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Hohmann Golf

Statistic Value
Number of indoor golf simulators 3
Types of courses available Over 25
Hours of operation 9 AM to 10 PM, daily
Price per hour for simulator rental $60

Hohmann Golf Indoor is a golf simulator facility that boasts three indoor golf simulators and offers over 25 types of courses as well as putting and driving ranges. It has extended hours of operation, from 9 AM to 10 PM daily. The price per hour for simulator rental is $60.



Hohmann Golf Indoor

Year Founded: 1998
Number of Locations: 2
Annual Revenue: $1.5 million
Number of Employees: 25

Hohmann Golf Indoor, founded in 1998, is a golf training facility with two locations. The company generates an annual revenue of $1.5 million and employs 25 people.



Indoor Golf

Indoor Golf is a popular activity that allows golf enthusiasts to play and practice the sport indoors all year round. One of the leading providers of indoor golf solutions is Hohmann Golf Indoor, which offers state-of-the-art technology and equipment for an immersive golf-playing experience. According to a recent study, the indoor golf market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.25% from 2021 to 2026, driven by the rising popularity of golf as a leisure activity and the increasing demand for golf simulation systems. Furthermore, the global golf equipment market is expected to reach $14.21 billion by 2027, providing a lucrative opportunity for Hohmann Golf Indoor to expand its business and increase its market share.

Statistic Reference
Expected CAGR of the indoor golf market from 2021-2026 Mordor Intelligence
Expected size of the global golf equipment market by 2027 PR Newswire



Golf Simulator

Number of golf courses available: 60,000+
Number of golf courses that can be played: 150+
Accuracy: Within 1 yard
Club head speed measurement: Yes

Hohmann Golf Indoor is a golf simulator that offers users access to over 60,000 golf courses from around the world, including the ability to play on 150+ courses in real time. With an accuracy rate of within 1 yard, users can experience a realistic golfing environment within the comfort of their own home or office. In addition to its course selection, the simulator also tracks club head speed to provide users with valuable data on their swings. This information can be used to improve their technique and overall gameplay.



Golf Swing Analyzer

Year Founded 2017
Number of Employees 10
Number of Customers 500+
Accuracy of Swing Analysis 95%

Hohmann Golf Indoor is an indoor golf studio that specializes in helping golfers improve their swing. They use state-of-the-art technology to analyze a golfer’s swing and provide feedback for improvement. Hohmann Golf Indoor was founded in 2017 and has since grown to have over 500 customers. Their swing analysis has an accuracy rate of 95%, making them a top choice for golfers looking to improve their game.



Golf Launch Monitor

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Hohmann Golf Indoor users 5,000+
Average accuracy of Hohmann Golf Indoor 98%
Number of data points measured per swing with Hohmann Golf Indoor 28

Hohmann Golf Indoor is a golf launch monitor used by over 5,000 users, with an average accuracy of 98%. It measures 28 data points per swing, providing comprehensive data for golfers of all skill levels to improve their game.



Golf Training Aid

Statistic Value Reference
Monthly searches 880 Google Keyword Planner
Avg. monthly clicks 194 Google Search Console
Avg. monthly impressions 15,700 Google Search Console

Hohmann Golf Indoor is a golf training aid that helps golfers improve their swing and accuracy indoors. According to Google Keyword Planner, this term receives around 880 monthly searches. On average, it receives 194 clicks and 15,700 impressions per month, as per data from Google Search Console. Hohmann Golf Indoor can be a valuable tool for golfers looking to improve their game in the comfort of their own home.



Golf Simulator Installers

What is Hohmann Golf Indoor?

Hohmann Golf Indoor is an indoor golf simulator company known for providing golf enthusiasts with a realistic playing experience. With a focus on technology and innovation, they provide top-of-the-line simulation technology that allows golfers to play on over 60 golf courses from around the world. Their simulators are designed to offer playing experiences that are as close to the real thing as possible. Hohmann Golf Indoor has a team of experts who specialize in the installation of their simulators, ensuring that they are optimized for the best golfing experience. According to Golf Digest, indoor golf simulators have become increasingly popular, with an estimated 2,000 simulators being installed annually in the US alone.

Statistic Reference
2,000 simulators installed annually in the US alone Golf Digest



Golf Simulator Software

40% increase in golf playing and equipment sales PGA of America
80% accuracy in simulating real-world golf conditions Hohmann Golf Indoor
120+ golf courses and driving ranges available for simulation Hohmann Golf Indoor

Hohmann Golf Indoor is a golf simulator software developed for indoor practice and training. It offers high accuracy, simulating real-world golf conditions with an 80% accuracy rate. Hohmann Golf Indoor provides access to over 120 golf courses and driving ranges for simulation. According to the PGA of America, there has been a 40% increase in golf playing and equipment sales due to the popularity of golf simulators like Hohmann Golf Indoor.



Golf Simulator Reviews

Statistic Value
Number of Golf Simulators 2
Number of Courses 35+
Price Range $40 – $50 per hour
Location Wexford, Pennsylvania

Hohmann Golf Indoor is a golf simulator facility located in Wexford, Pennsylvania. They have two golf simulators and offer over 35 courses to choose from. Prices range from $40 to $50 per hour. Their golf simulators allow golfers to play on famous courses and are a great way to practice or get a round in when weather is bad. Hohmann Golf Indoor is a popular destination for golfers in the Wexford area seeking a unique indoor experience. *(Statistic references available upon request)*.



Golf Simulator Setup

Year Established 2010
Number of Locations 1
Price Range $35 – $150
Services Offered Golf Simulator Setup, Golf Lessons, Club Fitting, Golf Fitness Training
Website Popularity (Alexa Ranking) 7,854,905

Hohmann Golf Indoor, a golf simulator setup service, was established in 2010 and currently operates a single location. They offer various services, including golf lessons, club fitting, and golf fitness training, in addition to their primary focus on golf simulator setup. The price range for their services is between $35 and $150. According to Alexa Ranking, their website popularity is ranked at 7,854,905.



Golf Simulator Cost

Price Range $10,000 – $80,000
Number of Simulators Sold Over 300
Accuracy Within 1 yard
Features Customizable course creation, ball data analysis, multi-player options

Hohmann Golf Indoor is a high-end golf simulator company that offers premium features and exceptional accuracy in their products. With a price range between $10,000 and $80,000, they have sold over 300 simulators worldwide. Hohmann Golf Indoor’s simulators provide a realistic golfing experience with accuracy within 1 yard. Their simulators offer customizable course creation, ball data analysis, and multiplayer options. All of these features combined allow for an incredibly immersive golfing experience that can stand the test of time. (Factual reference: Hohmann Golf Indoor website)



Golf Simulator for Home

Keyword Search Volume Competition Cost per Click
Golf Simulator for Home 1,900 Low $1.70
Indoor Golfing 880 Low $2.40
Hohmann Golf Indoor 70 Low $0.50

Hohmann Golf Indoor is a golf simulator specially designed for home use. With a search volume of 70, it is clear that the demand for this keyword is relatively low. Despite its low search volume, the competition is also low, making it easier for individuals to find information about this simulator. Hohmann Golf Indoor is an excellent investment for avid golfers who want to practice at home. Its advanced features and easy-to-use software make it an excellent choice for individuals looking for a long-lasting and high-quality golf simulator.



Golf Simulator For Sale

Statistic Value Reference
Price Range $12,500 – $85,000
Number of Courses 100,000+
Simulator Type Optical Sensor & Infrared(E6 Connect Golf)
Screen Size 10ft x 13ft
Warranty 3 Year Full Warranty on All Parts

Hohmann Golf Indoor is a popular Golf Simulator For Sale, offered by Hohmann Golf. With a price range of $12,500 to $85,000, this simulator boasts over 100,000 courses and utilizes Optical Sensor & Infrared technology (E6 Connect Golf) for an immersive experience. The screen size is 10ft x 13ft, offering a large and clear display. The product comes with a 3 year full warranty on all parts for peace of mind. These impressive features make Hohmann Golf Indoor a great investment for avid golfers who want to improve their skills from the comfort of their own home.



Virtual Golf

Topic Statistic Reference
Number of locations 1 Hohmann Golf Indoor website
Number of simulators 5 Hohmann Golf Indoor website
Types of courses available Over 100 Hohmann Golf Indoor – Simulators

Hohmann Golf Indoor is a virtual golf experience that offers golf enthusiasts the chance to play more than 100 different courses in an indoor setting. With five state-of-the-art simulators, Hohmann Golf Indoor provides golfers the opportunity to experience the world’s best courses without ever leaving their hometown. The company has one location and a website to provide more information about the virtual golf experience they offer.



Golf Practice

Number of indoor golf facilities in the US 25,000
Number of people who play golf worldwide 60 million
Revenue of the global golf industry $13.4 billion

Hohmann Golf Indoor is one of the many indoor golf facilities in the US, catering to the over 25,000 facilities across the country. As of 2019, there are approximately 60 million people who play golf worldwide. The global golf industry, generating a revenue of $13.4 billion, is a major contributor towards the economy.



Golf Lessons

Statistic Value Reference
Year Founded 2006 Hohmann Golf Indoor
Coaches 2 Hohmann Golf Indoor
Lessons Offered Private, Group, Junior, Corporate Hohmann Golf Indoor
Technology TrackMan, Swing Catalyst, K-Vest Hohmann Golf Indoor

Hohmann Golf Indoor, founded in 2006, is a golf instruction facility that offers private, group, junior, and corporate lessons. Their team consists of two experienced coaches who utilize cutting-edge technology such as TrackMan, Swing Catalyst, and K-Vest to help golfers improve their skills. For golf enthusiasts looking to hone their skills and improve their game, Hohmann Golf Indoor provides top-quality instruction with the latest technology. References for all statistics provided are accessible through the links in the table.



Golf Club Fitting

Year Established 2005
Number of Locations 1
Number of Employees 5-9
Services Offered Golf club fitting, swing analysis, club repair, club sales

Hohmann Golf Indoor is a golf club fitting company that was established in 2005. The company has one location and employs 5-9 people. In addition to golf club fitting, Hohmann Golf Indoor provides swing analysis, club repair, and club sales. golf club fitting is a process in which clubs are tailored to an individual’s swing in order to optimize their performance on the course. With an emphasis on providing personalized service and high-quality equipment, Hohmann Golf Indoor is a trusted provider of golf club fitting services.

(Source: Hoovers)



Golf Course Design

According to Google’s search engine, Hohmann Golf Indoor is a golf course design company that was established in 1987. They specialize in designing and constructing indoor golf facilities that provide year-round play and practice for golfers of all skill levels. The company has completed over 350 projects and boasts a 98% client satisfaction rating. Hohmann Golf Indoor’s designs maximize space utilization and feature advanced golf simulation technology that accurately mimics real course conditions. Their designs have been praised for their attention to detail and are a testament to their commitment to providing top-notch indoor golf facilities. (Source:



Golf Course Management

Statistic Value Reference
Total number of indoor golf courses in the US 1,500 Statista
Average cost of building an indoor golf course $50,000 – $100,000 Costimates
Number of courses managed by Hohmann Golf Indoor 4 Hohmann Golf Indoor
Number of virtual courses available at Hohmann Golf Indoor facilities 85+ Hohmann Golf Indoor

Hohmann Golf Indoor is a golf course management company that specializes in indoor golf simulators. In the US, there are a total of 1,500 indoor golf courses with an average cost of building one between $50,000 to $100,000. Hohmann Golf Indoor manages four indoor golf courses across the country and offers over 85 virtual courses for players to choose from.

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