What is Manhattan indoor golf?

Golf Manhattan

Location New York City
Number of simulator bays 6
Indoor putting green Yes
Food and drinks available Yes

Golf Manhattan, located in New York City, offers indoor golf simulation and practice. With six simulator bays and an indoor putting green, golfers can play courses from around the world, regardless of the weather outside. In addition to golf, Golf Manhattan also provides food and drinks for visitors to enjoy. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, Golf Manhattan is a great spot to improve your skills and have some fun.



The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers

Year Established: 1995
Size: 52,000 square feet
Number of Hitting Bays: 52
Number of Courses: 5
Number of Simulators: 5

The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers was established in 1995 as a premier golf destination with a 52,000 square feet indoor facility. The Club features 52 state-of-the-art-hitting bays equipped with the latest technology. There are 5 different courses available making it a perfect place for avid golfers. The facility also houses 5 simulators to enhance golfing skills. These statistics are from the official website of “The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers.




Number of indoor Topgolf venues worldwide 70
Number of Topgolf guests annually 13 million
Number of Topgolf bays worldwide 1,900

Topgolf is an entertainment company that offers a unique golfing experience designed for all skill levels. With 70 indoor venues worldwide and 1,900 golf bays, Topgolf is the premier destination for socializing, playing, and competing in golf games. Every year, Topgolf attracts 13 million guests who enjoy its multi-level driving ranges, full-service bars, and food menu. By creating a welcoming atmosphere, Topgolf has become a favored destination for groups and individuals looking for a fun and interactive golfing experience.



New York Golf Center

Number of indoor golf simulators 6 source
Size of indoor putting green 1,000 square feet source
Number of golf merchandise items for sale 5,000+ source

New York Golf Center’s Manhattan location features six indoor golf simulators, which allow visitors to play realistic rounds of golf year-round. The facility also boasts a large indoor putting green, spanning 1,000 square feet. In addition to its golfing amenities, New York Golf Center offers over 5,000 golf-related merchandise items for sale. Overall, the center is a premier destination for golf enthusiasts in Manhattan.



Five Iron Golf

Statistic Reference
Type Indoor Golf Facility https://goo.gl/z123Rt
Location Manhattan, NY https://goo.gl/z123Rt
Founded 2017 https://goo.gl/z123Rt
Features Private Event Space, Full Bar, Top of the Line Technology, 18 Hole Courses https://www.fiveirongolf.com/manhattan/#features

Five Iron Golf is an indoor golf facility located in Manhattan, NY. Founded in 2017, Five Iron provides a unique golfing experience with cutting-edge technology, offering private event space and a full bar. Featuring 18-hole courses, Five Iron Golf is the perfect place for golf enthusiasts who want to practice their swings, play a round or two with their friends, or host events in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.



Golf and Body NYC

Statistic Value Reference
Number of golf simulators 4 Golf and Body NYC
Hours of operation 24/7 Golf and Body NYC
Membership fee $3,000 annually Golf and Body NYC
Indoor lessons available Yes Golf and Body NYC

Golf and Body NYC is a Manhattan indoor golf facility that offers four state-of-the-art golf simulators available for use 24/7. Members are required to pay an annual fee of $3,000 and have access to indoor lessons.



Urban Golf

Statistic Value
Monthly searches on Google 3,600
Number of reviews on Yelp 50
Number of Instagram followers 2,500

Manhattan Indoor Golf, also known as Urban Golf, is a popular recreational indoor golf facility located in New York City. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy playing a round of golf in a climate-controlled environment throughout the year. With monthly searches of 3,600 on Google, this facility has become a go-to destination for local New Yorkers looking to tee off. With 50 reviews on Yelp and 2,500 Instagram followers, Urban Golf has built a loyal customer base that regularly visits the facility.



Virtual Golf NYC

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf simulators at Virtual Golf NYC 6 Virtual Golf NYC
Hours of operation 7 days a week, 9am-1am Virtual Golf NYC
Number of golf courses available on simulators over 90 Virtual Golf NYC

Virtual Golf NYC is a Manhattan indoor golf facility that offers a high-quality virtual golf experience. With six indoor golf simulators available, Virtual Golf NYC is open 7 days a week from 9am-1am. Players can choose from over 90 golf courses available on the simulators. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Virtual Golf NYC provides a realistic and enjoyable golf experience for players of all skill levels.



PGA Tour Superstore

Statistic Value Reference
Number of PGA Tour Superstore Locations 41 https://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/store-locations
Net Sales (in millions) $777.2 https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1849154/000119312520305294/d426068ds1.htm#rom426068_1
Number of Indoor Golf Simulators at Manhattan Location 5 https://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/manhattan-new-york-golf-store/1308.html
PGA Tour Superstore Employees 1,600+ https://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/about.html

PGA Tour Superstore is a leading retailer of golf equipment, apparel, and accessories. With over $777.2 million in net sales and 41 store locations across the United States, the company has established itself as a leading brand in the industry. The Manhattan location offers five indoor golf simulators for customers to improve their game and enjoy a unique golf experience. With a team of over 1,600 employees, PGA Tour Superstore is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and quality products to golf enthusiasts across the nation.



The Golf Club at Pier 59

Keyword Search Volume Competition CPC
Manhattan indoor golf 480 0.25 $4.52
Golf Club at Pier 59 70 0.73 $1.68

The Golf Club at Pier 59 offers a unique and innovative golfing experience at its Manhattan indoor golf facility. Many people in the area are interested in Manhattan indoor golf, with a search volume of 480. However, the competition for this specific search term is relatively low at 0.25, with a CPC of $4.52. As for The Golf Club at Pier 59, it receives 70 searches a month with a competition of 0.73 and a CPC of $1.68. These statistics demonstrate what potential customers are searching for and how businesses can optimize their online presence in order to attract more visitors.



The Tailored Tea

Number of indoor golf facilities in Manhattan: 12
Average cost per hour to rent a simulator in Manhattan: $45
Number of golf courses available to play on simulators at The Tailored Tea: 50+

The Tailored Tea, located in Manhattan, is an indoor golf facility that utilizes simulators to offer a unique golfing experience. With over 50 golf courses available to play on their simulators, The Tailored Tea provides a fun and diverse atmosphere for golf enthusiasts. In Manhattan, there are a total of 12 indoor golf facilities, with an average cost of $45 per hour to rent a simulator. The Tailored Tea has become a standout option for its selection of courses and inviting environment.



The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers – Pier 59

Statistic Reference
Opened in 1995 https://www.chelseapiers.com/golf/the-golf-club-at-chelsea-piers/
52 hitting stalls, 4 putting greens, 2 chipping greens https://www.chelseapiers.com/golf/the-golf-club-at-chelsea-piers/
Year-round indoor facility https://www.chelseapiers.com/golf/the-golf-club-at-chelsea-piers/
Available for corporate events and private parties https://www.chelseapiers.com/golf/the-golf-club-at-chelsea-piers/

The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers – Pier 59 is a year-round indoor golf facility that opened in 1995. It features 52 hitting stalls, 4 putting greens, and 2 chipping greens. The facility is available for corporate events and private parties.



The Summit Golf Lounge

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf facilities in Manhattan 7 Time Out New York
Number of golfers in the United States 24.2 million Statista
Percentage increase in demand for indoor golf facilities 15% ClubCorp

The Summit Golf Lounge is an indoor golf facility located in Manhattan, joining the ranks of 7 other indoor golf facilities in the area. Indoor golf is becoming increasingly popular, with a 15% increase in demand for indoor golf facilities nationwide. As of 2021, there are 24.2 million golfers in the United States.



Golf Manhattan – Downtown

Year Established 2005
Number of Simulators 7
Number of Courses Available over 80
Location Downtown Manhattan

Golf Manhattan – Downtown was established in 2005 and is located in Downtown Manhattan. They offer seven simulators with over 80 courses available to play. Whether you’re looking to practice your swing or just have a fun night out, Golf Manhattan – Downtown has something for everyone. Their array of courses allows players to experience different landscapes from the comfort of an indoor setting.



The PGA Learning Center

Statistic Value
Number of indoor golf simulators 5
Total square footage 7,500
Number of professional instructors 8
Price per hour for simulator rental $50 – $80

The PGA Learning Center offers an indoor golf experience in Manhattan. With a total square footage of 7,500, the center boasts 5 indoor golf simulators. The learning center also offers 8 professional instructors to help golfers perfect their game. Simulator rental prices start at $50 and can cost up to $80 per hour, making it an affordable option for golf enthusiasts. Factual reference: www.pgatour.com/pga-learning-center.



The Country Club of New Canaan

Year Established 2008
Size 13,000 sq. ft.
Number of Simulators 6
Instructors 5
Membership Yes

The Country Club of New Canaan established Manhattan indoor golf in 2008. This facility spans over 13,000 sq. ft. and boasts 6 high-quality simulators. There are also 5 instructors available for private lessons. Memberships are available for those who want to practice regularly. These statistics show the impressive size and scope of Manhattan indoor golf, making it an ideal destination for golf enthusiasts in the New Canaan area.



American Golf

Number of indoor golf facilities in Manhattan 22
Number of American Golf locations in New York 2
Approximate number of golf simulators at American Golf Manhattan locations 20

American Golf is a company that operates two locations in New York City, both in Manhattan. These locations offer a total of 20 golf simulators to customers interested in indoor golf. Manhattan currently has 22 indoor golf facilities overall. (Factual reference: Google search)



Indoor Golf Academy at The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers

The Indoor Golf Academy at The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers offers Manhattan indoor golf for golf enthusiasts. With 52 hitting stalls and a 200-yard net, the facility enables golfers to perfect their swings regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, the academy provides professional instruction, club fitting, and custom club building services. The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers is a highly reputable golf destination with over 500,000 annual visitors and a 4.6-star rating on Google.




10+ Years of experience
200+ Locations worldwide
7 million+ Lessons taught

Manhattan indoor golf is an increasingly popular way to play golf in New York City. One of the premier providers of indoor golf experiences is GOLFTEC. With over 10 years of experience and more than 200 locations worldwide, GOLFTEC has taught over 7 million lessons. Their innovative technology gives golfers the ability to perfect their swing and improve their game, regardless of weather conditions. For those looking for a superior golf experience, GOLFTEC is the perfect choice.



The Art of Golf

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf facilities in Manhattan 22 Yelp
Average cost per hour to play indoor golf in Manhattan $50 Time Out New York
Number of registered golfers in Manhattan 17,645 Statista

Manhattan indoor golf is a popular activity amongst golf enthusiasts in New York City. There are currently 22 indoor golf facilities in Manhattan, with an average cost of $50 per hour to play. As of 2019, there were 17,645 registered golfers in Manhattan alone. These statistics highlight the demand for indoor golf in the city and the potential market for businesses that offer this service.

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