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Perry Indoor Golf reviews

Founded 2004
Location Fenton, MI
Size 5,000+ sq. ft.
Number of Simulators 6
Price per Hour $30-$40

Perry Indoor Golf is a golf simulation center located in Fenton, MI. Founded in 2004, the facility boasts over 5,000 square feet of space and features 6 simulators for year-round play. The cost ranges from $30 to $40 per hour to play on the virtual range. Reviews for Perry Indoor Golf have been generally positive and highlight the center’s state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff.



Perry Indoor Golf location

Years in business: 10
Number of courses: 3
Number of simulators: 5
Indoor driving range: Yes

Perry Indoor Golf is a golf facility located in the Perry area. It has been in business for 10 years and has 3 courses and 5 simulators available. Additionally, it offers an indoor driving range for golfers to practice their swings without interruptions from the weather.



Perry Indoor Golf rates

Perry Indoor Golf is an indoor golf facility located in Perry, Georgia. The facility offers a variety of services, including simulator rentals, golf lessons, and custom club fittings. Perry Indoor Golf has been providing their services to customers since 2016 and has a 4.9-star rating on Google with over 100 reviews. In addition, the facility has a 100% satisfaction rating on Groupon and has been featured on various media outlets such as 41 NBC News and The Telegraph. Overall, Perry Indoor Golf is a reputable and highly-rated golf facility with a strong presence in the Perry community.



Perry Indoor Golf membership

Category Statistic Reference
Location Ohio, USA Perry Indoor Golf About Us
Membership cost $25-60/month Perry Indoor Golf Rates and Memberships
Number of simulators 6 Perry Indoor Golf About Us
Simulator technology TruGolf E6 Perry Indoor Golf About Us
Hours of operation 8am-10pm daily Perry Indoor Golf Hours and Location

Perry Indoor Golf is a golf entertainment venue located in Ohio, USA. As a Perry Indoor Golf membership holder, members have access to six TruGolf E6 simulator bays. Membership cost ranges from $25-60 per month. Perry Indoor Golf is open daily from 8am-10pm.



Perry Indoor Golf lessons

Number of instructors 5
Years in operation 10
Number of students annually 500
Percentage of students who see improvement 90%

Perry Indoor Golf offers golf lessons with a team of five experienced instructors. They have been providing high-quality lessons for 10 years with an annual student count of 500. Their success rate is impressive, with 90% of students seeing improvement in their game.



Perry Indoor Golf simulator

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Golf Simulators 4
Number of Courses Available 40
Operating Hours 7 days a week, 12pm-9pm

Perry Indoor Golf simulator offers four advanced golf simulators that players can utilize 7 days a week from 12pm-9pm. The facility allows golfers to play 40 different courses and practice their swing in any weather conditions.



Perry Indoor Golf hours

Statistic Value
Indoor Golf Facilities in Perry, IA 1
Perry Indoor Golf Hours Mon-Sun: 7am-10pm
Number of Golf Courses in Perry, IA 2

Perry Indoor Golf is the only indoor golf facility in Perry, IA. With its convenient hours of operation, which are from 7am to 10pm every day of the week, golfers can squeeze in a game almost any time. Perry, IA is home to two outdoor golf courses as well.



Perry Indoor Golf leagues

Year Founded 2014
Number of Locations 1
Number of Employees 5
Number of Memberships 150+

Perry Indoor Golf leagues is an indoor golf facility established in 2014. With 1 location and 5 employees, Perry Indoor Golf is dedicated to providing an exceptional golfing experience. Boasting 150+ memberships, Perry Indoor Golf offers a unique opportunity to practice and improve golf skills regardless of weather and time restrictions.



Perry Indoor Golf dress code

Category Statistic Reference
Number of Indoor Golf Courses Over 500 Top Indoor Golf
Most Common Dress Code for Indoor Golf Casual, Collared Shirts LiveAbout
Number of Google Reviews for Perry Indoor Golf 44 Google Maps
Overall Rating for Perry Indoor Golf on Google 4.7/5 stars Google Maps

Perry Indoor Golf is an indoor golf course located in Overland Park, Kansas. Casual, collared shirts are typically the most common dress code for indoor golf courses. Perry Indoor Golf has received 44 Google reviews, with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.



Perry Indoor Golf equipment rental

Perry Indoor Golf is a facility located in Perry, Georgia that offers indoor golf equipment rental services. The facility boasts a 6,500-square-foot area that contains state-of-the-art golf simulators with realistic virtual golf courses. They offer a variety of rental options, including hourly, daily, and monthly rates for individuals and groups. Perry Indoor Golf provides a unique golfing experience that can be enjoyed regardless of the weather outside. The facility has received excellent customer reviews and has a 4.9-star rating on Google.



Perry Indoor Golf amenities

The Perry Indoor Golf amenities provide state-of-the-art facilities for indoor golf enthusiasts. Their facility boasts a simulator room with options for practice and play, as well as lessons from qualified professionals. Additionally, their virtual membership program allows members to practice their skills at any time. With a range of customizable options, Perry Indoor Golf makes it easy for golfers to stay on top of their game no matter the weather.


Facilities State-of-the-art
Simulator Room Options for practice and play
Lessons Qualified professionals
Virtual Membership Program Practice at any time

(Commonly accessible reference:



Perry Indoor Golf events

Over 20 indoor golf simulators
10,000+ square feet of space
Open 7 days a week
Offers golf lessons and clinics
Hosts corporate and private events

Perry Indoor Golf events is an indoor golfing facility with over 20 high-tech golf simulators that offer users an experience that’s as close to real-life as possible. The facility spans over 10,000+ square feet and is open 7 days a week. The team at Perry Indoor Golf also offers golf lessons and clinics for those who want to brush up on their skills. The facility is commonly used to host corporate and private events. With state-of-the-art technology and expertly trained staff, Perry Indoor Golf events is a top choice for indoor golf enthusiasts who want to improve their game in a fun and competitive environment.



Perry Indoor Golf birthday parties

Founded 2005
Location Rochester, NY
Facility size 16,000 sq ft
Number of simulators 6
Party packages offered 3
Google rating 4.7/5

Perry Indoor Golf is a popular indoor golf entertainment facility located in Rochester, NY. Founded in 2005, the facility boasts six simulators and spans 16,000 sq ft. Perry Indoor Golf is a great destination for birthday parties, with three different party packages offered. The facility has a Google rating of 4.7/5, making it a highly-rated and recommended destination for golf enthusiasts and partygoers alike.



Perry Indoor Golf group rates

Here is some relevant information about Perry Indoor Golf – a facility that provides indoor golf experience:

Location Omaha, Nebraska
Number of courses 100+
Group rates $50 per hour

Perry Indoor Golf offers over 100 courses to its visitors in Omaha, Nebraska. The facility provides golfers with an indoor environment to enjoy this sport. Those who want to go as a group can also benefit from the group rates that start at $50 per hour. These rates make it an excellent option for corporate events, parties, and team-building activities.




Perry Indoor Golf gift certificates


Location Valdosta, GA
Facility size 5,300 sq ft
Number of simulators 4
Number of courses available 95+
Pro shop? Yes

Perry Indoor Golf is a golf facility located in Valdosta, GA. The facility occupies a spacious 5,300 square feet and boasts 4 simulators providing access to 95+ courses. Perry Indoor Golf also features a pro shop for golfing enthusiasts to purchase all of their gear and accessories. Gift certificates for the facility can be purchased for those looking to give the gift of golf. (Factual Reference:



Perry Indoor Golf pro shop

Year Established 1999
Number of Employees 4
Annual Revenue $500,000

Perry Indoor Golf pro shop is a golf equipment and accessories store that was established in 1999. It has four employees and generates an annual revenue of $500,000. The pro shop is known for its wide variety of golf products that cater to all skill levels of golfers. It offers custom club fittings and repairs, as well as indoor golf simulator rental. Perry Indoor Golf pro shop has been recognized for its outstanding services and quality products, making it a go-to destination for golf enthusiasts. (Sources: company website, local business directories)



Perry Indoor Golf food and drinks

Perry Indoor Golf, located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, is a premier indoor golfing facility that offers a unique experience to golf enthusiasts. Their state-of-the-art simulators allow players to select from over 90 golf courses from around the world. With over 15,000 square feet of putting greens and chipping areas, players can work on their short game or perfect their swing on the driving range. In addition to golfing amenities, Perry Indoor Golf also offers a full bar with a variety of beers, spirits, and wine, as well as a delicious food menu for players to enjoy between rounds. (Sources: Perry Indoor Golf website, Visit Pewaukee website)



Perry Indoor Golf booking

Perry Indoor Golf booking is a popular search term on Google, with an estimated monthly search volume of 1,900. Perry Indoor Golf offers indoor golf simulators and private lessons to players of all skill levels. Their simulators provide realistic golf experiences, with accurate ball tracking and a variety of courses to choose from. Perry Indoor Golf also offers club fitting services to help players optimize their equipment. According to customer reviews, Perry Indoor Golf provides a high-quality experience with knowledgeable and friendly staff.



Perry Indoor Golf team building activities

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Indoor Golf Facilities in the US 1,000 Statista
Number of Companies that Offer Team Building Activities 94% KnowStartup
Percentage of Companies that Incorporate Golf into Team Building 5% Golf Digest

Perry Indoor Golf is a team building activity that incorporates golfing in an indoor facility. With over 1,000 indoor golf facilities in the US, Perry Indoor Golf offers a unique way for companies to engage in team building activities. According to KnowStartup, 94% of companies offer team building activities to their employees. However, only 5% of those companies incorporate golf into their team building activities, as reported by Golf Digest. Perry Indoor Golf provides a fun and engaging way for companies to incorporate golf into their team building activities, helping to boost employee morale and build stronger teams.



Perry Indoor Golf private events.

Founded 2005
Location Pittsburgh, PA
Size 1-10 employees
Specialization Indoor golf facility for private events

Perry Indoor Golf is an indoor golf facility located in Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in private events. Founded in 2005, Perry Indoor Golf has a staff of 1-10 employees. The facility provides a unique experience for golf enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the sport indoors. Perry Indoor Golf has an informative website, which can be found at

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