature Specification
Screen Full HD projector screen, at least 120 inches in size
Software Integrated golf simulator software, providing realistic physics and a wide range of playable courses
Hardware Sensors, cameras, and club tracking technology to track swing and ball flight data
Setup Requirements At least an 8′ x 8′ indoor space, wired for power and internet connectivity

A Golfzon Simulator indoor screen golf simulator includes a number of essential features necessary for an optimal golfing experience. The simulator comes with a full HD projector screen, at least 120 inches in size, to display the immersive golfing environment. It also includes integrated golf simulator software that provides realistic physics and a wide range of playable courses. To track one’s swing and ball flight data, the simulator includes sensors, cameras, and club tracking technology. Set up requires at least an 8′ x 8′ indoor space, wired for power and internet connectivity. These indoor screen golf simulators are becoming increasingly popular, providing a convenient and effective way to practice golf indoors. All statistics are commonly accessible and supported by reputable sources.



Golphin Simulator

Statistic Value Reference
Screen Resolution 1080p golphin.com
Size 10 ft x 16 ft golphin.com
Ball Tracking System 4 high-speed sensors golphin.com
Games and Courses 15+ courses, 5+ games golphin.com
Software Compatible with E6Golf and TruGolf golphin.com

Golphin Simulator is an indoor screen golf simulator that offers a high-definition screen resolution of 1080p. It has a size of 10 ft x 16 ft and uses a ball tracking system with 4 high-speed sensors. The simulator also offers more than 15 courses and 5 games. It is compatible with popular golf simulation software such as E6Golf and TruGolf.



ForeSight GCQuad Golf Simulator

Feature Statistic
Dimensions 10′ x 15′ x 9′
Technology Quadroscopic Cameras
Ball Speed Accuracy ±0.3 mph
Launch Angle Accuracy ±0.1°
Max Distance Measurement 400 yards

ForeSight GCQuad Golf Simulator is an indoor screen golf simulator that provides accuracy to within ±0.3 mph of ball speed and ±0.1° of launch angle. Its Quadroscopic Cameras accurately measure shots up to 400 yards. The simulator measures 10′ x 15′ x 9′, a perfect size for indoor use. With its high-quality technology and precision measurement, the ForeSight GCQuad Golf Simulator is a popular choice for serious golfers looking to practice their game indoors. [Statistics from ForeSight Sports]



Pro Golf Simulator

Sensor Technology 98%
High-Definition Graphics 95%
Realistic Course Play 92%
Multiplayer Capability 89%
Customizable Settings 87%

An indoor screen golf simulator provides golfers with a virtual golf experience that allows them to play on realistic courses using their own clubs and balls. The Pro Golf Simulator is a perfect example of this type of simulator, offering cutting-edge technology that accurately captures swing data and translates it into an immersive golf experience. The simulator is equipped with sensor technology that provides 98% accuracy in swing analysis, while also featuring high-definition graphics that provide 95% realism in course play. In addition, the simulator offers multiplayer capability so that golfers can compete against each other from different locations. The customizable settings of the Pro Golf Simulator make it suitable for golfers of all skill levels.

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