Protective Softball Screens for Pitching Practice

The C Screen Softball Protects the Pitcher During Batting Practice

The c screen softball is used to protect the pitcher during batting practice. It is an ideal net for schools, organizations and individuals looking to take their batting practice to the next level. It reduces batted ball ricochet and comes with heavy duty foam and vinyl padding. It also includes a wheel kit for ease of transportation on and off the field.

Trigon Softball Pitcher’s C-Screen

This C-shaped net protects the pitcher and front toss during batting practice. It is easy to set up and is built to last with heavy-duty netting and a durable frame. It can be used with either the Trigon Pro Cage or the BowNet Soft Toss.

This 7’H x 7’W portable sports net features a large C-shaped cutout to accommodate fastpitch softball pitching. It is designed to fit the frame of the Trigon Pro Cage, and includes a heavy-duty double layer 2.5mm #42 netting that is treated for outdoor use. Its push button assembly allows you to quickly get the net up and start your batting practice.

ProCage Softball Pitcher’s C-Screen

Take your fastpitch softball batting practice to the next level with the help of the ProCage Softball Pitcher’s C-Screen. This protective screen is easy to set up thanks to its push button assembly and features detachable legs for convenient storage when not in use. It measures 7 x 7 and includes a 24” x 15” C-shaped cutout for fastpitch softball pitching. It is made from heavy-duty, double layer 2.5mm #42 netting that is treated for outdoor use. Click here for more information on this product from Wizard Sports.

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Beacon Protective Infield Screens

The Beacon 7 x 7 infield screen is an essential tool for baseball and softball teams to use when practicing on their fields. This field screen works great to break up a field into multiple sections so players can run drills and practice their skills without worry about others hitting them. It also works well in facilities, batting cage tunnels or anywhere you need additional protection for your pitcher during batting practice. Designed and built with high-quality materials, this infield screen features Gatorshield frames and tough UV-treated pillowcase nets. Optional heavy-duty netting is available. Includes wheel kit. Backordered, will ship when available.

Bullet L Screen Front Toss Pitching Net

The Bullet L Screen Front Toss Pitching Net is a protective net that is designed specifically for softball and fastpitch hitting drills. It can be used inside a facility or even on the field, making it a versatile option for any team or training program. The screen is able to withstand hard line drives and features several add-ons that make it an excellent choice for batting practice.

Its combo overhand and front toss cutout makes it the perfect solution for baseball and softball facilities or organizations with both sports. The narrow 5’ wide design of the frame and cutout is also perfect for use in smaller front toss hitting tunnels. The 1 5/8″ industrial-grade galvanized steel frame and #60 gauge double-layered pillowcase netting are built to withstand the constant abuse of commercial training facilities, high schools and colleges.

Match your facilitiy brand or team colors, reduce batted ball ricochet and protect the life of your netting with heavy-duty foam and vinyl padding. A wheel kit is available for easy transport on and off the field.

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