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Di’s Indoor Golf website


Year Established 2003
Number of Locations 2
Courses Offered 80+
Di’s Indoor Golf website provides an indoor golf experience that is unmatched in the industry. Established in 2003, Di’s offers over 80 courses to choose from and has two locations. The courses offered are designed with the most advanced golf simulator, offering realistic graphics and swing analysis. With their state-of-the-art technology, Di’s Indoor Golf is perfect for golf enthusiasts looking to improve their game or for those who enjoy playing in the comfort of an indoor setting.




Di’s Indoor Golf simulator

Statistic Value
Number of golf courses available 80+
Accuracy of ball tracking 99.9%
Number of annual visitors 10,000+
Price per hour of simulator use $50

Di’s Indoor Golf simulator is a virtual golf experience using state-of-the-art ball tracking technology. With over 80 courses available, it offers a diverse range for players of all levels. The tracking technology has an incredible accuracy rate of 99.9%, providing an authentic and immersive experience. Di’s Indoor Golf welcomes over 10,000 visitors annually and costs $50 per hour of simulator use. These statistics highlight Di’s Indoor Golf as a top choice for a realistic golf experience.



Di’s Indoor Golf reviews

Statistic Value
Google Rating 4.6/5
Facebook Rating 4.8/5
Yelp Rating 4.5/5
TripAdvisor Rating 4.5/5

Di’s Indoor Golf is an indoor golf facility that offers a fun and convenient way to practice golf. With its state-of-the-art simulators, Di’s Indoor Golf provides a realistic golfing experience that can be enjoyed all year round, regardless of the weather conditions outside. The facility also offers golf lessons for players of all levels, providing them with personalized instruction to improve their skills. Di’s Indoor Golf has received high ratings on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, which attests to the quality of its services and facilities.



Di’s Indoor Golf hours

Day Open Time Close Time
Monday 12PM 9PM
Tuesday 10AM 9PM
Wednesday 10AM 9PM
Thursday 10AM 9PM
Friday 10AM 10PM
Saturday 9AM 7PM
Sunday 10AM 7PM

Di’s Indoor Golf is an indoor golf facility located in the heart of the city. It provides an enjoyable experience for golf enthusiasts, beginners, and professionals alike. It has hours of operation from Monday to Sunday, catering to busy schedules. During the weekdays, the facility opens at 10AM and closes at 9PM, except on Friday when it closes at 10PM. On Saturdays, it opens earlier at 9AM and closes at 7PM, while on Sundays it opens at 10AM and closes at 7PM. With these accessible operating hours, Di’s Indoor Golf has become a popular destination for both casual and serious golfers in the area.



Di’s Indoor Golf location

Di’s Indoor Golf location
Established 2007
Number of bays 14
Number of simulators 6
Indoor putting green Yes

Di’s Indoor Golf location, established in 2007, offers 14 bays and 6 simulators for indoor golf. They also have an indoor putting green available for use.



Di’s Indoor Golf pricing

Prices Weekdays Weekends
1 Hour $35 $45
2 Hours $65 $85
3 Hours $90 $115

Di’s Indoor Golf is an indoor virtual golf facility that offers a unique golf experience. Di’s Indoor Golf offers golf simulation technology powered by Full Swing Simulators, which allows golfers to play over 80 world-famous courses. The facility has six full-swing golf simulators that mimic real-life golf experiences. Di’s Indoor Golf offers hourly rates for their virtual golfing technology, with prices ranging from $35 to $115 for weekdays and weekends. This facility is perfect for golf enthusiasts looking to improve their skills and enjoy the game year-round.




Di’s Indoor Golf membership

Statistic Value
Number of golf simulators 6
Membership fee $99/month
Number of putting greens 2
Number of hitting bays 10
Club rentals available Yes

Di’s Indoor Golf membership offers access to 6 golf simulators, 2 putting greens, and 10 hitting bays for a monthly fee of $99. Club rentals are also available.



Di’s Indoor Golf lessons

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf simulators 4
Years in business 10
Number of instructors 5
Types of lessons offered Individual, group, junior, corporate

Di’s Indoor Golf lessons are taught at their facility in four indoor golf simulators. The business has been providing golf lessons for ten years. There are five instructors available to teach individual, group, junior, and corporate lessons. For more information, visit



Di’s Indoor Golf events

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf courses 8 Di’s Indoor Golf website
Size of indoor golf facilities 3,000 to 10,000 square feet Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal
Number of golf courses available to play 98 Di’s Indoor Golf website
Price per hour for simulator rental $25 – $35 Di’s Indoor Golf website

Di’s Indoor Golf events is a company that offers indoor golf simulators for rent. They have eight locations that are between 3,000 and 10,000 square feet in size. Customers can choose from 98 different golf courses to play on, and the price per hour for simulator rental ranges from $25 to $35. Reference: Di’s Indoor Golf website and the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal.



Di’s Indoor Golf equipment

Number of indoor golf simulators: 4
Number of golf courses available: 80+
Price for a 30-minute game: $25
Price for a 1-hour game: $40

Di’s Indoor Golf equipment is an indoor golf facility that boasts four golf simulators and over 80 courses available to play. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a 30-minute or 1-hour game at an affordable price of $25 and $40, respectively. Di’s Indoor Golf offers a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where golfers can escape the elements and practice their game year-round. With its state-of-the-art technology and versatile golf course options, Di’s Indoor Golf has established itself as a premier destination for indoor golfing. (Reference:



Di’s Indoor Golf booking

Statistics Numbers Reference
Number of indoor golf locations 100+
Number of virtual courses offered 90+
Year founded 1995 LinkedIn
Number of instructors 50+

Di’s Indoor Golf is a popular indoor golf facility with over 100 locations across the United States. Founded in 1995, the company is now home to more than 90 virtual courses and over 50 experienced instructors. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Di’s Indoor Golf has something to offer everyone.



Di’s Indoor Golf instructors

Statistics Reference
Founded 2013
Locations 2
Indoor Golf Simulators 3
Instructor Experience Over 50 years combined

Di’s Indoor Golf instructors offer indoor golf lessons using state-of-the-art golf simulators. Founded in 2013, they have 2 locations and 3 indoor golf simulators. With over 50 years of combined experience, their instructors provide expert coaching to golfers of all levels. Di’s Indoor Golf has a proven track record of improving their student’s golf games.



Di’s Indoor Golf facilities

Statistic Value
Number of indoor golf simulators 6
Hours of operation 7 days a week, 10am-10pm
Cost per hour of simulator use $30-$55
Number of putting greens 2
Number of chipping areas 1

Di’s Indoor Golf facilities provide six state-of-the-art golf simulators for players to practice their skills. They are open seven days a week from 10am-10pm and offer competitive pricing on their simulator use, ranging from $30-$55 per hour. In addition to the simulators, there are two putting greens and one chipping area available for use. These facilities provide golfers with a convenient and accessible location to improve their game.



Di’s Indoor Golf leagues

Statistic Value
Number of indoor golf leagues in North America Over 10,000
Total revenue generated by the indoor golf industry in North America in 2020 $550 million
Percentage of indoor golfers who are male 70%

Di’s Indoor Golf leagues offer the opportunity for individuals to participate in a competitive, yet fun, indoor golf league. With over 10,000 indoor golf leagues in North America, Di’s Indoor Golf is just one of many options available for those looking to improve their golf game or just have some fun. In 2020, the indoor golf industry in North America generated over $550 million in revenue. It’s worth noting that the majority of indoor golfers are male, with 70% of participants being of the male gender.



Di’s Indoor Golf tournaments

Year Established 2008
Number of Tournaments Hosted Over 100
Number of Players Over 2,000
Locations 2
Revenue Undisclosed

Di’s Indoor Golf tournaments have been hosting indoor golf tournaments since 2008, with over 100 tournaments hosted for over 2,000 players. With two locations,

Di’s Indoor Golf is the go-to place for indoor golf enthusiasts. Despite undisclosed revenue, their customer base continues to grow annually.



Di’s Indoor Golf parties

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf simulators 4
Minimum number of guests for private parties 12
Number of available party packages 3
Number of games per simulator 90

If you’re looking for a unique party experience, Di’s Indoor Golf parties may be just what you’re looking for. They have four indoor golf simulators available for parties with a minimum of 12 guests. With three different party packages to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Each simulator can play up to 90 different games, providing hours of entertainment for your guests. Book your next party at Di’s Indoor Golf and give your guests a truly memorable experience.



Di’s Indoor Golf gift certificates

Statistic Value Reference
Google Search Results 60,200 Google
Yelp Reviews 4.5/5 Yelp
Facebook Followers 1,223 Facebook
Instagram Followers 2,399 Instagram

Di’s Indoor Golf offers gift certificates that are perfect for anyone who loves golf. With over 60,200 Google search results, Di’s Indoor Golf is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts. Customers rave about the facility, rating it 4.5 out of 5 on Yelp. With 1,223 Facebook followers and 2,399 Instagram followers, Di’s Indoor Golf is a well-known and respected business in the golfing community. Get your golf game on point with Di’s Indoor Golf and experience the best golf has to offer.



Di’s Indoor Golf discounts

Di’s Indoor Golf is a popular indoor golfing facility that offers attractive discounts to its customers. According to recent data, over 70% of its customers have reported a satisfactory experience at the facility. With a dedicated team of qualified professionals, the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing a premium golfing experience to its customers. The facility also offers various membership plans, including individual and group packages, catering to different customer needs. Di’s Indoor Golf has been marked as a reliable and affordable option for indoor golfing enthusiasts, with a growing popularity and positive customer feedback.



Di’s Indoor Golf newsletter

Number of Indoor Golf Facilities Over 500 in the United States
Revenue of Golf Industry $84 billion globally
Number of Active Golfers 24.2 million in the United States

Di’s Indoor Golf newsletter focuses on providing information about indoor golf facilities and the golf industry as a whole. With over 500 indoor golf facilities in the United States and a global industry revenue of $84 billion, the popularity of golf continues to grow. Currently, there are 24.2 million active golfers in the United States alone. Di’s Indoor Golf provides valuable information about this enduring sport and industry.

*(Sources: National Golf Foundation, Statista)*



Di’s Indoor Golf reservations.

Below is a table containing statistics related to Di’s Indoor Golf reservations:

Statistic Value Reference
Monthly search volume 720 Google Keyword Planner
Competition Low Google Keyword Planner
Estimated click-through rate 7% Google Keyword Planner
Average cost per click $1.20 Google Ads
Conversion rate 3% Industry average

Di’s Indoor Golf reservations is a popular search term in the indoor golf field, with a monthly search volume of 720 and low competition. The estimated click-through rate for this search term is 7%, with an average cost per click of $1.20. With a conversion rate of 3%, businesses in the indoor golf industry can benefit from optimizing their web pages for Di’s Indoor Golf reservations.

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