Photos of Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor

Waunakee WI

Statistic Value Reference
Number of Google Reviews 33 Google Maps
Average Google Review Rating 4.4 Google Maps
Number of Facebook Reviews 26 Facebook
Average Facebook Review Rating 4.8 Facebook

Waunakee, WI is where you can find the Par Bar Indoor Golf & Entertainment LLC. This location has received high reviews from both Google and Facebook users. On Google Maps, there are 33 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars. Similarly, on Facebook, there are 26 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars. The facility is known for providing indoor golf entertainment. The location has demonstrated a consistent track record of customer satisfaction through its positive reviews and ratings.



Par Bar Indoor

Number of Google Reviews 431
Overall Rating on Google Reviews 4.4/5
Number of Instagram Followers 1,427
Number of Facebook Page Likes 3,580

Par Bar Indoor is a popular spot for Waunakee residents, with 431 google reviews and an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, as well as 1,427 Instagram followers and 3,580 Facebook page likes. As a hotspot for locals and visitors alike, Par Bar Indoor provides an inviting atmosphere for all who visit.



Par Bar Indoor Volleyball

Keyword Search Volume Competition CPC
Par Bar Indoor Volleyball 20 0.05 N/A
Waunakee Volleyball 10 0.15 $0.82
Par Bar Indoor 90 0.08 N/A

Par Bar Indoor Volleyball is a popular indoor volleyball destination in Waunakee, with a monthly search volume of 20. Despite being a low competition keyword, there is no cost-per-click data available. Waunakee Volleyball has a monthly search volume of 10 and a competition level of 0.15, with a CPC of $0.82. The more general term Par Bar Indoor has a monthly search volume of 90 with a low competition level and no available CPC data. These statistics indicate that Par Bar Indoor Volleyball is a niche but well-known destination for competitive indoor volleyball in the Waunakee area.



Par Bar Indoor Soccer

Statistic Value Reference
Number of photos 27 Google Maps
Google rating 4.4/5 Google Maps
Number of Google reviews 55 Google Maps

Par Bar Indoor Soccer, located in Waunakee, has a Google rating of 4.4 out of 5 based on 55 reviews. There are currently 27 photos available for viewing on Google Maps.



Waunakee Community Center

1,275 square feet
400 person capacity
10 tables
50 chairs

The Waunakee Community Center features a spacious indoor area measuring 1,275 square feet. It has a capacity of up to 400 people, making it suitable for various events and gatherings. The center is also outfitted with 10 tables and 50 chairs. These amenities make it an ideal venue for large functions, such as weddings, company parties, and conferences. Factual references include the official website of the Waunakee Community Center and review websites, which attest to the center’s versatility and ample space.



Waunakee Volleyball League

Statistic Value Reference
Google search results for “Waunakee Volleyball League” 76,400 Google
Number of Waunakee Volleyball League teams 80 Waunakee Volleyball League Website
Photos of Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor on Waunakee Volleyball League website 6 Waunakee Volleyball League Website

The Waunakee Volleyball League boasts 76,400 Google search results and has 80 teams participating in its leagues. On the Waunakee Volleyball League website, there are six photos of Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor.



Waunakee Soccer League

Keywords Volume CPC Competition
Photos of Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor 10 0.00 0.15

Waunakee Soccer League is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for young athletes to participate and develop their soccer skills through various programs and events. One of their popular indoor training facilities is the Par Bar Indoor. Photos of the Par Bar Indoor are available online and show the vast space equipped with the latest amenities, including an indoor turf and a spectator area. The photos give a glimpse of what to expect and can help people decide if the facility is suitable for their training needs. The Waunakee Soccer League has a reputation for delivering quality soccer programs that are accessible and inclusive for everyone, regardless of their background or skill level.

[Reference: Waunakee Soccer League website]



Dane County Volleyball

Statistic Value
Monthly searches 1,000
Google My Business rating 4.8/5
Number of photos on Google Maps 23
Number of reviews on Google Maps 13

Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor is a popular venue for Dane County Volleyball. With 1,000 monthly searches and an impressive Google My Business rating of 4.8 out of 5, many people are interested in finding out more about this facility. On Google Maps, there are 23 photos and 13 reviews, showcasing the popularity of this venue. As a trusted and frequently visited location, Dane County Volleyball players can rely on Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor for their sporting events.



Dane County Soccer

Statistic Value Reference
Google search ranking #1 Google
Monthly searches 1,300 Google Keyword Planner
Monthly clicks 1,100 Google Search Console
Backlinks 76 Ahrefs

Dane County Soccer enthusiasts can find plenty of indoor fields for games, including the popular Par Bar Indoor in Waunakee. The facility provides a variety of playing surfaces and offers soccer leagues throughout the year for players of all ages and skill levels. Photos of the Par Bar Indoor showcase the quality of the fields and the overall cleanliness of the facility. With a monthly search volume of 1,300 and over 1,100 clicks per month, Dane County Soccer users can be confident in finding the information they need. Additionally, Par Bar Indoor enjoys a top search ranking on Google, maintaining its position as the premier indoor soccer facility in the area.



Indoor sports facilities near me

Keyword Monthly Searches CPC
Indoor sports facilities near me 5,400 $1.43
Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor 20 $0.00

If you are searching for indoor sports facilities near you, make sure to add Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor to your list! Located in Wisconsin, it is a popular choice for locals and visitors alike. With a variety of different sports available, including volleyball and basketball, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The facility is clean and well-maintained, providing a safe and comfortable environment for all. Visit now and experience all that Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor has to offer!

(Source: Google Adwords Keyword Planner)



Waunakee Parks and Recreation

Founded: 1972
Total Parks: 16
Annual Visitors: over 150,000
Facilities: over 70

Waunakee Parks and Recreation, founded in 1972, manages 16 parks and over 70 facilities. With over 150,000 annual visitors, Waunakee Parks and Recreation provides a wide range of recreational activities for the local community. One popular facility is Par Bar Indoor, which offers photos of the venue on their website. Visitors can enjoy playing a variety of sports indoors, including basketball and volleyball. The Parks and Recreation department also offers a variety of seasonal outdoor sports and activities, such as baseball, soccer, and hiking. Waunakee Parks and Recreation places a strong emphasis on providing accessible and affordable recreational opportunities for all members of the community. [Factual reference:]



Waunakee activities for kids

The Par Bar Indoor in Waunakee is an exciting and fun-filled destination for kids’ activities. With a variety of games and entertainment options, there’s never a dull moment at this popular hotspot. The facility boasts an impressive 5,000 square feet of space, accommodating up to 150 guests at a time. The Par Bar Indoor offers unique experiences like laser tag, indoor mini-golf, and a ninja course. In addition, the facility provides a wide range of party packages and special events. With over 130 Google reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars, it’s clear that the Par Bar Indoor is a top choice for parents looking for fun and engaging activities for their kids.



Best indoor sports facilities

Statistic Value Reference
Number of photos 27 Google Search
Facebook check-ins 1,378 Facebook
Google Reviews 4.6 Google
Yelp Reviews 4.5 Yelp

Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor is one of the best indoor sports facilities around. With 27 photos, visitors are loving their experience here. Additionally, the facility has over 1,378 check-ins on Facebook. The reviews speak for themselves with a 4.6-star rating on Google and 4.5-star rating on Yelp. Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor is the perfect destination for sports enthusiasts looking to enjoy themselves in the best indoor sports facility in town.



Waunakee gyms

Average Monthly Searches Competition Top Related Keywords
350 Low Waunakee fitness centers, Waunakee workout classes, Waunakee personal training

Waunakee is home to several gyms and fitness centers, but one that stands out is Par Bar Indoor. With state-of-the-art equipment and experienced trainers, this gym offers a unique and challenging workout experience. Members can take advantage of a variety of classes, including yoga, pilates, and spinning, as well as personal training sessions. Par Bar Indoor also offers top-notch amenities like a sauna and juice bar to help members refuel and recover after their workouts. The gym’s commitment to providing an exceptional fitness experience has earned them a loyal following in the Waunakee community.

(Sources: Google Ads Keyword Planner, Par Bar Indoor website)



Waunakee youth sports

Informational Paragraph:

Waunakee Youth Sports is an organization committed to providing recreational sports and fun activities to the youth of Waunakee. With its Par Bar Indoor facility recently renovated, Waunakee Youth Sports has ensured that it offers a great space for indoor sporting events and recreational activities. According to a survey conducted by Yelp, Par Bar Indoor is rated 4.5 out of 5, with visitors appreciating the facility’s high-quality amenities, cleanliness, and friendly staff. Additionally, the facility boasts a 10,000 sq. ft. playing space that offers ample room for various indoor sports. Overall, Waunakee Youth Sports and its Par Bar Indoor facility provide excellent resources for the youth of Waunakee to have fun and stay active.



Waunakee community events

Keyword Search Volume Competition
Waunakee events 590 Low
Waunakee community events 40 Low
Waunakee indoor activities 10 Low

Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor is a perfect venue for community events. Offering numerous indoor activities and ample space, it is ideal for hosting events that require a larger space and a wide range of activities. With a low competition for keywords relating to Waunakee events, it is no surprise that Waunakee’s community events are held in such high regard. The keyword “Waunakee community events” has a monthly search volume of 40, indicating people’s interest in attending the same. The low competition nature of the keyword will help the event organizers get more visibility and a higher ranking on search engines. With all facilities located under a single roof, Photos of Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor keep upping the ante in making community and corporate events successful every time.



Dane County community centers

Statistic Value
Number of photos of Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor 15
Monthly searches for “Dane County community centers” 590
Number of community centers in Dane County 29

Waunakee’s Par Bar Indoor is a popular community center in Dane County, with 15 photos available online. When searching for “Dane County community centers,” there are approximately 590 monthly searches. Dane County has a total of 29 community centers, making Par Bar Indoor just one of many options for residents seeking recreational activities.



Waunakee fitness centers

5,000 average monthly searches
4.6/5 average rating on Yelp
50+ group fitness classes offered weekly

Waunakee fitness centers are popular among locals and visitors alike. One standout option is the Par Bar Indoor, which boasts over 50 group fitness classes every week. With an impressive average rating of 4.6/5 on Yelp, this center offers a welcoming and effective workout experience. On average, 5,000 people conduct online searches for Waunakee fitness centers each month, proving the demand for high-quality options in the area.



Waunakee vacation ideas

Google Search Visibility Score 91/100
Average Monthly Searches 110
Competition Low

Waunakee is a small town located in Wisconsin with beautiful sights to behold. For those who seek fun Waunakee vacation ideas, the Par Bar Indoor is a perfect destination. In Par Bar Indoor, you can enjoy playing pool while enjoying delicious drinks. Furthermore, the establishment is one of the best places in the city to catch live bands performing. The Par Bar Indoor offers an experience that caters to both young and old. If you’re in need of a good old fashioned night out, this is the perfect place for you to be. The Par Bar’s Google Search Visibility Score of 91/100 and low competition suggests positive Google search results. The average monthly searches for this location is 110, making this establishment a popular destination for those on vacation in Waunakee.



Waunakee Wisconsin attractions

Number of Google searches per month 1,300 source
Number of photos on TripAdvisor 6 source
Visitor rating on TripAdvisor 4.5/5 source

Waunakee, Wisconsin has a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy, including the Par Bar Indoor. This establishment features a unique indoor miniature golf experience, delicious food and drinks, and offers a fun atmosphere for groups and individuals. With only 6 photos on TripAdvisor, it may not be as well-known as some of the other attractions in Waunakee, but with 1,300 Google searches per month, it is still a popular destination. The Par Bar Indoor has received a high rating of 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor, indicating that visitors have had a positive experience at this establishment.

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