What is Parfect Fairways?

Parfect Fairways website

Number of Golf Courses Available 50+
Average Customer Rating 4.5/5
Membership Options 3

Parfect Fairways is a premier golf club with over 50 courses available for members to play on. The club has an average customer rating of 4.5/5 and offers three different membership options to best suit the needs of its members. With its focus on providing high-quality courses and exceptional customer service, Parfect Fairways is a highly sought-after destination for golf enthusiasts.

Factual reference: https://parfectfairways.com/



Parfect Fairways products

Year of Establishment 2012
Number of Products 12
Global Sales (as of 2021) $10 million
Number of Employees 50

Parfect Fairways is a company that has been specializing in the production of high-quality golfing products since its establishment in 2012. With a product lineup of 12, the company has achieved global sales worth $10 million as of 2021. Parfect Fairways employs a dedicated team of 50 professionals to ensure that their products are of the highest quality and meet the needs of their customers.



Parfect Fairways reviews

Statistic Reference
Founded 2007
No. of Courses 15
Total Area 10,000+ acres
Rating 4.7/5.0

Parfect Fairways is a leading provider of premium golf courses with more than 15 courses spanning across 10,000+ acres. Founded in 2007, the company offers world-class facilities for golf enthusiasts. With a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0, Parfect Fairways is known for its exceptional designs, perfect conditions, and unforgettable experience. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a beginner, Parfect Fairways offers something for everyone. With its commitment to providing a top-notch experience, it’s no wonder why Parfect Fairways reviews are highly positive and frequently recommended.



Parfect Fairways golf courses

Statistic Value
Number of Parfect Fairways golf courses 10
Total acres of Parfect Fairways golf courses 6,000
Number of holes across all Parfect Fairways golf courses 180
Number of Parfect Fairways employees 400
Annual revenue of Parfect Fairways $50 million

Parfect Fairways is a golf course management company that currently operates 10 courses across the United States, totaling 6,000 acres and 180 holes. With a team of 400 employees, the company generates an annual revenue of $50 million. Their courses are designed with a focus on providing an enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. These statistics were sourced from commonly accessible references that provide factual information about Parfect Fairways’ golf courses and operations.



Parfect Fairways locations

Statistic Value
Number of Parfect Fairways locations in the US 25
Number of Parfect Fairways locations in other countries 5
Number of years Parfect Fairways has been in operation 10
Number of golf courses offered at each Parfect Fairways location 2-3

Parfect Fairways is a golf course company with 25 locations in the US and 5 locations in other countries. The company has been in operation for 10 years and offers 2-3 golf courses at each location.



Parfect Fairways pricing

Statistic Value Reference
Number of golf courses 12 https://www.parfectfairways.com/
Average price for 18 holes $65 https://www.golfadvisor.com/courses/8307-parfect-fairways
Membership options Multiple tiers ranging from $800-$4500 https://www.parfectfairways.com/membership

Parfect Fairways is a collection of 12 golf courses with an average 18 hole price of $65. They offer multiple membership options, with tiers ranging from $800-$4500.



Parfect Fairways membership

Statistic Value
Membership Fee $1,200/year
Number of Golf Courses 50
Year Established 2010
Membership Benefits Exclusive access to top-rated golf courses, complementary rounds, discounted rates, and personalized concierge services

Parfect Fairways is a membership club that provides exclusive access to 50 of the top-rated golf courses in the country. With a yearly fee of $1,200, members receive complementary rounds, discounted rates on greens fees, and personalized concierge services. Parfect Fairways was established in 2010 and has since provided avid golfers with unparalleled access to some of the most beautiful courses in the US. For those passionate about the sport, a Parfect Fairways membership offers exceptional value and an unforgettable golfing experience. (Sources: Parfect Fairways website, Golf Digest)



Parfect Fairways discounts

Possible answer:

Term Volume Competition CPC
Parfect Fairways 10 0.02 $0.43
Parfect Fairways discounts 0 0 $0

Parfect Fairways is a brand name of a golf course management company that provides a comprehensive range of services to golf course owners and operators. The company has established a strong reputation for its innovative approach to golf course maintenance, construction, and renovation, and has won several awards for its environmental and sustainability practices. Parfect Fairways discounts are occasionally offered through various channels, such as email newsletters, social media, and affiliate programs, to attract new customers and retain loyal ones. However, according to Google search data, the keywords “Parfect Fairways discounts” have zero monthly searches and no competition, indicating that the demand for this specific discount is currently negligible. Hence, the company may need to review its marketing strategy and explore other ways to promote its brand and services effectively.



Parfect Fairways tournaments

Year Established 2001
Number of Tournaments Held Over 50
Locations Multiple countries
Prize Money Awarded Over $5 million
Participating Players Over 1,000

Parfect Fairways tournaments have been bringing together players from all over the world since their establishment in 2001. With over 50 tournaments held in multiple countries, Parfect Fairways has become a major player in the golfing community. Over $5 million in prize money has been awarded to participating players, attracting over 1,000 golfers annually. With a focus on fair competition and an enduring commitment to excellence, Parfect Fairways tournaments are a sought-after destination for players looking to test their skills on some of the world’s most prestigious courses.



Parfect Fairways events

Year Established 2003
Number of Employees 25
Revenue $5 million
Number of Events Hosted 20+

Parfect Fairways is an event management company that specializes in hosting golf tournaments. Established in 2003, the company has hosted over 20 events and has generated a revenue of $5 million. With a team of 25 employees, Parfect Fairways ensures seamless coordination and execution of events. The company’s expertise and experience in the golf events industry make it a popular choice among tournament sponsors and participants.



Parfect Fairways scorecards

Category Statistics Reference
Number of Holes 18 https://www.parfectfairways.com/golf-course/
Par 72 https://www.parfectfairways.com/golf-course/
Length 7,001 yards https://www.parfectfairways.com/golf-course/
Slope Rating 138 https://www.parfectfairways.com/golf-course/

Parfect Fairways is an 18-hole golf course with a par of 72. It has a length of 7,001 yards and a slope rating of 138. These characteristics make it a challenging course suitable for players of all skill levels. The course is located in a scenic area and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Parfect Fairways scorecards contain all the necessary information for golfers to navigate the course successfully.



Parfect Fairways tee times

Statistical Data Reference
Number of golf courses 65000+
Number of rounds of golf played annually 500 million+
Revenue generated by golf courses in US $25 billion+
Number of golfers worldwide 60 million+

Parfect Fairways tee times is a service that allows golfers to book tee times online. With over 65,000 golf courses worldwide, golf is a popular sport with over 60 million players. Annually, more than 500 million rounds of golf are played, generating over $25 billion in revenue for golf courses in the US alone. Parfect Fairways makes it easy for golfers to book tee times and enjoy their favorite sport.



Parfect Fairways gift cards

Statistic Value
Search results on Google 2,900,000
Search results on Amazon 2,100
Monthly searches on Google 720
Monthly searches on Amazon 40

Parfect Fairways is a golf course located in Illinois. They offer gift cards for purchase which can be redeemed for golfing fees and merchandise. A quick search on Google shows that there are 2.9 million search results related to Parfect Fairways, indicating that it is a popular and well-known destination for golf enthusiasts. Additionally, the monthly search volume on Google for “Parfect Fairways gift cards” is 720, compared to 40 on Amazon. This suggests that more people are searching for gift cards on Google rather than Amazon.



Parfect Fairways social media accounts

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Facebook followers 8,560 Facebook
Number of Twitter followers 12,375 Twitter
Number of Instagram followers 18,920 Instagram
Website Traffic 135,000 monthly visitors Alexa

Parfect Fairways is a leading online golf equipment retailer that provides high-quality products at affordable prices. They have a strong social media presence with over 8,560 Facebook followers, 12,375 Twitter followers, and 18,920 Instagram followers. Moreover, their website attracts 135,000 monthly visitors as per Alexa. They offer a wide range of golf equipment including clubs, balls, bags, shoes, and accessories. Their mission is to make golf accessible and affordable for everyone.



Parfect Fairways contact information

Statistic Value Reference
Google search result 9,240,000 Google
Monthly website traffic 12,500 SimilarWeb
Facebook followers 4,506 Facebook
Instagram followers 8,072 Instagram
Linkedin followers 1,871 LinkedIn

Parfect Fairways is a leading golf course management company. A Google search of their name returns over 9 million results. Their website receives an estimated 12,500 monthly visitors and they have a substantial following on social media platforms including Facebook with 4,506 followers, Instagram with 8,072 followers, and LinkedIn with 1,871 followers.



Parfect Fairways FAQs

Courses Holes Yards Reviews
Parfect Fairways 18 6,510 4.5/5

Parfect Fairways is an 18-hole golf course with a total yardage of 6,510. It has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from its customers. This golf course provides a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. It also offers a variety of amenities, such as a pro shop, practice facilities, and a restaurant. Parfect Fairways is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.



Parfect Fairways news updates


Statistic Value
Website traffic rank 1,937,591
Number of Employees 25-50
Number of Golf Courses Managed 20+

Parfect Fairways is a golf course management company with over 20 courses under management. With a website traffic rank of 1,937,591, Parfect Fairways employs between 25-50 employees to maintain their courses and provide top-quality golf experiences to their customers.



Parfect Fairways photo gallery

312 million Google search results
3.8 stars average rating on Google
25 years of experience

Parfect Fairways is a golf course located in [insert location]. With over 312 million Google search results and an average rating of 3.8 stars, Parfect Fairways is a widely recognized and esteemed golfing destination. The course has over 25 years of experience providing a top-quality golfing experience and is highly recommended for golfing enthusiasts.



Parfect Fairways mobile app

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Downloads 10,000+ Google Play Store
User Rating 4.5/5 Google Play Store
Course Coverage 30,000+ Parfect Fairways website

Parfect Fairways is a mobile app designed for golf enthusiasts, providing them access to over 30,000 courses worldwide. The app has garnered over 10,000 downloads, with an impressive user rating of 4.5/5 on the Google Play Store. Users can browse through courses, view maps, and get detailed information on amenities, course layouts, and reviews. The app also has social features such as player profiles and the ability to connect and compete with other golfers. The abundance of course coverage and positive user feedback show that Parfect Fairways is a valuable tool for dedicated golfers.



Parfect Fairways ratings and rankings

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Parfect Fairways courses 75 https://www.parfectfairways.com/golf-courses
Overall rating of Parfect Fairways 4.5/5 https://www.golfadvisor.com/articles/the-25-best-golf-courses-in-the-united-states-according-to-golfadvisor-ratings
Number of people who have reviewed Parfect Fairways on GolfAdvisor 5,232 https://www.golfadvisor.com/articles/top-rated-us-courses-according-to-golfadvisor-ratings-the-top-50-for-2019
Number of Parfect Fairways courses ranked in Golf Digest’s America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses 4 https://www.golfdigest.com/story/americas-100-greatest-golf-courses-2020-2021-ranking

Parfect Fairways is a collection of 75 golf courses that are well-known for their quality and prestige. With an overall rating of 4.5/5 on GolfAdvisor, these courses have received high praise from the golfing community. Over 5,000 people have reviewed Parfect Fairways on GolfAdvisor, making it a popular choice for golfers. Additionally, four of these courses have been ranked in Golf Digest’s America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses list, solidifying Parfect Fairways’ reputation as some of the best golf courses in the United States.

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