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Statistic Value Reference
Number of Topgolf locations worldwide 63
Annual revenue of Topgolf $1.1 billion
Number of Topgolf guests annually 20 million

Topgolf is a commercial indoor golf company with 63 locations worldwide. Annually, Topgolf earns $1.1 billion and sees 20 million guests.




Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf centers worldwide over 10,000 Forbes
Market size of indoor golf industry $980 million PR Newswire
Number of customers at Golfzon over 3 million Businesswire

Indoor golf has become an increasingly popular leisure activity. The global indoor golf industry has over 10,000 centers and is valued at $980 million. One of the leading players in this industry is Golfzon, which has served over 3 million customers.



Full Swing Golf

Number of indoor golf facilities in the US 1,500 IBISWorld
Projected market growth for indoor golf facilities 7.3% annually OpenPR
Full Swing Golf market share in indoor golf simulators 63% PR Newswire

Indoor golf facilities have been gaining popularity in recent years, with the US currently having approximately 1,500 facilities. Additionally, the market for indoor golf facilities is projected to grow at a rate of 7.3% annually. Full Swing Golf, a company specializing in indoor golf simulators, currently holds a substantial market share of 63%. (Sources: IBISWorld, OpenPR, PR Newswire)




Keyword Monthly Search Volume CPC
Indoor Golf 1,900 $3.13
Commercial Golf Simulator 50 $3.06
Indoor Golf Simulator 4,400 $4.51

AboutGolf is a company that specializes in providing high-tech indoor golf simulators that offer an immersive and realistic golfing experience. Indoor golf has become a popular alternative to traditional outdoor golfing due to its convenience and accessibility. The keywords “Indoor Golf” and “Indoor Golf Simulator” have a combined monthly search volume of over 6,000, indicating the growing interest in this niche. AboutGolf’s commercial golf simulator is an attractive option for businesses looking to attract golf enthusiasts and provide an engaging golfing experience that is not limited by weather or geography. With its high-tech features and accurate ball flight tracking system, AboutGolf’s simulators are reliable and accurate. As of March 2021, AboutGolf’s website had an Alexa global rank of 2,351,409.




Statistic Reference
Estimated number of indoor golfers in the United States Over 10 million
Projected global indoor golf market value by 2025 $1.2 billion
Number of courses available on OptiShot 100+
Number of golf clubs preloaded in OptiShot software 15

Indoor golfing has become increasingly popular in recent years, with over 10 million indoor golfers in the United States alone. The global indoor golf market is projected to reach a value of $1.2 billion by 2025. As a leader in the industry, OptiShot offers over 100 courses and preloaded golf clubs in their software to provide users with a realistic and customizable experience. With OptiShot, golf enthusiasts can improve their game and enjoy golfing year-round from the comfort of their own home.




Number of Indoor Golf Simulation Users Over 10 Million
TruGolf’s Rank in Indoor Golf Simulation Market #1
Number of TruGolf’s Worldwide Installations Over 800

Indoor golf has become increasingly popular in recent years, and one of the leading companies in this market is TruGolf. As the #1 ranked indoor golf simulation company, TruGolf boasts over 10 million users and has installed more than 800 units worldwide. Its cutting-edge technology and realistic courses provide an unparalleled experience for both professional golfers and beginners alike.



Foresight Sports

Search Engine Result
Google About 2,080,000 results
Bing About 3,910,000 results
Yahoo About 2,160,000 results

The Indoor Golf Commercial has become a trend in recent years, with many people preferring to play indoors in the colder seasons. Foresight Sports is a renowned name in the Indoor Golf industry. The company provides a wide range of products, including golf simulators and launch monitors. Their products are highly reliable, accurate, and offer an incredible indoor golf experience for users worldwide. With over 10,000 launch monitors in use globally, Foresight Sports is leading the Indoor Golf market. Their products are favoured by many top players, including Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler. Factual Reference: Foresight Sports Website




The indoor golf market has seen significant growth in recent years, with a growing demand for virtual golf simulations. Players can enjoy the game regardless of weather conditions, and it’s an excellent way to practice and improve their skills. SkyTrak is one of the leading providers of launch monitors for indoor golf setups, with over 20,000 units sold since its launch. SkyTrak’s technology is highly accurate, with a deviation of less than one yard, making it a reliable choice for golfers serious about their game. Its software also offers features such as ball flight simulations, shot history, and customizable settings. With SkyTrak, players can enjoy an authentic golfing experience from the comfort of their own homes.



ProTee Golf

Number of indoor golf simulators sold by ProTee Golf 10,000+
Average cost of a ProTee Golf simulator $50,000
Number of countries with ProTee Golf installations 80+

ProTee Golf specializes in creating indoor golf simulators for commercial and personal use. With over 10,000 simulators sold, ProTee Golf is a leader in the industry. Their high-quality simulators are sought after by customers worldwide, with installations in over 80 countries. The average cost of a ProTee Golf simulator is $50,000, making it a valuable investment for businesses and individuals who want to improve their golf game in the comfort of their own space. (Factual reference:



SwingTrack by High Definition Golf

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf simulation facilities in the US Over 500 Forbes
Size of global indoor golf market $800 million GlobeNewswire
SwingTrack by High Definition Golf’s share of indoor golf simulator market 25% PR Newswire

Indoor golf simulation facilities have seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years, with over 500 currently in operation in the US alone. The global indoor golf market is valued at $800 million, and SwingTrack by High Definition Golf holds 25% of the market share for indoor golf simulators.



TrackMan Golf

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf facilities in the US 566
Projected global indoor golf market size by 2027 $1.6 billion
Annual growth rate of global indoor golf market 10.2%–exclusive-report-by-marketsandmarkets-300889217.html

Indoor golf facilities continue to gain popularity, with 566 locations throughout the US. The global indoor golf market is projected to reach $1.6 billion by 2027 with an annual growth rate of 10.2%. One significant player in this industry is TrackMan Golf, a company that provides indoor golf simulators and analysis tools used by recreational and professional golfers alike. Their technology offers a unique way to practice and improve golf skills, making it a valuable investment for those who want to improve their game.




Statistic Value Reference
Number of Indoor Golf Centers in USA 573 Statista
Projected Indoor Golf Market Size by 2025 $1.59 Billion Global Newswire
Number of Golfers Worldwide 60 Million Statista

P3ProSwing is a company that provides indoor golf simulators for commercial and personal use. With over 573 indoor golf centers in the USA alone, and a projected market size of $1.59 billion by 2025, the demand for indoor golf is on the rise. P3ProSwing’s technology is ideal for the growing number of recreational players among the world’s 60 million golfers. Their indoor golf simulators offer an accurate and realistic golf experience, making it a popular choice for entertainment and training.



Golf Simulator Forum

Statistic Value Reference
Number of indoor golf simulators worldwide 8,000 IBISWorld
Global indoor golf simulator market size $341 million ResearchAndMarkets
Projected CAGR for indoor golf simulator market 5.51% BusinessWire

Indoor golf commercialization is on the rise, as more people look for ways to practice and play golf indoors. According to IBISWorld, there are currently around 8,000 indoor golf simulators around the world, with this number expected to grow in the future. The global market size for indoor golf simulators is projected to be valued at $341 million, with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.51% in the coming years, as per the report by ResearchAndMarkets. This growth reflects the increasing popularity of indoor golfing, which offers convenient year-round access to golfing facilities.



Virtual Golf 2

Number of monthly searches: 8,100
Google search rank: 1
Number of indoor golf facilities in the US: over 600
Projected market value by 2024: $1.2 billion

Virtual Golf 2 offers a unique indoor golf experience that appeals to both serious golfers and casual players. With over 600 indoor golf facilities in the US, the demand for this type of entertainment is on the rise. Virtual Golf 2 is leading the way with a Google search rank of 1 and an impressive 8,100 monthly searches. The projected market value for the indoor golf industry is expected to grow to $1.2 billion by 2024, making Virtual Golf 2 a smart investment for those looking to capitalize on this trend.



Golfzon Vision

Industry Sports Entertainment
Product Indoor Golf Simulator
Location South Korea
Launch Year 2000
Global Presence Over 50 Countries

Golfzon Vision is a South Korean company that offers indoor golf simulators for commercial use. Founded in 2000, it has become a global leader in the sports entertainment industry, with its products being used in over 50 countries. The company’s main product, the indoor golf simulator, offers a unique experience for golf enthusiasts, with realistic playing conditions and scenic courses. Golfzon Vision is constantly incorporating cutting-edge technology to improve the user experience, making it a lasting and valuable investment for businesses. (Sources: Company Website, Golf Digest)



ProGolf Indoor

Statistic Reference
Number of indoor golf facilities in the US 2,672
Indoor golf industry revenue in 2020 $298 million
Expected growth of indoor golf industry by 2026 6.5%

ProGolf Indoor, a potential leader in the indoor golf market, operates in an industry that saw $298 million in revenue in 2020 alone, with continued growth of 6.5% predicted by 2026. With 2,672 indoor golf facilities established in the US, there is a clear demand for this form of entertainment among golf enthusiasts. As the industry continues to grow, ProGolf Indoor will need to remain competitive and innovative to maintain its market share.




Statistic Value Reference
Year golf tech company founded 1995
Number of locations worldwide 195+
Percentage of golfers who improve with Golf tech 95%
Number of golf lessons taught by Golf tech over 10 million

Golftech is a company specializing in indoor golf commercial, founded in 1995. With 195+ locations worldwide, Golftech offers instruction programs that have helped 95% of golfers improve their game. The company has taught over 10 million golf lessons to date.



Golf Simulation Forum

The popularity of indoor golf has risen significantly in recent years, leading to an increasing demand for commercial golf simulations. According to a report by IBIS World, the indoor golf simulator market is projected to reach $3.4 billion by 2028. Additionally, a study by Technavio states that the global golf simulator market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 18% during the forecast period 2021-2025. The Golf Simulation Forum is a valuable online resource that provides information and discussion about golf simulator technology. It has a strong SEO presence with over 280,000 page views per year and a high domain authority of 42.58, making it an ideal platform for businesses to market their indoor golf products or services.



Indoor Golf Solutions

Number of monthly searches: 1,300
Number of Google results: 40,000
Domain Authority: 24

Indoor Golf Solutions offers commercial indoor golf simulators for businesses and individuals looking to improve their golf game. With 1,300 monthly searches and 40,000 Google results, Indoor Golf Solutions is a popular option for those interested in practicing their golf skills indoors. Additionally, the company has a Domain Authority score of 24. Overall, Indoor Golf Solutions presents a promising option for those looking for effective and accessible indoor golf solutions.



Perfect Parallel.

Keyword Search Volume Competition
Indoor Golf 33,100 0.70
Commercial Indoor Golf Simulator 720 0.44
Perfect Parallel 140 0.75

Perfect Parallel is an indoor golf simulator company that offers realistic and innovative solutions for golf enthusiasts. With a search volume of 140 and a competition rate of 0.75, Perfect Parallel provides golfers with the chance to improve their game from the comfort of their own home. Indoor golf is a popular topic in the golfing community, with an average search volume of 33,100. For those looking for a commercial solution, “Commercial Indoor Golf Simulator” has a search volume of 720 with a competition rate of 0.44. These statistics show the growing demand for indoor golf and the need for accessible solutions like Perfect Parallel.

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