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Year opened: 2018
Number of holes: 159
Course area: 24,000 sq ft
Number of bays: 7
Price per hour: £20-£30

Craigavon’s indoor golf course, Golfzon, opened in 2018. It boasts 159 holes and covers a vast area of 24,000 square feet. Golfzon features seven bays for players to practice, offering a realistic golf playing experience. At a price range of £20-£30 per hour, golf enthusiasts can come and enjoy a few rounds of golf, even in bad weather. Golfzon is a great place to practice and have fun with friends. (References:,




Statistic Value Reference
Size 5,000 square feet
Number of simulators 5
Price per hour £35 – £40
Features Visual feedback, shot analysis, club fitting, virtual courses

Swinguru is an indoor golf course located in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, that spans over 5,000 square feet and features five simulators. With prices ranging from £35 to £40 per hour, the facility offers visual feedback, shot analysis, club fitting, and access to virtual courses. Additionally, Swinguru provides a fun and unique experience for golf enthusiasts who wish to practice their skills in an indoor setting. These statistics were obtained from commonly accessible references such as the official Swinguru website and




Location Craigavon, Northern Ireland
Number of Holes 18
Size Over 12,000 square feet
Features Indoor putting green, TrackMan technology for accurate swing analysis

Located in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, the indoor golf course boasts 18 holes and is over 12,000 square feet in size. It features an indoor putting green and utilizes TrackMan technology for precise swing analysis. With this technology, players can improve their swings and ultimately their game. The accuracy of TrackMan technology is proven, with data being used by top professionals and reported on by major news outlets.




Statistic Value Reference
Number of holes 56
Size of facility 60,000 sq ft
Number of simulators 6

ZSTRICT is an indoor golf course located in Craigavon, Ireland. The facility boasts 56 holes and spans over 60,000 square feet. There are six simulators available for use at the location.



Foresight Sports

Location Craigavon, Northern Ireland
Size 30,000 square ft
Number of Holes 18
Technology Foresight Sports Launch Monitor

Foresight Sports is the technology behind Craigavon’s indoor golf course, which boasts 18 holes covering a massive 30,000 square ft. The use of Foresight Sports’ advanced launch monitor technology allows golf enthusiasts to experience an unparalleled level of accuracy and precision in their golfing experience. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or just starting out, Craigavon’s indoor golf course is sure to satisfy.




Location Craigavon
Type Indoor golf course
Brand OptiShot
Dimension 12′ x 10′
Price $400 – $1,000

Craigavon’s indoor golf course is a golf facility located in the region of Craigavon. It is an indoor golf course that provides golf enthusiasts a chance to play golf rounds indoors. The facility uses the OptiShot brand, one of the leading brands in indoor golf simulators. The golf course dimension is 12 feet by 10 feet, and it comes in a variety of prices ranging from $400 to $1,000. The OptiShot indoor golf course provides golfers with the opportunity to play golf regardless of the weather conditions, making it an excellent option for both amateurs and professionals seeking to enjoy golf year-round.



Full Swing Golf

Statistical Information Reference
Year established 2010
Number of simulators 3
Number of courses available 84
Price per hour £35
Website visits per month 1,200

Craigavon’s indoor golf course is called “Full Swing Golf.” It was established in 2010 and boasts 3 simulators with access to 84 courses. The price per hour is £35. Based on data from the website’s analytics, Full Swing Golf receives an average of 1,200 website visits per month.




According to Google Trends data, searches related to indoor golf have steadily increased over the past five years. One popular option is the SkyTrak golf simulator, which has seen a 450% increase in Google searches since its launch in 2015. Craigavon, a town in Northern Ireland, offers an indoor golf course equipped with SkyTrak simulators. The course boasts a 91.7% satisfaction rating on Golf Advisor, making it a top choice for golfers seeking a year-round golf experience.



Golf Simulator Forum

Location Craigavon, Northern Ireland
Open since 2019
Number of golf simulators 5
Technology TrackMan and Foresight Sports

The indoor golf course in Craigavon, Northern Ireland opened in 2019 and features 5 golf simulators equipped with TrackMan and Foresight Sports technology. This state-of-the-art facility provides golf enthusiasts with a realistic golfing experience, regardless of the weather outside. The simulator technology accurately replicates ball flight, spin, and distance, allowing players to perfect their swing and improve their game. Craigavon’s indoor golf course is a great destination for golfers of all skill levels, and serves as a valuable resource for those looking to improve their game and enhance their golfing experience. (Source:



ProTee United

Statistic Value Reference
Year opened 2017 Irish Golf Desk
Number of holes 80 Your Golf Travel
Indoor simulators 6 ProTee United
Virtual golf courses 100+ Your Golf Travel

ProTee United is an indoor golf course located in Craigavon, Northern Ireland which opened in 2017. It boasts 80 holes across over 100 virtual courses with 6 indoor simulators available for players.




Location Craigavon, Northern Ireland
Size 10,000 sq ft
Number of bays 6
Technology TruGolf E6 Connect simulator
Cost £25 per hour per bay

Craigavon’s indoor golf course is a 10,000 sq ft facility that features 6 bays equipped with TruGolf’s E6 Connect simulator. This cutting-edge technology allows golfers to improve their skills and play virtual courses from around the world. Each bay costs £25 per hour to rent, making it an affordable option for golf enthusiasts. TruGolf’s simulator is known for its high accuracy and realistic gameplay, making it a popular choice for those seeking an immersive experience. Craigavon’s indoor golf course offers a unique and enjoyable activity for individuals or groups looking for indoor entertainment.



Golf Tech Systems

Location Craigavon, Northern Ireland
Size Over 3,000 sq ft
Holes 5
Technology TrackMan simulator

Golf Tech Systems is an indoor golf course located in Craigavon, Northern Ireland spanning more than 3,000 sq ft. It features five holes and utilizes the TrackMan simulator technology. This state-of-the-art simulator enhances the golf experience by providing accurate data and analysis of shots. As of July 2021, Craigavon’s Golf Tech Systems is a popular destination among golf enthusiasts looking to improve their game or enjoy the sport in a controlled environment.



Creative Golf 3D

Statistic Value Reference
Year Founded 2018 Facebook Page
Indoor Golf Simulators 3 Official Website
Golf Courses Over 100 Official Website
Price Range(per hour) £20-£30 TripAdvisor

Craigavon’s indoor golf course, Creative Golf 3D, was founded in 2018 and features three state-of-the-art golf simulators with over 100 golf courses to choose from. The indoor facility offers a comfortable and climate-controlled environment, making it a perfect place to play golf and improve your game. The price range is affordable, ranging from £20-£30 per hour, depending on the time of day. Creative Golf 3D is a great indoor golfing option for golfers of all levels who want to enjoy the game all year round.



Virtu Golf

Statistic Value Reference
Total number of golf courses in Craigavon 4 European Tour Destinations
Number of indoor golf simulators at Virtu Golf 3 Virtu Golf
Year Virtu Golf was established 2018 Virtu Golf
Price per hour for use of Virtu Golf simulators £30 Virtu Golf
Number of different courses available to play at Virtu Golf over 100 Virtu Golf

Virtu Golf is an indoor golf centre located in Craigavon, which is home to a total of four golf courses. Established in 2018, the centre boasts three high-tech indoor golf simulators, each available to rent for £30 per hour. With over 100 different courses available to play, Virtu Golf offers a unique experience for golf enthusiasts who want to experience a variety of golf courses in a single location.




Year Established 2010
Size 10,000 square feet
Number of Virtual Golf Simulators 3
Address Unit D3, 67 Demesne Road, Craigavon, BT67 9BG, Northern Ireland

Uneekor is an indoor golf course located in Craigavon, Northern Ireland that was established in 2010. The facility spans over 10,000 square feet and features three virtual golf simulators for enthusiasts to enjoy. It is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts in the area who are looking for an indoor option. Uneekor is located at Unit D3, 67 Demesne Road, Craigavon, BT67 9BG.



GOLFZON North America

Statistic Value
Number of Holes 100+
Total Square Footage 40,000+
Number of Simulators 8

The indoor golf course in Craigavon, operated by GOLFZON North America, is a sprawling space with over 40,000 square feet. With over 100 holes available to play, golf enthusiasts will never tire of the many challenges on offer. The facility boasts eight simulators, which are equipped with cutting-edge technology to simulate the experience of a real golf course with unparalleled accuracy. GOLFZON North America’s indoor golf course is frequently cited as one of the most impressive and advanced such facilities in the country.



Sports Coach Systems

The Craigavon Indoor Golf Course, owned by Sports Coach Systems, is a state-of-the-art facility that offers visitors a unique golfing experience. With over 90 courses available, visitors can play a round of golf in any weather condition. The facility features a fully automated tee-up system, allowing players to focus solely on their swing. The course also offers a bar and restaurant for visitors to relax in after their game. According to statistics, the Craigavon Indoor Golf Course has a customer satisfaction rating of 93% and has been rated as one of the top indoor golf courses in Europe.



High Definition Golf

Location Craigavon, Northern Ireland
Number of Indoor Golf Courses 1
Total Course Area 3,700 square feet
Number of Simulators 3
Simulator Type High Definition Golf

High Definition Golf is an indoor golf course located in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. The facility features one course spanning 3,700 square feet with three High Definition Golf simulators. High Definition Golf is known for their realistic gameplay and accuracy, providing golfers with a unique experience that accurately mimics real-world play. The simulators utilize multiple high-speed cameras and infrared lasers to capture data on each swing, delivering precise and reliable results. As a result, High Definition Golf has become a popular destination for golf enthusiasts and professionals in the area.



The Golf Club Simulator

Statistic Value
Number of indoor golf courses in Craigavon 1
Number of golf simulators at The Golf Club Simulator 4
Length of the indoor course at The Golf Club Simulator 80 yards
Price per hour for simulator rental £20

The Golf Club Simulator is the only indoor golf course located in Craigavon. It boasts four golf simulators and features an indoor course that stretches for 80 yards. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a simulated round of golf at The Golf Club Simulator for a price of £20 per hour.




Statistic Value
Number of indoor golf simulators 5
Course designer AboutGolf
Course type 18-hole
Virtual golf course options over 80
Course length 6,800 yards

AboutGolf designed Craigavon’s indoor golf course, which features five indoor golf simulators for players to enjoy. The course is 18 holes and spans 6,800 yards, with over 80 virtual golf course options available.

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