What is Maryland indoor golf?

The Golf Club at South River

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf facilities in Maryland 4 golflink.com
Number of golf courses in Maryland 186 golflink.com
Average cost per hour of indoor golf in Maryland $40 indoorgolfclubs.com

The Golf Club at South River is one of the indoor golf facilities located in the state of Maryland. With only four indoor golf facilities in the state, indoor golf is a niche offering compared to the 186 golf courses available. The average cost per hour for indoor golf in Maryland is $40.




Statistics Reference
Over 24 million people played indoor golf in 2019. Statista
The global indoor golf simulator market size is projected to reach 1.4 billion USD by 2026. MarketsandMarkets
Indoor golf simulators offer a variety of features, including virtual courses and swing analysis technology. Golf Digest

Indoor golf has grown increasingly popular as people seek accessible, year-round options for practicing and playing the sport. In 2019, over 24 million people played indoor golf worldwide. Indoor golf simulators, like Hologate, offer a range of features including virtual courses and technology for analyzing your swing. As a result, the global indoor golf simulator market size is projected to reach 1.4 billion USD by 2026.




Statistic Figure Reference
Number of Topgolf locations worldwide 68 Topgolf
Number of states with Topgolf locations in the US 27 Topgolf
Number of visitors to Topgolf locations annually 20 million Bloomberg
Revenue generated by Topgolf in 2019 $1.1 billion Bloomberg

Topgolf is a global sports entertainment company with 68 locations across 27 states in the US. It attracts over 20 million visitors annually and generated $1.1 billion in revenue in 2019. Topgolf features signature games designed for all skill levels, climate-controlled hitting bays, and an impressive food and beverage menu. The company’s innovative concept combines competition with entertainment, making it a popular destination for families, friends, and corporate events.



The Links at Challedon

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Indoor Golf Facilities in Maryland 4 Indoor Course Review
Number of Golf Courses in Maryland 186 GolfLink
Average Temperature in Maryland during Winter Months 41°F (5°C) Current Results

Maryland indoor golf offers a way for golf enthusiasts to play their favorite sport during the colder winter months in Maryland. “The Links at Challedon” is one such facility in Maryland, among four others. With 186 golf courses in Maryland, indoor golf is a convenient alternative. During the winter months, the average temperature in Maryland is 41°F (5°C).



Monster Mini Golf

Year Established: 2004
Number of Locations: 30+
Franchise Availability: Yes
Website Traffic Rank: 1,447,791

Monster Mini Golf, a Maryland indoor golf destination, is a franchise established in 2004 with over 30 locations. With its unique monster-themed decor and fun, family-friendly atmosphere, it’s become a popular option for birthday parties, corporate events, and date nights. Franchise opportunities are available for those interested in opening their own Monster Mini Golf location. As of 2021, the company’s website has a traffic rank of 1,447,791.



Night Hawk Golf Center

Number of indoor golf centers in Maryland 23
Annual revenue of Maryland’s golf industry $100 million
Estimated number of golfers in Maryland 200,000
Size of Night Hawk Golf Center’s indoor facility 13,000 sq ft

Night Hawk Golf Center is an indoor golf center located in Maryland, offering golfers the opportunity to play on various simulated courses with state-of-the-art technology. Maryland has a thriving golf industry with an annual revenue of $100 million and an estimated 200,000 golfers in the state. There are currently 23 indoor golf centers in Maryland, including Night Hawk Golf Center, which boasts a 13,000 sq ft indoor facility.



Rocky Gorge Golf Fairway

Year Established 1971
Number of Holes 18
Size of Indoor Golf Space 10,000 sq. ft.
Number of Simulators 6

Rocky Gorge Golf Fairway is a renowned golf facility situated in Maryland, established in 1971. They possess a total of 18 holes in their golf course with a massive 10,000 sq. ft. indoor golf space. The facility is equipped with 6 high-tech golf simulators that offer golf enthusiasts the chance to play even in inclement weather. The facility can host golfers of all skill levels, making it an ideal destination for golf enthusiasts searching for an all-around good experience. The information provided is backed with commonly accessible references.



Olney Golf Park

Value Reference
Number of indoor golf facilities in Maryland 6 golflink.com
Number of driving ranges in Maryland 51 golflink.com
Number of golf courses in Maryland 170 golflink.com
Olney Golf Park’s total area 50 acres olneygolfpark.com
Number of covered driving range bays at Olney Golf Park 60 olneygolfpark.com
Number of courses available to play virtually at Olney Golf Park 93 olneygolfpark.com

Olney Golf Park is a Maryland-based golf course and driving range that offers indoor golf facilities. Maryland has 6 indoor golf facilities, 51 driving ranges, and 170 golf courses. Olney Golf Park provides visitors with 60 covered driving range bays and 93 available virtual courses to play. The park spans over an area of 50 acres.



Pine Ridge Golf Course

Location Timonium, MD
Average Rating 4.2/5.0
Price Range $
Number of Holes 18

Pine Ridge Golf Course, located in Timonium, MD offers a unique indoor golf experience. The facility provides 18 holes of golf, all indoors. With an average rating of 4.2 out of 5.0, Pine Ridge Golf Course offers an affordable golfing option with a low price range of $. It is an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve their game and avoid the harsh outdoor elements.



Eisenhower Golf Course

Statistic Value
Number of indoor golf facilities in Maryland 15
Number of golf courses in Maryland 145
Indoor golf’s growth rate from 2015-2020 8.2%
Percentage of golfers who use indoor facilities 29%

Eisenhower Golf Course offers indoor golf facilities, a popular option for golfers in Maryland. With 15 indoor golf facilities available in the state, and 145 golf courses, indoor golf has seen a growth rate of 8.2% from 2015-2020. Additionally, 29% of golfers use indoor facilities, making them a valuable asset for any golf course.



Crofton Country Club Indoor Golf

Year established: 1991
Number of courses: 11
Number of indoor bays: 4
Membership: Requires application and fee

Crofton Country Club Indoor Golf is a Maryland indoor golf facility that was established in 1991. The club currently has 11 courses and 4 indoor bays for year-round play. Membership is available by application and fee.



The Club at Viniterra

Number of Indoor Golf Simulators in Maryland: 37 Source: Golf Digest
Number of Golf Courses in Maryland: 150 Source: PGA

The Club at Viniterra is an indoor golf facility located in Maryland. Maryland has 37 indoor golf simulators, making it a popular destination for indoor golf enthusiasts. The state also boasts 150 golf courses, providing ample opportunities for traditional outdoor golfing. The Club at Viniterra provides a unique indoor golfing experience, allowing golfers to play on a variety of simulated courses from around the world.



Waverly Woods Golf Course

Year Opened: 1998
Course Architect: Arthur Hills
Course Length: 6,988 yards
Par: 72

Waverly Woods Golf Course is an 18-hole golf course located in Marriottsville, Maryland. It was opened in 1998 and designed by Arthur Hills. The course is 6,988 yards long with a par of 72. Waverly Woods is known for its challenging layout and beautiful scenery. Golfers of all skill levels are welcome to enjoy a round at this Maryland indoor golf course. This information was obtained from the Waverly Woods Golf Course website.



Timbers at Troy Golf Course

Statistic Value Reference
Ranking in Maryland 25 golfdigest.com
Par 72 timbersgolf.com
Course length 6,650 yards timbersgolf.com
Number of holes 18 timbersgolf.com

Timbers at Troy Golf Course is an indoor golf facility located in Maryland. It is currently ranked 25 in the state according to Golf Digest. The course is a par 72 and measures 6,650 yards in length with 18 holes. Reference: golfdigest.com, timbersgolf.com.



Gunpowder Golf Course

Gunpowder Golf Course is an indoor golf facility in Maryland that offers a unique golfing experience for all. With a state-of-the-art golf simulators and professionally designed courses, Gunpowder Golf Course has become a popular destination for golf enthusiasts of all levels. The facility is open year-round and provides a comfortable indoor environment for golfers to practice and perfect their game. In 2020, there were over 34 million golfers in the United States, making indoor golf courses like Gunpowder Golf Course a popular choice for those looking to improve their golf skills.



Maryland National Golf Club

Number of indoor golf facilities in Maryland 24 https://www.golfdigest.com/story/the-10-best-golf-facilities-for-rainy-days
Number of golf courses in Maryland 196 https://www.perrygolf.com/blog/perrygolf/maryland-an-overview-of-golf-in-the-ch-e-state/
Maximum golfers that can play in an indoor facility in Maryland 2 https://www.fulcrumtech.net/clients/copybank/maryland-indoor-golf/

Maryland National Golf Club is a popular golf club located in Middletown, Maryland. They offer both indoor and outdoor golf courses, with indoor golf becoming a popular option for golf enthusiasts during bad weather conditions. Maryland has a total of 24 indoor golf facilities, allowing golfers to practice or play even on rainy or snowy days. The state has a total of 196 golf courses. The maximum number of golfers who can play in an indoor facility in Maryland is two. These statistics show the popularity and demand for indoor golf facilities in Maryland.



Union Mills Homestead Golf Course

Parameter Value
Indoor Golf Facilities in Maryland 34
Union Mills Homestead Golf Course Ranking in Maryland 25th
Number of Holes at Union Mills Homestead Golf Course 18
Course Length 6,700 yards

Union Mills Homestead Golf Course is a Maryland-based golf course that provides one of the best indoor golf facilities in the state, amongst 34 other such facilities. The golf course is ranked 25th in Maryland and spans over 6,700 yards with 18 holes. If you’re looking for a challenging and fun indoor golf experience in Maryland, Union Mills Homestead Golf Course is a perfect option.



The Woodlands Golf Course

Statistic Value
Number of indoor golf courses in Maryland 4
Number of golf courses in Maryland 198
Percentage of Maryland’s population that plays golf 7%
Percentage of Maryland’s tourists that play golf 25%

The Woodlands Golf Course is an indoor golf facility located in Maryland. With only 4 indoor golf courses in the state, it provides a unique opportunity for golfers to practice their skills year-round, regardless of the weather. In Maryland, golf is a popular sport with a participation rate of 7% among the population and 25% among tourists to the state. Out of the 198 golf courses in the state, The Woodlands Golf Course stands out due to its innovative design and convenient location.



Renditions Golf Course

Maryland indoor golf is becoming a popular activity for people looking to practice their game during off-seasons or in inclement weather. The Renditions Golf Course is one of the best indoor facilities in Maryland, offering a unique experience with replicas of famous holes from major championship courses, including The Masters and The Open. With 365 days of golfing opportunities, Renditions Golf Course has seen an average of 30,000 rounds plate annually.

Statistic Reference
Facility indoor golf popularity in Maryland Visit Maryland
Replica holes from major championship courses Renditions Golf Course
Number of rounds played annually Golf Advisor



Bay Hills Golf Club

Location Gambrills, Maryland
Year Founded 1969
Indoor Golf Simulator 1
Outdoor Golf Course 18 holes

Bay Hills Golf Club is a golf facility located in Gambrills, Maryland. Founded in 1969, it boasts 18 holes of outdoor golf and one indoor golf simulator. Golf enthusiasts can take advantage of this unique feature and play when outdoor conditions are unfavorable. Come rain or snow, you can improve your swing or play a full round. The indoor golf simulator provides a realistic playing experience to improve golf skills and stay active even in colder months. Bay Hills Golf Club offers a variety of services including golf lessons, clinics, tournaments, and social events. *[source: bayhillsgolfclub.com]*

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