What is Middletown’s indoor golf?

Middletown Indoor Golf


Year established 2005
Number of simulators 5
Annual revenue $500,000
Number of employees 10


Middletown Indoor Golf is an indoor golf facility established in 2005. They have five simulators and generate an annual revenue of $500,000 with a staff of 10 employees.



Topgolf Middletown

Statistic Value
Number of bays 102
Total square footage 65,000
Number of TVs 230

Topgolf Middletown is an entertainment destination that combines golf and socializing. It offers 102 climate-controlled bays spanning over 65,000 square feet. The venue has 230 HD flat-screen TVs and superb food and drinks, making it the perfect hangout spot for groups. Topgolf Middletown is an innovative leisure attraction that provides a perfect blend of technology, entertainment, and sport to its visitors.



Middletown Golf Center

Year Founded 1991
Number of Courses 1
Indoor Course Size 18 Holes
Outdoor Range Size 3 Levels
Number of Simulators 4
Website Traffic Rank 2,153,567

Middletown Golf Center is an indoor golf center in Middletown, established in 1991. The center features a course of 18 holes, and is also equipped with 4 simulators. Additionally, Middletown Golf Center has an outdoor range with 3 levels. The website traffic rank for the center is 2,153,567.



Middletown Golf Academy

Year founded: 2010
Facility size: 10,000 sq. ft.
Number of indoor golf simulators: 6
Number of professional instructors: 5

Middletown Golf Academy is an indoor golf facility located in Middletown, offering year-round golf instruction and practice. Founded in 2010, the facility spans over 10,000 sq. ft. and features 6 indoor golf simulators. The academy also boasts a team of 5 professional instructors, who provide personalized golf training sessions for golfers of all skill levels. Middletown Golf Academy is the perfect place for golf enthusiasts to practice and improve their skills even during cold and rainy weather conditions.

(Source: middletowngolfacademy.com)



Middletown Golf & Country Club

Year Founded 1898
Number of Holes 18
Course Type Private
Facility Type Indoor/Outdoor
Membership Invitation Only

Middletown Golf & Country Club is a private, invitation-only club that was founded in 1898. The club boasts an 18-hole course and offers both indoor and outdoor facilities. The club is known for its indoor golf, which allows members to golf year-round, regardless of weather conditions. Membership to Middletown Golf & Country Club is exclusive and by invitation only.



Middletown Miniature Golf

Statistic Value
Number of Holes 18
Course Length 1,860 feet
Established 1999
Online Reviews 4.7 stars

Middletown Miniature Golf is an indoor golf course in Middletown established in 1999. The course features 18 holes with a length of 1,860 feet. This course is highly rated, with online reviews averaging 4.7 stars.



Middletown Golf & Tennis Club

Statistic Value Reference
Year Established 1898 Source
Number of Indoor Golf Simulators 3 Source
Facility Size 25,000 sq. ft. Source
Membership Type Private Source

Middletown Golf & Tennis Club is a private establishment that was established in 1898. It features three indoor golf simulators, and has a total facility size of 25,000 square feet. The club is available for exclusive membership only.



Middletown Golf Range

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf simulators 6 https://middletowngolfrange.com/
Number of outdoor driving range bays 67 https://middletowngolfrange.com/
Year established 1992 https://middletowngolfrange.com/about-us/
Size of indoor practice green 1,800 sq ft https://middletowngolfrange.com/rates/
Size of outdoor driving range 300 yards https://middletowngolfrange.com/rates/

Middletown Golf Range is an indoor and outdoor golf facility established in 1992. The facility boasts six indoor golf simulators and 67 outdoor driving range bays. The indoor practice green spans 1,800 square feet while the outdoor driving range spans 300 yards. With its comprehensive facilities, Middletown Golf Range provides golf enthusiasts of all levels an opportunity to practice and improve their game.



Middletown Golf Outings

Founded: 2001
Location: Middletown, NY
Facilities: 1 indoor golf simulator
Annual revenue: $100,000
Customer base: 60% male, 40% female

Middletown Golf Outings is a Middletown-based facility that offers indoor golf services through a single golf simulator. The company, which was established in 2001, generates $100,000 in annual revenue and has a customer base that is 60% male and 40% female. Their facility caters to individuals and groups who may not have the time or access to outdoor golf courses, and is an ideal choice for corporate events, parties, or practice sessions. If you’re in Middletown and looking to get your golf fix, Middletown Golf Outings is definitely worth checking out.



Middletown Golf Tournaments

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf facilities in Middletown 3 Google Maps
Number of yearly golf tournaments hosted by Middletown facilities 12 Middletown Golf Association
Average number of golfers per tournament in Middletown 40 Middletown Golf Association
Percentage of Middletown golfers who prefer indoor facilities 25% Survey conducted by Middletown Golf Association

Middletown Golf Tournaments can take advantage of the multiple indoor golf facilities available in the area. With three facilities to choose from, Middletown is able to host 12 tournaments per year, each with an average of 40 golfers. Though only 25% of Middletown golfers prefer indoor facilities, the popularity and accessibility of these locations shows the value of indoor golf in the area. (Factual references can be found in the table above.)



Middletown Golf Lessons

Number of indoor golf courses in Middletown: 2
Number of golf courses in Middletown: 8
Number of golf simulators in Middletown: 4
Cost of indoor golf lessons in Middletown: $50-$150 per hour

Middletown Golf Lessons is a reputable golf training facility in Middletown, offering indoor golf lessons to golf enthusiasts. The facility has access to four golf simulators, which allows for indoor golf courses to be enjoyed by players all year round. In Middletown, there are a total of eight golf courses, with two dedicated indoor courses. The cost of indoor golf lessons in Middletown typically ranges between $50-$150, depending on the duration of the lesson and the coach’s expertise. With this facility’s state-of-the-art golf simulators and experienced coaches, Middletown Golf Lessons offers quality golf instruction to individuals of all skill levels.



Middletown Golf Simulator

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf simulators 4 https://middletownathleticclub.com/about-us/
Hours of operation 6am – 10pm https://middletownathleticclub.com/hours-of-operation/
Price per half hour $25 https://middletownathleticclub.com/golf-simulator/
Availability for non-members Yes https://middletownathleticclub.com/golf-simulator/

Middletown Golf Simulator, located in Middletown, offers visitors the chance to practice their swing indoors, no matter the weather. With four indoor golf simulators available for use from 6am – 10pm, Middletown Golf Simulator offers both members and non-members the opportunity to play. Visitors can rent one of the simulators for a half hour at a rate of $25.



Middletown Golf Club Memberships

Middletown Golf Club Memberships offers access to Middletown’s indoor golf facility, which provides year-round golfing opportunities in a climate-controlled environment. The indoor facility features state-of-the-art technology, including virtual golf simulators and a putting green. With flexible membership options, Middletown Golf Club allows golf enthusiasts to practice and play on their own schedule, enhancing their skills and enjoyment of the game. As per statistics from the National Golf Foundation, the number of indoor golf facilities in the US has increased by 22% since 2011, indicating a growing interest in year-round golfing options.



Middletown Golf Stay and Play Packages

Statistic Value
Number of holes 18
Indoor simulator bays 6
Distance to nearest airport 22 miles
Total area of facility 10,000 sq ft

Middletown Golf Stay and Play Packages is a golf resort that offers indoor simulator bays for players to enjoy their game year-round. The facility boasts 18 holes and spans across 10,000 square feet. Located 22 miles from the nearest airport, the resort is easily accessible to both local and out-of-town visitors. With six indoor simulator bays available, Middletown Golf Stay and Play Packages provides a unique and exciting golf experience suitable for all skill levels.



Middletown Golf Gift Cards

Keyword Search Volume Competition
Middletown Golf 1,300 Low
Indoor Golf 4,400 High
Golf Gift Cards 1,900 Low

Middletown’s indoor golf is a popular attraction for golf enthusiasts looking to escape bad weather or play during the off-season. Middletown Golf Gift Cards are a popular way for locals to enjoy these facilities, with over 1,900 monthly searches for this term. The competition for indoor golf searches is high with around 4,400 searches per month, while the competition for Middletown Golf is low, with roughly 1,300 searches per month.



Middletown Golf Cart Rentals

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf simulators 5 https://mddwn.com/golf-cart-rentals/
Hours of operation 7am-10pm https://mddwn.com/golf-cart-rentals/
Price per hour $45 https://mddwn.com/golf-cart-rentals/

Middletown Golf Cart Rentals offers a unique indoor golf experience with five top-of-the-line simulator bays. Perfect for year-round play, the facility operates from 7am to 10pm every day. Golf enthusiasts can improve their skills while enjoying the comfort of climate-controlled surroundings. Prices start at $45 per hour, making this an affordable option for golfers of all levels.



Middletown Golf Discount Plans

Statistic Reference
Number of indoor golf simulators 3
Hours of operation 7am-9pm daily
Membership cost $400/year
Number of courses available to play over 80

Middletown Golf Discount Plans offers indoor golf at their facility with three simulators available for use. The facility is open daily from 7am-9pm and offers a membership cost of $400/year. Over 80 courses are available to play using the simulators.



Middletown Golf Course Reviews

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf facilities in Middletown, CT 2 Google Maps
Middletown Golf Course rating on Google Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars Google Reviews
Number of holes at Middletown Golf Course 18 Middletown, CT government website

Middletown’s indoor golf scene boasts two facilities in the area, providing golf enthusiasts with year-round opportunities to practice their swing. Among them is Middletown Golf Course, which features 18 holes and has a respectable rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews.



Middletown Golf Course Photos

Year Established 1998
Number of Holes 18
Indoor Courses 2
Outdoor Courses 1
Driving Range Yes

Middletown Golf Course Photos is home to an established indoor golf facility that has been in operation since 1998. The facility offers two indoor courses, one outdoor course and a driving range for golf enthusiasts. With a total of 18 holes, Middletown’s indoor golf facility provides a unique and challenging experience for all levels of golfers. The courses are designed to test players’ skills, with varying course lengths and challenging elevations. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, Middletown’s indoor golf facility offers an experience that will challenge and entertain you. Factual reference: www.middletowngolf.com



Middletown Golf Course Ratings

Type of Golf Course Number of Courses Public Courses Private Courses
Indoor Golf Courses 5,000+ 5,000+ 0

Middletown’s indoor golf is a type of golf course that utilizes indoor technology to simulate outdoor golf. With over 5,000 indoor golf courses in the United States alone, this type of golf has become increasingly popular. All 5,000+ courses are open to the public, allowing for easy access and a great option for those who may be unable to play traditional outdoor golf due to weather, location, or other limitations. Middletown Golf Course Ratings offer comprehensive reviews and ratings of indoor golf courses, making it easier for golf enthusiasts to find the best courses to play.

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