Indoor Golfing in Pittsburgh: Swing away rain or shine.

Pittsburgh Spots to Practice Your Swing

When the weather isn’t playing ball, golfers can hit indoor ranges and courses. Many venues also feature food and drinks. Whether you’re a lone ranger or bringing the crew, here are some Pittsburgh spots to get your swing on.

The Strip District is home to not one, but two high-concept mini-golf locations that expand the game’s possibilities. The Lodge course resembles a snowy ski lodge, complete with polar bear statues and winter sportswear.

OnPar Now

Whether you’re a die-hard golf fan or a complete novice, an indoor facility is the perfect way to practice your swing and keep your game in top shape. This is especially important for the winter, when you’re cooped up at home or playing on a snowy course. Without proper preparation, you may not feel your best when you get on the course, and you might even injure yourself.

Located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, OnPar Now is a state-of-the-art indoor golf instruction and practice space that promotes the benefits of golfing in a fun, inspiring environment. It features TrackMan simulator bays and a revolutionary putting green with PuttView technology. The facility also offers beginner basics classes, as well as private lessons.

The Puttery

The Puttery is an upscale mini golf facility with bars and lounge areas where patrons can enjoy curated craft cocktails and chef-driven menu items. Guests can also choose from one of the several themed courses, including the Rooftop, Lodge, and Illusion course. Each course features automatic scoreboards that remember players’ names and keeps track of their strokes.

The Puttery experience blends high-energy bar environment with putting holes creatively intertwined to promote competitive socializing. Its upscale food and cocktail menus make it a great option for parties and groups. The Puttery is available for guests 21 and over.

The Puttery is backed by golf icon Tiger Woods and global superstar Rory McIlroy. It operates as a part of Dallas-based golf-entertainment firm Drive Shack Inc., which is expanding its putting complex model nationwide. The swanky new spot is expected to open in early 2023. It will be located at 116 15th St. in Minneapolis, between the North Loop and Central Business District.

The Golf Dome

The Golf Dome is a facility that allows players to practice their golf skills year-round. The dome features forty tees on two levels and a massive indoor putting green and sand bunker. The Golf Dome also offers instruction and coaching from local pros.

While some golfers scoff at indoor golf, it is a great alternative to playing outdoors when the weather is bad. It can even help improve their game when the weather is warmer.

Golf domes use artificial turf, which is much more durable than grass and doesn’t require as much water and care. The domes also feature a range of amenities, such as practice greens and a miniature golf course. These amenities can increase the value of the experience and keep customers coming back. They can also help promote other services, such as private lessons. They can also add revenue streams by allowing patrons to bring in food and beverages.

Urban Golfing

Golf is a popular sport and can be played on grass or in an indoor golf course. Pittsburgh is home to several indoor golfing facilities that provide a fun and challenging environment for golfers of all skill levels. The most popular courses in the city feature unique themes and challenges that are sure to entertain. From bumper cars to bowling balls, these courses will make you laugh and challenge your skills at the same time.

Many urban golfers choose to use wedge-shaped clubs that are more versatile for different shots and distances. They also tend to play shorter swings and focus on accuracy rather than power. They also use a special ball called almostGOLF, which is designed to be safe in urban environments.

The best urban golfing locations offer clear signage and markers to help players navigate the course. This helps minimize the risk of accidental collisions with pedestrians and other players. They also aim to create a diverse and engaging course layout and experiment with unconventional target placements.

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