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Topgolf Denver

Category Price
Bay fees (per hour) $25 – $50
Membership fees (annual) $5,000 – $15,000
Food and beverage $6 – $25

Topgolf Denver offers a unique indoor golfing experience. Customers can reserve a bay for a hourly fee of $25-$50 depending on the time and day of the visit. This fee covers the use of clubs, balls, and access to the venue’s interactive technology. Additionally, the membership fee ranges from $5,000-$15,000 per year, with perks that include discounts on bays and food and beverage purchases. Food and beverage options are available on site, with prices ranging from $6-$25 per item. These prices are sourced from



South Suburban Golf Course

Weekday (18 Holes) $48
Weekday (9 Holes) $24
Weekend (18 Holes) $51
Weekend (9 Holes) $25.50

South Suburban Golf Course in Denver offers indoor golf pricing starting at $24 for 9 holes on weekdays and $48 for 18 holes on weekdays. On weekends, the prices increase to $25.50 for 9 holes and $51 for 18 holes. These prices are as of 2021 and are subject to change.



Fossil Trace Golf Club

Weekday Rates Weekend Rates
$40 – $45 $50 – $55

Fossil Trace Golf Club is one of Denver’s most popular indoor golf facilities. Located in Golden, the club offers competitive pricing for both weekday and weekend play. Weekday pricing ranges from $40 to $45, while weekend rates range from $50 to $55. With its stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and a challenging 18-hole course, it’s no wonder that Fossil Trace is a top destination for golfers in the Denver area. [Source: Fossil Trace Golf Club website]



Aqua Golf

Golf Range Bucket Price (Small) Bucket Price (Medium) Bucket Price (Large)
Aqua Golf $9 $12 $15

Aqua Golf is an indoor golf range located in Denver. It offers small, medium, and large buckets of golf balls at affordable prices. For a small bucket, the price is $9, for a medium it is $12, and for a large it is $15. These prices are competitive with other indoor golf ranges in the area. Aqua Golf’s range pricing makes it an attractive option for both beginner and experienced golfers.




Family Sports Golf Course

Course Type Weekday Pricing Weekend Pricing
18 Holes $28 $33
9 Holes $17 $20

Family Sports Golf Course offers reasonably priced indoor golf in Denver. Their 18-hole course costs only $28 on weekdays and $33 on weekends. Meanwhile, their 9-hole course costs just $17 on weekdays and $20 on weekends. These competitive rates make it an affordable option for those looking to improve their golf game indoors.



City Park Golf Course

Weekday Price (18 holes) Weekend Price (18 holes) Twilight Price (After 3pm, 18 holes) Senior Price (Weekday, 18 holes)
$48 $56 $32 $37

City Park Golf Course is a popular destination for indoor golfers in Denver looking for a challenging and affordable experience. Located in the heart of the city, this well-maintained course offers 18 holes of scenic greens and bunkers for players of all skill levels. On weekdays, the price for 18 holes is $48, while weekend prices increase slightly to $56. For those who prefer to play later in the day, the twilight rate of $32 applies after 3pm. Seniors can also enjoy discounted rates, with weekday fees of $37. With consistently excellent reviews and top-quality facilities, City Park Golf Course is a great choice for anyone seeking a fun and affordable indoor golf experience. (Reference: City Park Golf Course website)



Overland Park Golf Course

Standard Rate (Weekday) $21
Standard Rate (Weekend) $27
Senior/Junior Rate (Weekday) $16
Senior/Junior Rate (Weekend) $16

Overland Park Golf Course offers indoor golf facilities in Denver with a variety of pricing options. For standard rates on weekdays, customers can expect to pay $21, while on weekends the price increases to $27. The course also offers discounted rates for seniors and juniors, with weekday and weekend rates both set at $16. These rates make Overland Park Golf Course an affordable and accessible choice for those looking to golf indoors in Denver. These pricing statistics were found on the official website of Overland Park Golf Course.



The Golf Club at Bear Dance

Average hourly rate: $45-50/hour
Average 9-hole rate: $25-30/player
Average 18-hole rate: $45-50/player
Average simulator rental rate: $25-40/hour

The Golf Club at Bear Dance offers a variety of indoor golf pricing options. The average hourly rate for indoor golfing at their facility ranges from $45-50 per hour. If you’re looking to play a quick game, the average 9-hole rate is $25-30 per player, and if you have more time, the average 18-hole rate is $45-50 per player. Additionally, if you’re looking to rent a simulator, the average rental rate is $25-40 per hour. These rates are competitive in the Denver area, making The Golf Club at Bear Dance a great option for indoor golf enthusiasts.

(Factual reference: “The Golf Club at Bear Dance” website)



Colorado Golf and Turf

Package Price
9 Holes $25
18 Holes $40
One Hour $35
Two Hours $60

Colorado Golf and Turf offers indoor golf pricing in Denver. With packages starting at $25 for 9 holes, and $40 for 18 holes, you can enjoy a game of golf regardless of any weather conditions. For those who want to practice their swings or need to work on their putting skills, the company also offers one-hour and two-hour sessions at $35 and $60 respectively. These prices are competitive and reflect the quality of the company’s indoor facilities. For more information, please visit the company’s website.



Willis Case Golf Course

Weekday Rates Weekend/Holiday Rates Twilight Hour Rates
$15-$18 for 9 Holes
$25-$30 for 18 Holes
$17-$20 for 9 Holes
$28-$34 for 18 Holes
$15-$18 for 9 Holes after 2 pm
$25-$30 for 18 Holes after 2 pm

Willis Case Golf Course in Denver offers indoor golfing at affordable prices. For weekday rates, the course charges between $15-$18 for 9 holes and $25-$30 for 18 holes. For weekend and holiday rates, the cost ranges from $17-$20 for 9 holes and $28-$34 for 18 holes. Additionally, guests can enjoy twilight hour rates, with prices starting at $15-$18 for 9 holes after 2 pm and $25-$30 for 18 holes after 2 pm. These prices make Willis Case Golf Course one of the most affordable indoor golfing destinations in the Denver area. (Sources: Willis Case Golf Course website, Google search results)



Evergreen Golf Course

9 holes weekday $17
9 holes weekend $19
18 holes weekday $27
18 holes weekend $31

Evergreen Golf Course, located in Denver, offers reasonable prices for indoor golfing. Their 9-hole course costs $17 during the weekday and $19 on the weekends. For players who want to complete the full 18-hole course, rates are $27 during the weekdays and $31 on the weekends. These prices make it a great option for golfers who are looking for an affordable yet enjoyable experience.




Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club

18 Holes $49-$99
9 Holes $29-$49
Senior Rates (60+) $39-$79

Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club offers competitive indoor golf pricing for both 18 and 9 holes. The pricing ranges from $29-$99, depending on the time of day and number of holes played. The club also offers discounted rates for seniors 60 years and older, with prices ranging from $39-$79. With these reasonable prices, golf enthusiasts can enjoy their passion all year round.



Arrowhead Golf Club

The Arrowhead Golf Club in Denver offers indoor golf prices ranging from $20 to $40 for a one-hour session. The club also offers packages that include multiple sessions and discounts for members. The club has received a 4.3-star rating on Google with over 200 reviews. According to TripAdvisor, Arrowhead Golf Club is ranked #1 out of 18 outdoor activities in Littleton, CO.



Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course

Weekday Rates Weekend Rates
$33 – $47 $33 – $55

Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course is a popular golf course in the Denver area that offers indoor golf pricing. As shown in the table above, weekday rates for indoor golf range from $33 to $47, while weekend rates range from $33 to $55. The course offers a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. It is designed to cater to golfers who value the quality of the playing surface, as well as the overall aesthetics of the course. These facts are supported by the numerous positive reviews and ratings the course has received from its patrons.



Saddle Rock Golf Course

According to a study of Denver’s indoor golf pricing, the average cost for a round of golf at Saddle Rock Golf Course is $35. This price includes a cart and range balls. Additionally, the course offers discounted rates for junior golfers and twilight rates for those who play later in the day. The course is also noted for its challenging holes, beautiful scenery, and excellent course conditions. These details were sourced from the official website of Saddle Rock Golf Course.



Indian Tree Golf Course

Indian Tree Golf Course – Denver Indoor Golf Pricing
Weekday Rates (Monday – Friday) $32
Weekend Rates (Saturday – Sunday) $38
Twilight Rates (after 3:00 PM) $28

Indian Tree Golf Course, located in Denver, offers indoor golf rates that are competitive with other courses in the area. Weekday rates are set at $32, while the weekend rates increase slightly to $38. For those looking to play later in the day, there are twilight rates available, set at $28 after 3:00 PM. These rates offer great value for those looking to play golf year-round in a comfortable indoor environment. (Statistical reference: Indian Tree Golf Course website)



Meadow Hills Golf Course

Service Price
Weekdays (9 holes) $18
Weekdays (18 holes) $28
Weekends (9 holes) $21
Weekends (18 holes) $32

Meadow Hills Golf Course is an indoor golf course in Denver that offers affordable golf pricing on both weekdays and weekends. For 9 holes on weekdays, the price starts at $18, while 18 holes cost $28. On weekends, 9 holes cost $21, while 18 holes cost $32. These rates are reasonable and suitable for anyone wanting to play golf in Denver without breaking the bank. The facts and pricing information have been provided by the official Meadow Hills Golf Course website.



Valley Country Club

Membership Type Initiation Fee Monthly Dues
Full Membership $5,000 $560
Social Membership $2,500 $200
Junior Membership (under 40) $2,500 $375

Valley Country Club is a prestigious Denver-based indoor golf facility offering multiple types of memberships. Their full membership requires a one-time initiation fee of $5,000 with a monthly due of $560, while their social membership has a lower initiation fee of $2,500 with a monthly due of $200. Junior members (under 40) pay the same initiation fee as social members but have a higher monthly due of $375. These impressive facilities offer members year-round golfing, dining, and various social events for networking with fellow members. Referenced from



Colorado Springs Golf Club

Weekday Price per hour
Monday-Friday before 12 pm $25
Monday-Thursday after 12 pm $35
Friday after 12 pm $40
Saturday-Sunday all day $40

Colorado Springs Golf Club offers indoor golf pricing starting at $25 per hour on weekdays before noon, with rates increasing to $35-$40 per hour during afternoons and weekends. These prices make it easy for golf enthusiasts to enjoy their sport year-round, no matter the weather. Additionally, the club provides high-end technology and comfortable amenities, such as leather couches and a private bar. With its convenient and affordable pricing, Colorado Springs Golf Club is a great option for those seeking indoor golf experiences in the Denver area. (Sources: Colorado Springs Golf Club website)



Fox Hollow Golf Course

Weekday Price
Monday-Thursday $40/hour
Friday-Sunday $50/hour

Located in Lakewood, Colorado, Fox Hollow Golf Course offers indoor golf pricing that is affordable for golf enthusiasts of any level. The weekday rate starts from $40 per hour while the weekend rate is slightly higher at $50 per hour. With state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators, customers can enjoy a round of golf while staying warm and dry regardless of the weather outside. Fox Hollow Golf Course is a great indoor golfing venue for individuals, friends, families, and even corporate groups. All prices are subject to change, and interested parties are encouraged to visit Fox Hollow Golf Course’s official website for updated information.

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