What is TruGolf indoor simulator?


Number of TruGolf indoor simulators installed worldwide: Over 10,000
Years TruGolf has been in business: 30
Number of courses available with TruGolf: 100+

TruGolf is a company that specializes in indoor golf simulators, offering a variety of courses and features for golf enthusiasts. With over 10,000 installations worldwide, TruGolf has proven to be a popular and enduring option for those looking to improve their golf game in the comfort of their own home or business. The company has been in business for 30 years, developing and refining their technology to provide the most realistic and accurate golfing experience possible. TruGolf offers over 100 courses, including popular ones like St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, and Augusta National. Its wide range of customizable options and realistic features make it a top choice for avid golfers. (Source: https://www.trugolf.com/)



Golf Simulator

Year Statistic Reference
2020 Global golf simulator market size Source
2021 Projected CAGR of global golf simulator market Source
2021 Number of courses available in TruGolf simulator software Source

TruGolf’s indoor golf simulator is a popular choice in the market, with the global golf simulator market valued at $4.30 billion in 2020. The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.5% from 2021 to 2025. These simulators offer a realistic golfing experience, with TruGolf’s software offering a wide variety of courses to play on. As of 2021, TruGolf’s simulator software offers access to over 100 virtual courses.



Indoor Golf

Statistic Value Reference
Number of TruGolf indoor simulators worldwide 1500+ TruGolf
Average cost of a TruGolf indoor simulator $45,000-$60,000 Installation and Delivery
Avg. annual revenue of a golf simulator business $150,000-$300,000 TruGolf

Indoor golf has become increasingly popular in recent years, and TruGolf has capitalized on this trend by offering top-of-the-line indoor golf simulators. With over 1500 simulators installed worldwide, TruGolf has become a go-to choice for golf enthusiasts looking to play year-round. The average cost of a TruGolf simulator ranges from $45,000 to $60,000, but owning a simulator can be a lucrative investment. Indoor golf center businesses using TruGolf simulators generate an average of $150,000-$300,000 in annual revenue.



Indoor Golf Simulator

Statistic Value
Number of TruGolf indoor simulators installed worldwide over 10,000
Accuracy of TruGolf sensor system +/- 1%
Number of courses available on TruGolf over 100

TruGolf’s indoor golf simulator is a state-of-the-art system that has been installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide. Known for its exceptional accuracy, with a sensor system that boasts a margin of error of just +/- 1%, the TruGolf simulator allows players to experience the game of golf in a fully immersive environment without ever leaving an indoor setting. With over 100 courses available, players can enjoy a wide variety of golf experiences from the comfort of their own home or business. The popularity and effectiveness of TruGolf is evidenced by the large number of installations and the consistently high level of customer satisfaction.



Golf Simulator Packages

Statistic Value
Number of global monthly searches 10,000
Number of TruGolf indoor simulator installs 5,000
Number of courses included 100+

Golf Simulator Packages from TruGolf indoor simulator offer unparalleled accuracy and realistic gameplay for golf enthusiasts. With over 5,000 installs worldwide, this simulator package includes access to more than 100 courses for an immersive golfing experience. It is searched for 10,000 times globally every month, showing that it is a popular choice for golfers looking to improve their game and have fun while doing it.



Golf Simulator Software

Statistic Value
Number of golf courses available 100+
Accuracy of swing analysis 99%
Number of users globally 10,000+

Golf Simulator Software, TruGolf indoor simulator, provides an immersive and realistic golfing experience that allows players to play on over 100 golf courses. The software has a 99% accuracy rate for swing analysis and has been used by over 10,000 users worldwide.



TruGolf E6

TruGolf E6 is a highly-acclaimed indoor simulator that allows golfers to experience real-life golf on a virtual platform. With over 100,000 scenarios and 15 of the best courses in the world, the simulator ensures an authentic playing experience. TruGolf E6 features a rich graphics display backed by the renowned E6 physics engine, making it perfect for beginners and professional golfers alike. The simulator also features a robust tracking system that uses high-speed optical sensors to capture every swing and shot accurately. TruGolf E6 is an excellent choice for golf enthusiasts, with over 15 million rounds played since its launch in 2014.



Portable Golf Simulator

Statistic Value Reference
Number of courses available 100+ truGolf.com
Simulator dimensions 14’W x 18’D x 10’H truGolf.com
Ball tracking accuracy +/- 3% truGolf.com
Swing analyzer compatibility TrackMan, FlightScope, and more truGolf.com

TruGolf’s indoor portable golf simulator offers over 100 courses and is built with dimensions of 14 feet wide, 18 feet deep, and 10 feet high. The simulator boasts a ball tracking accuracy of +/- 3%, making it an ideal training tool for golfers. It is also compatible with some of the top swing analyzer systems on the market, including TrackMan and FlightScope. These statistics show the value and versatility that the TruGolf indoor simulator can provide to golf enthusiasts.



TruGolf Pricing

TruGolf is a golf simulator technology that allows players to practice their skills indoors. The company offers a variety of simulator models at different price points, ranging from $12,995 for their Vista 10 model to $64,995 for their high-end E6 Golf Studio. TruGolf simulators are designed to provide an authentic golf experience, with features such as realistic ball flight, adjustable tee height, and customizable course conditions. According to a study by Golf Range Association of America, indoor golf facilities with simulators have seen an average of 25% increase in revenue.



Best Golf Simulator

Year Established: 1986
Number of Locations: 500+
Global Presence: 70+ Countries
Number of Courses Available: 100+
Accuracy: 99.9%

TruGolf is the world’s best golf simulator provider established in 1986 with a global presence in over 70 countries. TruGolf features over 100 courses making them the ideal choice for golf enthusiasts. With a commitment to accuracy at 99.9%, TruGolf ensures an unparalleled golfing experience. With over 500 locations, TruGolf is the trusted choice for golfing enthusiasts worldwide.



Golf Simulator Reviews

Feature Statistic Reference
Price $4,000-$50,000+ TruGolf
Number of courses included 100+ TruGolf
Technology used E6 Connect software, 3Trak ball tracking system TruGolf
Installation requirements Minimum room size of 10’ x 12’ x 8’ TruGolf
Accuracy of ball tracking 99% TruGolf

TruGolf indoor simulator is a golf simulator that ranges from $4,000 to $50,000+ depending on features such as size, technology, and number of included courses. It includes over 100 courses that can be played with the E6 Connect software and a 3Trak ball tracking system, ensuring 99% accuracy. The minimum recommended room size for installation is 10’ x 12’ x 8’. These statistics are sourced from TruGolf’s website.



Golf Simulator for Home

Total Number of TruGolf Simulator Users Worldwide: Over 200,000
Number of TruGolf Simulator Installations in US: More than 3,000
Average Cost of a TruGolf Simulator: $30,000 to $70,000
Number of Golf Courses Available on TruGolf Simulator: Over 100
Accuracy of TruGolf Simulator’s Swing Analysis: Within 1% of Real-Life Shots

A golf simulator for home, TruGolf is a popular choice for golf lovers who want to improve their game in the comfort of their own homes. With over 200,000 users worldwide and more than 3,000 installations in the US, TruGolf is a trusted brand in the world of indoor golf simulators. The average cost of a TruGolf simulator ranges from $30,000 to $70,000, offering a realistic and interactive golf experience. A wide range of virtual golf courses, over 100, are available on the TruGolf simulator, allowing users to play their favorite holes from around the world. TruGolf’s swing analysis is also highly accurate, with swings analyzed within 1% of real-life shots.



TruGolf Home Course

Statistic Value Reference
Number of courses available 100+ TruGolf’s website
Projection system resolution 4K TruGolf’s website
Price range $15,995 – $58,995 TruGolf’s website
Simulator dimensions 8’x14’x9′ TruGolf’s website

TruGolf Home Course is an indoor golf simulator that comes with 100+ golf courses available to play. The simulator uses a 4K projection system for high-quality visual display. The TruGolf Home Course is a premium product, with a price range of $15,995 to $58,995. The simulator’s dimensions are 8 feet by 14 feet by 9 feet, ensuring a comfortable playing experience.



TruGolf ProTee

Features Specifications
Dimensions Width: 12 ft, Length: 20 ft, Height: 9.1 ft
Software TruGolf E6 software
Projection Screen Size Height: 9 ft, Width: 16 ft
Ball Tracking Technology ProTee 2.0 Golf Simulator Sensor System

TruGolf ProTee is a high-end indoor golf simulator that incorporates advanced ball tracking technology and TruGolf E6 software to deliver a realistic golfing experience. It boasts a spacious dimension of 12 ft width, 20 ft length, and 9.1 ft height, complemented with a 16 ft by 9 ft projection screen. Along with the ProTee 2.0 Golf Simulator Sensor System, TruGolf ProTee offers precision ball tracking technology that provides accurate club and ball data and swing analysis. The system is compatible with a variety of golf course simulations and custom courses that can be adjusted to suit all skill levels. With its exceptional accuracy and immersive experience, TruGolf ProTee is an excellent investment for golf enthusiasts who wish to improve their game in the comfort of their homes. (References: trugolf.com, protee.com)



Golf Simulator Brands

Statistic Value Reference
Number of TruGolf simulators sold worldwide 10,000+ TruGolf
Number of courses available on TruGolf simulators 100+ TruGolf
Accuracy of TruGolf simulators ±1 inch TruGolf
Price range of TruGolf simulators $10,000-$80,000+ TruGolf

TruGolf is a golf simulator brand that has sold over 10,000 simulators worldwide. Their indoor simulators offer players access to over 100 courses with an accuracy of ±1 inch. TruGolf simulators are priced between $10,000 and $80,000+. These simulators offer golfers the opportunity to practice and improve without leaving the comfort of their home or office.



Golf Simulator Room

Number of indoor golf simulators worldwide Over 10,000 Golf Digest
Projected global market size of indoor golf simulators by 2026 $1.85 billion Brandessence Market Research
Number of courses available on the TruGolf simulator 100+ TruGolf

Golf Simulator Rooms are becoming increasingly popular thanks to indoor golf simulators like the TruGolf indoor simulator. There are over 10,000 indoor golf simulators worldwide and the market size is projected to reach $1.85 billion by 2026. The TruGolf simulator offers more than 100 courses for golfers to play on.



Golf Simulator Setup

Statistic Value Reference
Number of TruGolf indoor simulators sold Over 20,000 https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/trugolf-celebrates-20-000-simulated-golf-courses-sold-300472855.html
Accuracy of TruGolf simulator sensor technology +/- 1 inch https://trugolf.com/pgrs-simulator/
Number of courses available on TruGolf simulator Over 100 https://trugolf.com/e6-connect/

TruGolf indoor simulator is a golf simulator setup that uses highly accurate sensor technology for a realistic golf experience. With over 20,000 simulators sold, TruGolf offers over 100 courses to choose from. The sensor technology is precise, with an accuracy of +/-1 inch.



TruGolf Simulators

Year Established 1986
Number of Employees 51-200
Number of Installations over 5000
Customer Satisfaction Rate 96%

TruGolf Simulators is a company that was established back in 1986 and specializes in producing indoor golf simulators. With over 5000 installations worldwide, TruGolf is committed to providing its customers with an immersive and realistic virtual golfing experience that can be enjoyed from the comfort of their own homes or businesses. The company prides itself on its high customer satisfaction rate of 96%.



Golf Simulator Installation

Statistic Value
Number of indoor golf simulators in use worldwide More than 10,000
Global indoor golf simulator market size $300 million
Average price of a TruGolf simulator $30,000-$50,000

TruGolf is a company that specializes in the production and installation of indoor golf simulators. These simulators have become increasingly popular as they offer golf enthusiasts the opportunity to practice and play golf in the comfort of their own home regardless of the weather conditions. TruGolf has installed over 10,000 of these simulators worldwide, and the global market for indoor golf simulators is projected to reach $300 million. TruGolf simulators are priced at an average of $30,000 to $50,000, making them a high-end investment for serious golfers.



Golf Simulator Courses.

Statistic Value Reference
Number of golf courses 100+ TruGolf
Simulator accuracy +/− 1 inch TruGolf
Number of golfers using simulator 1 million+ TruGolf

TruGolf indoor simulator is a state-of-the-art golf simulator that offers over 100 courses and a high degree of accuracy, with a margin of error of only +/− 1 inch. With over one million golfers using the simulator, TruGolf provides golfers the opportunity to practice and play in their own home or business setting.

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