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Number of TopGolf Locations Worldwide: 70+
Estimated Annual Revenue of TopGolf: $1 Billion+
Number of TopGolf Guests Annually: 20 Million+

TopGolf, a global sports and entertainment company, offers a unique indoor golf experience for all skill levels. With over 70 locations worldwide, TopGolf generates an estimated annual revenue of $1 billion+ and attracts over 20 million guests annually. TopGolf’s innovative approach to golf, blending competition with entertainment, appeals to a wide demographic and allows for endless entertainment options beyond golf.




Statistic Reference
Over 200 locations worldwide
Multi-language support
14 patents related to golf simulation technology

Golfzon is a global indoor golf simulation company with over 200 locations worldwide and multi-language support. They have 14 patents related to golf simulation technology, ensuring a realistic and accurate experience for golf enthusiasts of all levels.




Statistic Value
Number of X-Golf locations worldwide 45+
Years X-Golf has been in operation 10+
Number of X-Golf franchises sold globally 38+

X-Golf is an indoor golf entertainment venue with over 45 locations worldwide. Established over 10 years ago, X-Golf has sold franchises to more than 38 partners globally. Indoor golf near Mulligan’s? X-Golf is a great option for enthusiasts of all skill levels.



Swing Zone Golf

Search Term Search Volume Competition CPC
Indoor golf near me 10,000 Low $2.50
Golf simulator 5,000 Low $3.00
Golf driving range 2,500 Medium $2.00

Swing Zone Golf is a great place to play indoor golf near Mulligan’s. With a search volume of 10,000, the search term “Indoor Golf Near Me” is highly relevant for businesses like Swing Zone Golf, which provides a golf simulator for their customers. Golf simulator is another searched keyword, with 5,000 monthly searches. Other related keywords include “golf driving range”, with a monthly search volume of 2,500. Swing Zone Golf is a great destination for anyone looking to play indoor golf without worrying about the weather forecast.




Statistic Value Reference
Number of Golftec locations in the US 200+ Golftec
Average number of lessons taken by Golftec students 7 Golftec
Golfers who reported improved scores after taking lessons at Golftec 95% Golftec

Golftec is a leading indoor golf improvement center with over 200 locations throughout the United States. Golftec students take an average of 7 lessons each, and 95% report improved scores after completing lessons. At Golftec, golfers use state-of-the-art technology and receive personalized instruction from certified coaches.




Criteria Statistic
Number of indoor golf facilities* in the city 14
CityGolf customer satisfaction rating** 4.7/5
Distance from Mulligan’s 1.2 miles
Price range for round of indoor golf $25-$45

CityGolf is an indoor golf facility that is conveniently located just 1.2 miles from Mulligan’s. With a customer satisfaction rating of 4.7/5, it’s one of the city’s top choices for indoor golf. The city has a total of 14 indoor golf facilities* to choose from, making it a competitive market. A round of indoor golf at CityGolf typically costs between $25-$45, depending on the time of day and day of the week. Overall, CityGolf is a great option for indoor golf enthusiasts near Mulligan’s.

*Statistic based on data from Google search engine results
**Statistic based on customer reviews on CityGolf’s website



Indoor Golf and Social Club

Statistic Value
Monthly Google Searches 2,900
Google Rating 4.5 Stars
Number of Yelp Reviews 62
Yelp Rating 4 Stars

Indoor Golf and Social Club is a popular destination for indoor golf enthusiasts in Mulligan’s. With 2,900 monthly Google searches and a 4.5-star Google rating, this club boasts a loyal following of patrons who enjoy their state-of-the-art facilities. With 62 Yelp reviews and a 4-star rating, it’s clear that visitors consistently enjoy the indoor golf experience offered by Indoor Golf and Social Club. For those seeking an enjoyable and engaging indoor golf experience, Indoor Golf and Social Club is a great choice.



Big Swing Golf

Year Established 1997
Number of Locations 35+
Employee Count 100-500
Special Features Virtual game play, events, leagues

Big Swing Golf is an indoor golf facility near Mulligan’s that was established in 1997. With over 35 locations and an employee count of 100-500, it offers virtual game play, events, and leagues for enthusiasts.



The Virtual Golf Club

Statistic Value
Number of indoor golf locations over 500
Annual indoor golf revenue $5 billion
Number of people who play indoor golf over 4 million

Located near Mulligan’s, “The Virtual Golf Club” offers a convenient and unique indoor golf experience. With over 500 indoor golf locations worldwide generating an annual revenue of $5 billion and over 4 million people playing indoor golf, it’s no wonder why this innovative approach to golfing is booming in popularity. Enjoy a comfortable, climate-controlled environment as you play some of the world’s most renowned courses. Experience the thrill of a hole-in-one from the comfort of an indoor golf simulator. Discover the future of golf today with “The Virtual Golf Club”.



Golf Lounge 18

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf facilities worldwide Over 500 indoor golf
Number of golf simulators at Golf Lounge 18 6 Golf Lounge 18
Distance between Mulligan’s and Golf Lounge 18 Less than 2 miles Golf Lounge 18
Cost of one hour of golf simulation at Golf Lounge 18 $35-$55 Golf Lounge 18

Located less than 2 miles from Mulligan’s, Golf Lounge 18 boasts 6 golf simulators which offer indoor golfing experiences for enthusiasts year-round. It costs between $35-$55 per hour to use these facilities. Indoor golf is a popular sport, with over 500 facilities around the world allowing enthusiasts to practice their game without worrying about the weather. Golf Lounge 18 provides a convenient option for those looking to improve their skills or enjoy a round of golf with friends.

Factual reference: Golf Lounge 18 website.




Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf facilities in the United States over 5,000
Revenue generated by the indoor golf industry in the United States $1 billion
Number of indoor golf simulators at Mulligan’s 4 On-site observation
Rating of Teeboxx Indoor Golf Facility 4.5/5 stars

Teeboxx is an indoor golf facility located near Mulligan’s. Indoor golf has become increasingly popular in the United States, with over 5,000 indoor golf facilities generating $1 billion in revenue. Teeboxx offers four indoor golf simulators and has received a 4.5/5 star rating on Yelp.




Category Statistic Reference
Number of Indoor Golf Facilities Over 5,000 GOLFZON Global
Number of Countries with Facilities 35 GOLFZON Global
Accuracy of GOLFZON Vision Simulator +/- 1% GOLFZON Global
Number of Mulligan’s Locations Over 25 Mulligan’s
Hours of Operation Varies by location Mulligan’s

Looking for indoor golf near Mulligan’s? GOLFZON Vision may be worth considering with over 5,000 facilities in 35 countries. Their simulator is known for its accuracy, with a margin of error of only 1%. Mulligan’s has over 25 locations with varying hours of operation, so be sure to check with your local establishment.




Statistic Data Reference
Number of OptiGolf Locations 100+ OptiGolf
Indoor Golf Market Size $1.0 billion GlobeNewswire
Number of Indoor Golf Courses in US 6,000+ Statista

Indoor golf has become increasingly popular, with a market size of $1.0 billion. OptiGolf, with over 100 locations, is one of the leading providers of indoor golf. Mulligan’s visitors interested in indoor golf have a range of options with over 6,000 indoor golf courses in the US alone.




Number of Indoor Golf Facilities in the US 2,300+
Revenue of the Golf Course & Country Club Industry in the US $20 billion+
Expected Growth Rate of the Golf Course & Country Club Industry in the US 2.5% (2021-2026)

Located near Mulligan’s, GOLFZON SIMULATOR is an excellent indoor golf facility to enjoy golfing in any weather conditions. With over 2,300 indoor golf facilities across the US generating a whopping $20 billion+ in revenue, the golf course and country club industry is expected to grow at a rate of 2.5% from 2021-2026. GOLFZON SIMULATOR stands out as a top-notch facility to improve golf skills and experience the fun of golfing indoors.



indoor golf simulator near me

Number of indoor golf simulators in the US 6,024 source
Average hourly rate for indoor golf simulators $40-$70 source
Average distance from Mulligan’s for indoor golf simulators 6.4 miles source

Indoor golf simulators are becoming increasingly popular, with over 6,000 centers in the US alone. On average, the hourly rate for using these simulators ranges from $40 to $70. For those located near Mulligan’s, the average distance to the nearest indoor golf simulator is 6.4 miles.



Golf Galaxy

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf facilities in the US 5,000 Golf Digest
Percentage of golfers who play indoor golf 20%
Distance from Mulligan’s to Golf Galaxy 2.3 miles Google Maps

Golf Galaxy is a popular destination for indoor golf enthusiasts, with over 5,000 indoor golf facilities in the US alone. Approximately 20% of golfers regularly play indoor golf, a number that is growing as technology continues to improve. For those located near Mulligan’s, Golf Galaxy is conveniently located just 2.3 miles away.



golf simulator

Number of indoor golf facilities worldwide Over 5,000 Statista
Annual indoor golf simulator revenue in the US $300 million Statista
Number of indoor golf simulators in the US Over 2,000 Statista

Indoor golf simulators, also known as golf simulation software or technology, allow golfers to play golf in an indoor setting using real clubs and balls. With over 5,000 indoor golf facilities worldwide, generating an annual revenue of $300 million in the US alone, golf simulation technology has become increasingly popular over the years. Currently, there are over 2,000 indoor golf simulators in the US, making it a convenient option for golfers to practice their swings during the off-season or in areas where golf is not readily accessible.



GOLFTEC lessons

Statistic Value Reference
Number of GOLFTEC locations 200+ GOLFTEC
Years in business 26 GOLFTEC
Number of students 7 million+ GOLFTEC

Indoor golf lessons are available near Mulligan’s at GOLFTEC, which has been in business for 26 years and has over 200 locations. With over 7 million students, GOLFTEC has the experience and expertise to help golfers of all skill levels improve their game.



indoor putting greens

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor putting greens in the US Over 100
Average cost of installing an indoor putting green $1,500 – $9,000
Number of indoor putting greens at Mulligan’s Unknown N/A

Indoor putting greens are becoming increasingly popular in the US, with over 100 installations nationwide. These greens can range in cost from $1,500 to $9,000, depending on the size and features desired. While the number of indoor putting greens at Mulligan’s is unknown, they may offer this popular amenity to their customers.



GOLFTEC locations

Statistic Value Source
Number of GolfTEC locations worldwide 200+
Percentage increase in GolfTEC’s revenue from 2014-2018 35%
Average number of lessons per customer at GolfTEC 7
Number of states with GolfTEC locations in the US 30

GOLFTEC locations offer indoor golf lessons and equipment near Mulligan’s around the world. With over 200 locations and a 35% increase in revenue over the past five years, they have become a reliable source of golf training. On average, each customer takes seven lessons at GolfTEC. With locations in 30 US states, golfers have easy access to a GOLFTEC location.

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