“Indoor golf reviews?”

Golf Digest

Keyword Search Volume CPC
Indoor Golf Reviews 40 $1.06

Golf Digest is a well-known golf magazine established in 1950, which provides helpful tips and advice to golf enthusiasts. For those looking to practice their golf game indoors, Golf Digest offers a variety of indoor golf reviews to ensure golfers can continue to play regardless of the weather. Their indoor golf reviews cover everything from simulators and putting greens, to golf netting and mats. With a search volume of 40 and a CPC of $1.06, this topic is of interest to a niche market of golfers.




Statistic Value Reference
Number of US indoor golf courses 700+ GolfLink
Topgolf locations worldwide approximately 60 Topgolf
Number of Topgolf visitors in 2019 17 million Franchising.com

Topgolf, with approximately 60 locations worldwide, is a popular indoor golf entertainment complex. In 2019 alone, they had 17 million visitors. With over 700 indoor golf courses in the US, Topgolf stands out as one of the premier destinations for individuals and groups looking to enjoy the sport in a unique way.




Statistic Value Reference
Number of Indoor Golf Simulators using TrackMan technology Over 7,000 https://www.trackman.com/indoor
Accuracy of TrackMan technology +/- 1 yard https://www.trackman.com/golf-club-champion-blog/11-No-Blog-Category/629-nine-golf-myths-debunked-part-1
Number of PGA Tour players utilizing TrackMan technology Over 200 https://www.pgatour.com/news/2019/04/29/trackman-technology-the-desired-companion-for-tour-players.html

Indoor golf simulators are becoming increasingly popular, with over 7,000 using TrackMan technology alone. TrackMan technology provides incredible accuracy, with only a +/- 1 yard margin for error. The technology’s precision is precise enough that over 200 PGA Tour players use TrackMan technology to improve their games.



Golf Advisor

Number of indoor golf facilities in the US Over 5,000
Percentage of golf courses offering indoor facilities 43%
Number of indoor golf simulators worldwide Over 10,000
Projected global indoor golf simulator market size by 2025 $1.2 billion

Golf Advisor is a trusted name in the golfing industry that offers insightful reviews and ratings on various golf courses, including those with indoor facilities. In the US alone, there are over 5,000 indoor golf facilities, making up 43% of all golf courses. With over 10,000 indoor golf simulators across the world and a projected global market size set to reach $1.2 billion by 2025, it’s clear that indoor golf is an increasingly popular and lucrative trend within the golfing community. Golf Advisor’s reviews can provide valuable insights for those looking to find the best indoor golf experiences available.

Factual reference: “National Golf Foundation,” “Insider Monkey




Keyword Searches per month Difficulty Clicks
Indoor golf reviews 2,400 58 600

Golf enthusiasts and beginners alike often turn to the internet for their sports-related questions and needs. “Indoor golf reviews” is a popular search inquiry, with 2,400 monthly searches, 58% difficulty, and 600 clicks. One trusted source for such reviews is GolfNow, which offers golfers the option to book tee time at over 9,000 courses, both indoor and outdoor, nationwide. With its robust database and easy-to-use UI, GolfNow is a reliable resource for indoor golf enthusiasts looking for reviews, information, and more.




Keywords Results Resource
“Indoor Golf Reviews” 1,860,000 Google

Golficity, an online platform for golf enthusiasts, offers a comprehensive resource for indoor golf enthusiasts seeking reviews. With over 1.8 million results for “Indoor Golf Reviews” on Google, Golficity provides golfers with a vast array of information regarding indoor golfing experiences. This ensures that golf enthusiasts can confidently explore indoor golfing and make informed decisions with reliable, accessible information.




Keyword Search Results Search Volume CPC
Indoor golf reviews 38,500,000 40,500 $1.32

GolfLink provides informational resources on indoor golf. Based on a search for “Indoor golf reviews,” there are 38.5 million search results and 40.5K average monthly search volume with a CPC of $1.32. Golf enthusiasts can find indoor golf reviews online with ease.



PGATOUR Superstore

Statistic Reference
68% of golfers prefer indoor golf
90% of indoor golfers say it improves their game
$2 billion indoor golf industry revenue

PGATOUR Superstore offers a range of indoor golf experiences, making it a popular destination for golf enthusiasts. With 68% of golfers preferring indoor golf, and 90% confirming that it improves their game, indoor golf is a valuable opportunity for players to keep their skills sharp, regardless of weather conditions. The indoor golf industry is booming, generating around $2 billion annually. For anyone looking for a reliable source of indoor golf reviews, PGATOUR Superstore is an optimal choice.



Golf Galaxy

Google search results for “Indoor golf reviews” 2,540,000
Number of indoor golf courses in the United States 1,062
Number of Golf Galaxy locations in the United States 96
Percentage of Golf Galaxy customers who would recommend the store to a friend 94%

Golf enthusiasts who are unable to play outside during unfavorable weather conditions often turn to indoor golf as a way to stay on top of their game. A search for “Indoor golf reviews” yields a staggering 2,540,000 results on Google. Golf Galaxy, one of the largest golf retailers in the United States with 96 locations, is an ideal destination for golfers seeking quality indoor golf equipment. With more than 1,000 indoor golf courses in the United States, indoor golfing has become a popular way to improve one’s game during the off-season. Golf Galaxy’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident as 94% of their customers would recommend the store to a friend.




Keyword Search Volume Competition
Indoor golf reviews 8100 Low

GolfTEC is a company that provides indoor golf lessons and training through the use of advanced technology. Their innovative approach to golf instruction has made them a popular choice among golfers who want to improve their game. When it comes to indoor golf reviews, GolfTEC has received high praise from customers for their state-of-the-art facilities and expert instructors. With a search volume of 8100 and low competition, there is no shortage of interest in indoor golf reviews. For those looking to improve their golf game, GolfTEC is a reputable and highly-regarded choice. (Reference: golftec.com)




Keyword Rank 3
Monthly Search Volume 590
Cost per Click $1.72

Indoor golf is becoming increasingly popular among golf enthusiasts looking for an alternative way to play the sport during the winter months or rainy days. GolfHQ, a leading golf equipment company, offers indoor golf products and services that are highly reviewed by customers. According to our research, GolfHQ ranks at position 3 for the keyword “indoor golf reviews,” with a monthly search volume of 590. This indicates a significant interest in indoor golf among consumers. Additionally, the cost per click for this keyword is $1.72, suggesting that indoor golf reviews is a competitive space on search engines. GolfHQ’s positive reviews signal the brand’s commitment to providing valuable and enduring products and services to its customers.



The GolfWorks

Keyword Search Volume Competition
Indoor Golf 110,000 0.41
Golf Reviews 22,200 0.61

The GolfWorks, a leading provider of golf equipment and accessories, has expanded its offerings to include indoor golf products. Indoor golf has become increasingly popular, with the convenience and year-round availability it provides. There are numerous indoor golf options available, making it important to read reviews before making a purchasing decision. Searching for “indoor golf reviews” yields a search volume of 22,200, with moderate competition. This suggests that there is a demand for reliable reviews of indoor golf products. The GolfWorks continues to prioritize providing customers with the best possible indoor golf options and resources.

(Source: Google Ads Keyword Planner)



Golf Discount

Search Term Monthly Searches Competition
Indoor golf reviews 800 0.29

Golf Discount is a popular golf equipment retailer that provides high-quality golf gear to enthusiasts. For those interested in playing golf indoors, searching for “indoor golf reviews” is a common practice, with 800 monthly searches and low competition at 0.29. As such, it can be a valuable keyword and topic for Golf Discount to focus on to attract potential customers interested in indoor golf equipment and accessories.



Edwin Watts Golf

Search Term Indoor golf reviews
Number of Monthly Searches 590
Competition Low
Organic Click-Through Rate 31.51%

Edwin Watts Golf is a company that focuses on providing golf supplies and equipment to golfers of all ages. It’s important for customers to know the quality of their products prior to purchasing them, which is why “indoor golf reviews” is a commonly searched term and has a low competition rate. According to statistics, this search term has 590 monthly searches with an organic click-through rate of 31.51%. This provides ample opportunities for Edwin Watts Golf to optimize their content for the search engine and attract more customers. By having positive reviews, the company can create a strong and enduring presence in the golf industry.




Statistic Value Reference
Monthly searches 3,600 Google Ads Keyword Planner
Search competition Low Google Ads Keyword Planner
Average rating 4.5 stars Trustpilot
Number of reviews 1,200 Trustpilot

Golfballs.com offers an array of indoor golf products, and their “Indoor golf reviews” are a popular query online, with 3,600 monthly searches per Google Ads Keyword Planner. The competition for this search term is low, meaning there’s potential for strong visibility online. With an average rating of 4.5 stars on Trustpilot and over 1,200 reviews, Golfballs.com is a top contender when searching for indoor golf products.



Dallas Golf

Keyword Search Volume Competition Organic CTR
Indoor golf 2,900 0.60 57%
Golf simulator 90,500 0.83 49%
Golf practice 5,400 0.58 63%

Dallas Golf is a company that offers golfing equipment and accessories for players of all levels. When it comes to indoor golf, there are a few key phrases that receive significant search volume on Google. According to commonly accessible references, “indoor golf” receives 2,900 searches per month, “golf simulator” receives 90,500 searches per month, and “golf practice” receives 5,400 searches per month. Understanding these popular search terms can help Dallas Golf create content and target keywords that will drive more traffic to their website.




Keyword Volume CPC Competition
Indoor golf reviews 3,600 $1.30 0.45

Golf enthusiasts and players often look for reliable and informative indoor golf reviews to improve their game and find the best equipment to use. Golfsmith, a sports retailer, provides an extensive range of indoor golf products, including golf mats, putting greens, and simulators, suitable for both novice and professional golfers. By searching for “indoor golf reviews,” customers can access insights and opinions from other players worldwide and make informed purchasing decisions. Conducting thorough research and reading reviews can save customers both time and money while enhancing their overall golfing experience.




2,900 Monthly searches for “Indoor golf reviews”
52% Percentage of golfers who consider online golf reviews before making a purchase decision
4.5/5 Average rating of Golfdom’s indoor golf simulator

Golf enthusiasts searching for “Indoor golf reviews” have a high chance of coming across Golfdom’s indoor golf simulator, which boasts an impressive 4.5/5 rating. More than half of all golfers consider online reviews before purchasing golfing equipment or booking tee times. With 2,900 monthly searches for “Indoor golf reviews,” it’s clear that golfers value the insights and opinions of others when making decisions about their sport. Golfdom’s popularity in online reviews makes it a trusted resource for golfers looking to improve their game.



Worldwide Golf Shops

Statistic Value Reference
Monthly searches 2,400 Google Keyword Planner
Total results 54,000,000 Google Search
Top search result www.golfmonthly.com Google Search

Worldwide Golf Shops offers indoor golf products and has a strong online presence for indoor golf reviews. According to the Google Keyword Planner, there are 2,400 monthly searches related to indoor golf reviews. When searching for indoor golf reviews, there are 54,000,000 total results in Google Search. The top result for indoor golf reviews is www.golfmonthly.com. These statistics show that indoor golf reviews have a demand among golfers and Worldwide Golf Shops has the potential to capitalize on this trend.




Keywords Search Volume Competition Cost per Click (CPC)
Indoor golf reviews 590 0.7 $1.09
Golf simulators 6,600 0.8 $1.69
Indoor putting greens 2,900 0.8 $1.79

3balls.com offers a range of indoor golf equipment and accessories, including golf simulators and putting greens. For those looking to purchase indoor golf equipment, indoor golf reviews are crucial in making an informed decision. With a search volume of 590, the competition level of 0.7, and a low CPC of $1.09, searching for indoor golf reviews can provide valuable information to those in the market for indoor golf equipment. Along with indoor golf reviews, other relevant keywords with higher search volumes include “golf simulators” and “indoor putting greens” with a combined monthly search volume of over 9,500.

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