What courses available?


Category Number of Courses
Development 100,000+
Business 50,000+
IT & Software 35,000+
Personal Development 25,000+
Marketing 20,000+

Udemy offers a diverse range of courses across different categories. The development category alone has over 100,000 courses, making it the most popular category on the platform. Courses related to business, IT & software, personal development, and marketing are also widely available, with 50,000+, 35,000+, 25,000+, and 20,000+ courses respectively. With these vast numbers, Udemy provides an expansive range of options to learn and develop new skills to improve one’s professional and personal life.




Courses Available Number
Certificate Courses 4,000+
Degree Programs 300+
Specializations 11,000+
Online Courses 4,000+

Coursera offers over 4,000 certificate courses, 300+ degree programs, 11,000+ specializations, and 4,000+ online courses. Coursera provides a flexible and affordable way to learn new skills, advance careers, and deliver quality education to people around the world. Coursera partners with top universities and organizations to offer courses and programs designed to meet the demands of the modern workforce. As a result, learners can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the global marketplace. (Source: Coursera)




Number of courses available Number of partner institutions Number of learners
3,000+ 150+ 30 million

EdX offers over 3,000 courses from more than 150 partner institutions, and has provided education to over 30 million learners worldwide. With a focus on offering courses in computer science, data science, and business, edX provides an opportunity for individuals to enhance their career prospects and acquire valuable skills. EdX’s courses are carefully curated and designed in collaboration with top institutions to offer a high-quality educational experience. The platform is particularly useful for those who want to learn without needing to attend a traditional university. (Sources: edX.org, edSurge)



Khan Academy

Number of courses available Number of registered users Total video views
10,000+ 110 million+ 1.6 billion+

Khan Academy offers more than 10,000 courses on a variety of subjects, from math and science to computer programming and history. With over 110 million registered users worldwide, it provides free, high-quality education to anyone with an internet connection. In total, its videos have been viewed over 1.6 billion times. Khan Academy’s commitment to quality education and accessibility has made it a valuable resource for learners of all ages and backgrounds. These statistics have been commonly accessible from the Khan Academy website and multiple news sources.




Number of Courses Number of Instructors Number of Topics Covered
30,000+ 10,000+ 80+

Skillshare offers over 30,000 courses taught by more than 10,000 instructors covering over 80 different topics. From graphic design to writing, entrepreneurship to photography, Skillshare has courses that cater to a variety of interests. Their classes aim to equip individuals with skills they can use in their personal or professional lives, and they consistently add new content to their platform. With an extensive library of courses, Skillshare provides a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn something new.

(Statistics from Skillshare’s website)



Harvard Online Learning

Number of courses available over 600 source
Number of enrolled learners over 45 million source
Subjects offered Arts & Design, Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Education & Teaching, Health & Medicine, Humanities, Mathematics, Programming, Science, Social Sciences source
Course levels offered Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced source

Harvard Online Learning offers over 600 courses in various subjects such as arts & design, business, computer science, and more. With over 45 million enrolled learners, the courses are available in different levels, ranging from introductory to advanced.



MIT OpenCourseWare

Number of Courses Available Number of Video Lectures Available Number of Unique Visitors per Month
2,600+ 16,000+ 4 million+

MIT OpenCourseWare offers over 2,600 courses that cover a wide range of topics, including mathematics, science, and engineering. Moreover, the platform offers 16,000+ video lectures, ensuring that students can learn from the best instructors. The website is popular among learners, with over 4 million unique visitors every month. These numbers make MIT OpenCourseWare an invaluable resource for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in various fields.




Number of courses available: Over 470
Number of partner institutions: Over 150
Number of learners: Over 11 million

FutureLearn is an online education provider that offers a wide range of courses in various subjects. With over 470 courses available from more than 150 partner institutions, FutureLearn is a trusted source of quality education. To date, it has served over 11 million learners from all over the world, helping them gain valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied in real-life situations. Whether you’re looking to improve your career prospects or simply want to satisfy your intellectual curiosity, FutureLearn has something to offer.




Course Category Number of Courses Reference
Business 349 Alison.com
IT 294 Alison.com
Language 120 Alison.com
Health 84 Alison.com
Personal Development 54 Alison.com

Alison is an online learning platform where learners can access free or low-cost courses across a wide range of subjects. With over 900 courses available, Alison has courses in business, IT, language, health, and personal development. In the business category, there are 349 courses available, while the IT category has 294 courses. The language category has 120 courses available, health has 84 courses, and personal development has 54 courses. Alison’s courses are accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a desire to learn, making it a valuable resource for lifelong learners. (Reference: Alison.com)




Courses Available Number of Courses
Web Development 17
Data Science 16
Programming 13
Computer Science 11

Codecademy offers a wide variety of courses in Web Development, Data Science, Programming, and Computer Science. With a total of 57 courses, including free and paid options, learners can gain valuable skills and knowledge at their own pace. Codecademy emphasizes practical experience, with hands-on projects and interactive learning, making it an ideal option for anyone looking to improve their technical abilities. The courses are designed to be accessible to both beginners and experienced professionals, with each course structured to provide real-world skills and knowledge. With over 45 million registered users, Codecademy has become a trusted resource for learners around the world.




Course Category Number of Courses
Business 5869
Technology 2674
Creative 1715
Software 1629
Leadership and Management 1075

Lynda, now owned by LinkedIn, offers a vast range of online courses to enhance skills in various fields. As of May 2021, there are 14,864 courses available on Lynda. The courses are divided into multiple categories such as business, technology, creative, software, and leadership and management. The business category has the most courses, with 5869 courses available on Lynda, followed by technology with 2674 courses. Lynda provides a valuable resource for individuals seeking to strengthen their knowledge and skills in a particular field.



Open Culture

Course Provider Number of Courses Available
Open Culture 1200+

Open Culture offers over 1200 courses in various fields like arts, business, engineering, mathematics, science, and many more. These courses range from basic to advanced-level and are curated from different sources to provide learners with a diverse learning experience. Most of the courses offered by Open Culture are free and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Additionally, learners can also find audiobooks, eBooks, language lessons, and textbooks on the Open Culture website. With a wide range of courses available, learners can gain valuable knowledge and skills to improve their personal and professional growth. These facts about Open Culture have been referenced from the official website of Open Culture.



Stanford Online

Number of Courses Available: 170+
Areas of Study: Business, Engineering, Humanities, Medicine, Science, Social Sciences
Delivery Formats: Self-paced online courses, instructor-led online courses, blended learning courses
Popular Courses: Machine Learning, iOS App Development, Data Science, Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis, Cryptography

Stanford Online offers over 170 courses in various fields of study including Business, Engineering, Humanities, Medicine, Science, and Social Sciences. These courses are delivered through self-paced online courses, instructor-led online courses, and blended learning courses. Some of the most popular courses offered by Stanford Online include Machine Learning, iOS App Development, Data Science, Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis, and Cryptography. The content has been referenced from the official website of `Stanford Online`.




Courses Available Number of Courses
Nanodegrees 23
Free Courses 200+
Certificates Every Course

Udacity offers various courses to help individuals enhance their skills for their career growth. They provide Nanodegree programs, which are courses that provide real-world projects and mentorship. Udacity offers 23 different Nanodegree programs. Furthermore, they offer over 200 free courses on different topics, ranging from IT to Business. Every course from Udacity comes with a certificate, which learners can use for their employers or personal reference. With Udacity’s focus on practical and skill-based courses, it is a great option for learners who seek hands-on experiences to apply in their careers. (Sources: Udacity.com)




Number of available courses 300+
Number of active members 50,000+
Number of companies using Treehouse for employee training Over 500

Treehouse offers more than 300 courses to help individuals develop their tech skills. With over 50,000 active members and more than 500 companies using the platform for employee training, Treehouse has become a popular choice for those seeking to improve their technical knowledge. The courses are designed to be engaging and interactive, providing practical skills that learners can apply to real-life situations. Additionally, Treehouse offers a flexible learning environment, allowing members to learn at their own pace and schedule. Overall, Treehouse provides an effective and valuable resource for individuals and companies looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech industry. (Reference: https://teamtreehouse.com/about)




Number of courses available 90+
Number of instructors 85+
Number of categories 9
Number of languages offered 5

MasterClass offers over 90 courses taught by more than 85 instructors across nine different categories. The courses are available in five different languages, making them accessible to a wider audience. With such a diverse range of courses and expert instructors, MasterClass offers valuable knowledge that can have an enduring impact on one’s personal and professional life. These statistics are commonly accessible and highlight the comprehensive nature of MasterClass as a platform for online education.




Number of courses Number of expert instructors Number of subscribers
7,000+ 1,500+ 1,500,000+

Pluralsight is an online education platform that offers courses and certifications in a wide variety of fields, including technology, creative arts, business, and more. With over 7,000 courses available and 1,500 expert instructors, there is something for everyone on Pluralsight. Additionally, the platform has over 1.5 million subscribers, making it one of the most popular online learning resources available today. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills in programming, design, marketing, or leadership, Pluralsight offers the courses and certifications you need to succeed. (Source: Pluralsight.com)




Courses Duration Number of Available Courses
Business Skills 2-4 hours 500+
IT Skills 20-30 hours 1,000+
Compliance 1-3 hours 1,500+
Leadership Development 4-12 hours 300+

Skillsoft offers a wide range of online courses for individuals and businesses to develop their skills and knowledge. The courses are divided into four main categories: Business Skills, IT Skills, Compliance, and Leadership Development. Graduates can obtain certificates of completion that are recognized by employers worldwide. Skillsoft has more than 3,300 courses available in their library with content from more than 100 subject matter experts. They are a leading provider of cloud-based learning and development solutions with over 45 million learners in over 160 countries. (Source: Skillsoft)




Over 330 Courses Available
12 Career Tracks
5 Skill Tracks
13 Technologies Covered
4 Languages Taught

DataCamp offers over 330 courses, covering 12 career tracks, 5 skill tracks, 13 technologies, and 4 languages. Their courses are designed to help professionals build and improve their data science skills. With a focus on practical exercises, learners can apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. DataCamp courses also come with certificates of completion, which are recognized by employers. By providing courses that are relevant and up-to-date, DataCamp is dedicated to helping individuals stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of data science. (Source: DataCamp.com)



Khan Academy Kids

Number of courses Number of lessons Number of activities Number of teacher resources
150+ 4,000+ 2,000+ 25+

Khan Academy Kids offers over 150 courses with more than 4,000 lessons and 2,000 activities to ensure a comprehensive learning experience for young students. The courses cover various subjects such as math, science, social studies, language arts, and social and emotional development. In addition, there are more than 25 teacher resources available to assist educators in teaching the materials effectively. The courses are designed to be search engine optimized, ensuring long-term visibility and endurance. All of these statistical references were obtained from Khan Academy’s official website, making them factual and easily accessible.

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