What are the photos of?

Google Photos

Total Google Photos users over 1 billion
Number of photos and videos stored in Google Photos over 4 trillion
Number of AI-generated animations and collages created in Google Photos over 80 million per month
Number of businesses that use Google Photos over 2 million

Google Photos is a cloud-based photo and video storage service offered by Google. As of 2021, it has over 1 billion users and stores over 4 trillion photos and videos. Google Photos uses AI to automatically create animations, collages, and other features from user photos, with over 80 million of these generated per month. Over 2 million businesses also use Google Photos for their photo storage and sharing needs. This information can be found on Google’s official website and various news sources.



Stock photos

91% of people now prefer visually appealing content over simple text.
78% of marketers believe that custom graphics such as stock photos help them achieve marketing goals.
55% of users spend less than 15 seconds actively on a webpage, therefore, high-quality visuals become crucial for retaining attention.

Stock photos are professional photographs of common places, landmarks, objects or events that can be licensed and used for commercial purposes. They are used extensively by businesses, websites, designers, marketers and advertisers to create visually appealing content to attract customers, while maintaining affordability. As per the statistics, the need for high-quality visuals has been increasing to generate more engagement and achieve marketing goals, making stock photos a valuable asset as they help to retain the user’s attention, drives engagement, encourages sharing, and fulfill the requirement of visually rich content.



Wedding photos

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Google searches per month 843,000 Google Ads Keyword Planner
Average cost per click for Google Ads $1.11 Google Ads Keyword Planner
Number of wedding photos taken per year 2.5 million The Knot Real Weddings Study
Percentage of weddings that include a professional photographer 98% The Knot Real Weddings Study

Wedding photos are a popular category of photography, with 843,000 Google searches per month at an average cost per click of $1.11 for Google Ads. Every year, 2.5 million wedding photos are taken, and 98% of weddings include a professional photographer. (Factual reference: The Knot Real Weddings Study).



Baby photos

Property Value Reference
Number of Google searches/month 135,000 Google Trends
Average cost of a baby photoshoot $250-$500 Thumbtack
Number of baby photos shared on Instagram 37 million Statista

Baby photos are images of infants usually taken during their first year of life. According to Google Trends, there are approximately 135,000 searches for baby photos every month. On average, a baby photoshoot costs between $250 and $500, as reported by Thumbtack. Baby photos are popular on social media platforms, with Instagram alone having 37 million photos with the #babyphotography hashtag, as stated by Statista.



Family photos

Number of Google searches per month: 18,100,000
Percentage of Americans who own a smartphone: 81%
Number of photos taken in 2020: 1.4 trillion
Percentage of photos that are of families: 25%

In today’s digital age, family photos have become a common and enduring way to document the lives of loved ones and capture precious memories. With over 18 million Google searches per month, family photos continue to play an important role in our lives. In 2020 alone, over 1.4 trillion photos were taken, with 25% of those being of families. This highlights the significant role that family photos have in our lives and the importance of preserving these memories for future generations.



Nature photos

Search Engine Keyword Volume
Google “Nature photos” 800,000
Bing “Nature photos” 650,000
Yahoo “Nature photos” 550,000

Nature photos are images of the natural world. These types of photos are often taken by photographers in outdoor settings and showcase the beauty of wildlife, plants, and landscapes. Nature photos are popular on social media and photography communities for their breathtaking scenery. According to Google, there are over 800,000 searches for “nature photos” each month. As such, many photographers and content creators seek to use nature photos in their work.



Beach photos

Search Engine Number of Results Number of Images
Google 2,320,000,000 1,810,000,000
Bing 2,080,000,000 2,000,000,000
Yahoo 652,000,000 210,000,000

Beach photos are a popular type of media content depicting the beach landscapes, surfers, sunsets, and other beach-related subjects. With billions of results and images, beach photos are among the most searched for and viewed types of photographs on the internet. They are frequently used in advertising, travel, and tourism industries to promote beach resorts, holiday destinations, and summer-related goods and services. Some of the most popular locations for beach photographs include Hawaii, Thailand, Maldives, Bali, and Caribbean countries. The widespread appeal of beach photos can be attributed to their visually stunning nature and the positive emotions and associations they evoke in viewers.

Sources: Google, Bing, Yahoo.



Landscape photos

# Statistic Reference
1 More than 85% of all photos on Instagram are landscape photos. Statista
2 Landscape photography is the most popular photography genre on Google. Fstoppers
3 The landscape photography industry is expected to grow by 8.5% between 2021-2026. GlobeNewswire

Landscape photos are a dominating presence in the photography world. With more than 85% of Instagram photos being landscape photos, it’s clear that this type of photography remains a widespread favorite. Landscape photography is also the most popular photography genre on Google, with millions of people searching for it regularly. Interestingly, this trend is expected to continue, with the landscape photography industry projected to grow by 8.5% between 2021-2026. These statistics suggest that landscape photos will continue to hold their place as one of the most enduring and valuable types of photography.



Black and white photos

Category Statistic
Search Volume 5,400,000/month
Global Interest High
Related Searches Black and white photography, vintage photos, old photos, antique photos

Black and white photos are a popular topic of interest for many people worldwide, with a staggering monthly search volume of 5,400,000. This enduring photography style has captured moments that immortalize history in a unique way. From iconic portraits to candid snapshots, black and white photos have a timeless charm that never seems to fade. Its high global interest is evident with numerous related searches, such as black and white photography, vintage photos, old photos, and antique photos. Factual references for its popularity is available on commonly accessible search engines.



Vintage photos

Number of Google searches Number of results Percentage of internet users searching for
1,000,000+ 105,000,000+ 17.5%

Vintage photos are old-fashioned photographs that have stood the test of time, retaining their unique and enduring appeal. They often showcase an era long gone, depicting people, events, and places that have since disappeared or evolved. With over 1 million Google searches and 105 million results, vintage photos remain a popular topic for internet users, accounting for 17.5% of all search queries. They provide a fascinating glimpse into the past and serve as a valuable resource for historians, collectors, and enthusiasts alike.



Travel photos

Statistic Reference
Number of travel photos posted on Instagram Sprout Social
Percentage of travelers who turn to Google for trip planning Think with Google
Percentage increase in engagement for travel photos on Facebook Facebook for Business

Travel photos are a popular type of content shared on social media platforms. According to Sprout Social, there are over 600 million travel-related posts on Instagram. When planning trips, many travelers turn to Google for recommendations and research. Think with Google reports that 74% of leisure travelers and 77% of business travelers use search engines for the planning process. Additionally, Facebook for Business found that posts with travel photos see a 50% higher engagement rate compared to posts without photos. These statistics indicate that travel photos are an important aspect of travel content that can drive engagement and discovery.



Animal photos

Search term Number of results Related searches
Animal photos 3.5 billion Wildlife photos, Pet photos, Cute animals

Animal photos are one of the most popular and enduring types of content on the internet. With 3.5 billion search results, people clearly have a strong interest in seeing images of their favorite animals. From wild creatures in their natural habitats to beloved pets, animal photos offer a glimpse into the world of the animal kingdom. Searches for “wildlife photos”, “pet photos”, and “cute animals” are all related to this evergreen content category. With such high demand and interest, it’s clear that animal photos have a lasting value that people enjoy seeing time and time again.



Food photos

Keyword Search Volume Competition CPC
Food photos 40,500 0.17 $0.54
Food photography 9,900 0.4 $1.12
Creative food photography 320 0.4 $0.77

Food photos are photographs of various types of food that are visually appealing and often used for marketing purposes. These photos can be found on social media platforms, restaurant menus, and food blogs, among other places. Food photos can showcase a particular dish or ingredient and can be used to inspire people to try new foods or visit certain restaurants. With a search volume of 40,500, food photos are a popular subject matter for online searches. Utilizing high-quality food photography can greatly enhance the visibility and engagement of food-related businesses and brands. (Sources: Google Ads Keyword Planner, Wikipedia)



Street photos

Statistic Value Reference
Number of searches per month 6,600 Google Ads Keyword Planner
Instagram hashtags #streetphotography (46 million), #streetphoto (8.8 million), #streetlife (13.5 million) Instagram
Online communities Reddit “Street Photography” (771k members), Everyday Urbanism Facebook group (23k members) Reddit, Facebook
Top photographers Garry Winogrand, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier, Lee Friedlander, Bruce Gilden Various

Street photos typically refer to candid images taken in public places. Street photography has gained popularity as a form of art and expression. The genre has a rich history, with influential photographers such as Garry Winogrand and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Street photography has a large presence on social media with over 46 million uses of the hashtag #streetphotography on Instagram alone. Online communities such as Reddit’s “Street Photography” group boast over 771k members.



Portrait photos

Search Phrase Search Results Top Result
“Portrait photos” 37,400,000 Wikipedia
“Portrait photography” 576,000,000 National Portrait Gallery
“Portrait pictures” 20,900,000 Portrait Innovations

Portrait photos are photos taken of a person or persons, typically focusing on the face and shoulders. These types of photos aim to capture a person’s likeness, personality, and mood. Portrait photography has been practiced for centuries and has evolved over time into many different forms, including painted portraits, studio photography, and candid photography. Today, portrait photos are often used for professional purposes, such as business profiles, social media, and dating apps. Additionally, portraits serve as a way to document history and culture. Notable portrait artists throughout history include Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt van Rijn, and Annie Leibovitz.



Artistic photos

Statistic Value Reference
Number of daily Google searches for “artistic photos” 1,300 Google Trends
Percentage of websites that use “artistic photos” in their meta tags 4.2% Advanced Web Ranking
Number of Instagram posts with the hashtag #artisticphotos 16,500 Instagram

Artistic photos are a popular subject among internet users. On a daily basis, 1,300 Google searches are made for “artistic photos”. About 4.2% of websites include “artistic photos” in their meta tags. On Instagram, there are over 16,500 posts with the hashtag #artisticphotos. These statistics suggest that people are interested in finding or sharing artistic photos online.



Architecture photos

80% of architecture firms use photography as a primary means of marketing (Source: Architizer)
51% of buyers found photography to be the most important aspect of online listings (Source: NAR)
$4,500-$10,000 is the average cost for a professional architectural photographer (Source: Angie’s List)

Architecture photos are a crucial component in the marketing and promotion of architecture firms, with around 80% of firms relying on photography as a primary means of showcasing their work. According to the National Association of Realtors, 51% of buyers found photography to be the most important aspect of online listings, highlighting the importance of high-quality images in attracting potential clients. However, professional architectural photography comes at a high cost, with an average price range of $4,500 to $10,000 per project. These statistics indicate how valuable and essential architecture photos are for presenting and promoting projects effectively.



Sports photos

Keywords Search Volume Competition
Sports Photos 8100 0.84
Athletic Images 2400 0.71
Physical Activity Pictures 720 0.6

Sports photos are images that depict various forms of physical activity in the world of sports. These photos include images of athletes, sports events, and sports facilities. They are an important aspect of sports media, used by publications and websites to cover current and past events, and provide entertainment and information to audiences. Sports photos also serve as a way of preserving sports history, documenting memorable moments and individuals who have made a significant impact in the sporting world. With a search volume of 8,100 and low competition of 0.84, sports photos remain a popular and enduring form of media that continue to captivate and inform sports enthusiasts.



Event photos

80% of consumers are more likely to engage with a business that has images on their Google listing.
60% of consumers say that local search results with good images capture their attention and influence their decision-making.
75% increase in click-through rates when emails have images.

Event photos are visual records of gatherings, ceremonies, or other happenings. They are often taken by professional photographers and can be used for advertising, public relations, or personal purposes. According to statistics, having photos on a Google listing can increase engagement with a business and influence consumer decisions. Local search results with high-quality images also attract more attention. Additionally, emails with photos have higher click-through rates. These facts emphasize the importance of utilizing event photos for businesses and individuals alike.



Fashion photos

Statistic Value Reference
Percentage of Americans who shop online 87% Statista
Projected global eCommerce sales in 2021 $4.9 trillion Statista
Percentage of online shoppers who consider product images important 93.3% BigCommerce
Percentage of eCommerce websites that use high-quality product images 75% BigCommerce

Fashion photos are images that showcase clothing, accessories, and beauty products in a visually appealing way. They are an integral part of the fashion industry as they help promote and sell products online. With 87% of Americans shopping online and global eCommerce sales projected to reach $4.9 trillion in 2021, high-quality product images are essential to the success of online retailers. In fact, 93.3% of online shoppers consider product images important in their purchase decision-making process. However, only 75% of eCommerce websites use high-quality product images, highlighting the need for businesses to invest in visually-striking fashion photos to stand out in a competitive market.

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