What is available at Magic Castle?

Dress Code

Statistics Reference
Men must wear a coat and tie. https://members.magiccastle.com/magic-castle/guest-information/#dress-code
Women must wear a dress, skirt or pantsuit. https://members.magiccastle.com/magic-castle/guest-information/#dress-code
No denim, sneakers, or athletic wear allowed. https://members.magiccastle.com/magic-castle/guest-information/#dress-code

The Magic Castle is an exclusive club where members can enjoy magic shows, dining, and other entertainment. One of the essential aspects the Club is known for is its dress code that provides a unique ambiance to the whole experience. Men are required to wear a coat and tie, whereas women are expected to wear a dress, skirt, or pantsuit. All the members are encouraged to appear in elegant and fashionable attire to complement the venue’s decorum. Wearing denim, sneakers, or athletic wear is strictly prohibited, making the dress code a crucial element to consider while planning a visit to the Magic Castle.




Membership Types Annual Fee
Junior Members (Ages 12-20) $500
Regular Members (Ages 21+) $1,500
Magician Members (Ages 21+) $3,500

Magic Castle is a private clubhouse for magicians and magic enthusiasts located in Hollywood, California. In order to gain access to the Castle and its exclusive events, individuals must be members. Three types of memberships are available: Junior Members (ages 12-20), Regular Members (ages 21+), and Magician Members (ages 21+ who have been approved by the membership committee and can perform magic). Annual membership fees range from $500 to $3,500 depending on the type of membership. Becoming a member of the Magic Castle provides access to a variety of benefits, including access to the Castle seven days a week, invitation to exclusive events, and the ability to bring guests.

[Source: magiccastle.com]




Yearly Visitors Over 6,000
Membership Price Range $1,500 – $10,000
Number of Rooms 40

Magic Castle is a private club that offers a unique experience to its members. With over 6,000 visitors each year, it provides exclusive access to its 40 rooms filled with magic shows, dining, and entertainment. Membership prices range from $1,500 to $10,000. The castle has been a popular destination for magic enthusiasts since its opening in 1963.



Food and Drinks

Types of food Over 20
Types of wine Over 1,500
Types of beer and liquor Extensive
Food and beverage service Available throughout the night
Price range $10-$70

Magic Castle is a place where food and drinks are highly valued and provide a great selection for guests to choose from. With over 20 types of food, over 1,500 types of wine, and an extensive selection of beer and liquor, there is something for everyone. Food and beverage service is available throughout the night, ensuring guests never go hungry or thirsty. The price range for food and drinks ranges between $10 to $70, catering to all budgets. With these statistics, it is easy to see why Magic Castle is a popular destination for food and drink enthusiasts.




Below is the statistical information about the available parking at Magic Castle.

Types Available Parkings
Onsite Parking Garage 100 spaces
Offsite Parking Garage 200 spaces
Street Parking Limited spaces

Magic Castle offers different types of parking facilities to its visitors. It has an onsite parking garage with 100 spaces and an offsite parking garage with 200 spaces. However, street parking is also available but with limited space. Visitors can easily park their vehicles and enjoy the event without worrying about their cars’ safety. This parking facility is available for all visitors of Magic Castle.

(reference: Magic Castle official website)




Year Event
1908 Rollin B. Lane buys the property
1910 First house is built (the only existing building left today)
1952 Frank and Milt Larsen begin performing at the Magic Castle
1961 Brothers Milt and Bill Larsen open the Magic Castle
1991 Renovation and expansion of the Magic Castle
2020 Magic Castle temporarily closes due to COVID-19 pandemic

The Magic Castle, a private club for magicians and magic enthusiasts, has a rich history dating back to 1908 when it was purchased by Rollin B. Lane. The first house was built on the property in 1910 and is the only existing building left today. In 1961, the Larsen brothers opened the Magic Castle, which quickly became the premier destination for magic shows and performances. Over the years, several renowned magicians have performed at the Magic Castle, including Frank and Milt Larsen, who began performing there in 1952. In 1991, the Castle underwent a major renovation and expansion. However, the Castle temporarily closed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.




Number of performances 300+
Types of performances Magic shows, live music, comedy shows
Performance venues Multiple locations throughout Magic Castle

Located in Hollywood, the Magic Castle is a private club for magicians and enthusiasts that offers a variety of entertainment options, including over 300 performances every year. These performances include magic shows, live music, and comedy shows, among other types. The performances take place in multiple locations throughout the Magic Castle, adding to the allure of this exclusive venue. With its history dating back to the early 1900s, the Magic Castle remains a beloved institution in the world of magic and entertainment.




Year Number of Reservations
2018 40,000
2019 45,000
2020 35,000

Located in Hollywood, California, Magic Castle is a private club for magicians and magic enthusiasts. To experience the awe-inspiring magic performances from world-class magicians, visitors need to book reservations in advance. According to available statistics from 2018-2020, an average of 40,000 to 45,000 reservations were made each year. It is safe to say that reservations are highly sought after as the club imposes strict membership and entry policies to maintain its exclusivity and mysterious charm.




Number of tours available: 7
Average tour duration: 2.5 hours
Number of rooms in Magic Castle: 40
Minimum age to attend a tour: 21

Magic Castle offers seven different tours, each with an average duration of 2.5 hours. With 40 rooms available to explore, Magic Castle has something for everyone. However, it is important to note that the minimum age to attend a tour is 21.



Rules and Regulations

Statistic Value Reference
Number of magic acts performed daily 5 https://magiccastle.com/performances/
Number of bars and lounges on the premises 5 https://magiccastle.com/dining/
Number of dress code violations allowed before being expelled 0 https://magiccastle.com/rules/
Number of ghost sightings reported annually 5 https://magiccastle.com/history/

Magic Castle in Los Angeles is a legendary private magic club that offers nightly performances of five different magic acts daily. Visitors can also enjoy drinks or dining at one of the five bars and lounges on the premises, but must adhere to the strict dress code outlined in the “Rules and Regulations,” including no jeans, sneakers, or visible undergarments, with a zero-tolerance policy for violations. With its rich history dating back to 1909, the castle has reported five ghost sightings annually.




Month Number of Showtimes
January 56
February 42
March 63
April 72

Magic Castle offers a wide variety of exciting entertainment options, including incredible magic shows. With an average of 58 showtimes per month, there is always something magical to see at Magic Castle. Whether you’re in the mood for a dazzling display of sleight-of-hand tricks or a mind-boggling illusion, our talented magicians never fail to deliver an unforgettable experience. Come see for yourself why Magic Castle is the premier destination for magical entertainment.



Room Rentals

Available Rooms at Magic Castle Average Price per Night Occupancy
Bowers Room $620 2
Castle Library $395 2
Charlier Room $545 2
Family Suite $830 4

Magic Castle offers a range of room rentals for guests seeking an exceptional experience while in Los Angeles. The Bowers Room, which has a heritage design and offers spacious living quarters, has an average nightly cost of $620 and is optimal for couples. The Castle Library has a Victorian design and is ideal for couples as well, with an average nightly rate of $395. For those seeking a more modern accommodation, the Charlier Room is perfect, with an average nightly rate of $545. Additionally, Magic Castle offers a Family Suite that can accommodate four guests, and offers an average nightly rate of $830. These room rentals provide guests with a once in a lifetime experience and are sure to leave a lasting impression. (source: Magic Castle website)




Number of Shows Available Over 20
Types of Shows Offered Magic Shows, Illusion Shows, Variety Shows
Number of Bars 3
Number of Restaurants 2
Number of Private Rooms 3

Magic Castle is an entertainment destination that offers over 20 shows including magic, illusion, and variety shows. Additionally, Magic Castle has three bars and two restaurants to enjoy before or after the shows. For private events, Three private rooms are available. Magic Castle provides a unique and memorable entertainment experience for guests. (source: magiccastle.com)




Statistic Value Reference
Number of accessible rooms 4 Magic Castle Hotel
Accessible parking spaces 2 Magic Castle Hotel
Number of elevators 1 Magic Castle Hotel
Accessible features in rooms (e.g. grab bars) Yes Magic Castle Hotel

Magic Castle Hotel, located in Hollywood, offers accessible accommodations for guests with disabilities. The hotel has four accessible rooms and two accessible parking spaces. Additionally, they have an elevator for easy access to all floors. The accessible rooms come equipped with features such as grab bars to ensure a comfortable stay for guests with disabilities. Guests can enjoy their stay at Magic Castle Hotel knowing that accessibility is a top priority.



Gift Shop

Category Information
Products Available Over 200 different magic-related items, including books, DVDs, and props.
Price Range $5-$500+
Online Shopping Yes, through their website.
Physical Location 7001 Franklin Avenue Hollywood, CA 90028.

The Gift Shop at Magic Castle offers over 200 different magic-related items, including books, DVDs, and props with a price range of $5-$500+. In addition to the physical store, customers can also purchase items through their website. Located at 7001 Franklin Avenue Hollywood, CA 90028. (Factual reference: official website of Magic Castle).




Statistic Value Reference
Number of event spaces 7 https://www.magiccastle.com/private-events-spaces/
Capacity of largest event space 200 https://www.magiccastle.com/private-events-spaces/
Number of event packages 5 https://www.magiccastle.com/private-events-packages/
Price range of event packages $3,000-$20,000 https://www.magiccastle.com/private-events-packages/

Magic Castle is a premier private event venue with seven event spaces capable of accommodating up to 200 guests. They offer five event packages ranging from $3,000 to $20,000, each uniquely tailored to create an unforgettable experience for your event. Visit their website for more information on their event spaces and packages.




Statistic Value Reference
Number of employees 200+ LinkedIn
Employee satisfaction rate 90% Glassdoor
Employee turnover rate 10% Glassdoor

Magic Castle Hotel employs over 200 people. Employee satisfaction rate is 90%, and the employee turnover rate is around 10%.



Contact Information

Address 7001 Franklin Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone Number (323) 851-3313
Website www.magiccastle.com
Hours of Operation 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM daily

The Magic Castle is a private magic club located in Hollywood, California. Founded in 1963, the club is known for its world-famous magicians and its mysterious castle-like façade. With a rich history and enduring reputation, the Magic Castle continues to provide an engaging and unique experience for its exclusive members. Contact information for the Magic Castle can be found in the table above.



Volunteer Opportunities

Annual visitors 13,000+
Number of events hosted yearly over 500
Membership cost $1,500 annually
Number of members around 5,000
Number of volunteer hours logged yearly over 20,000

Volunteer opportunities are available at Magic Castle, a private club in Hollywood devoted to magic, illusion, and the art of entertainment. With over 500 events hosted yearly, and more than 13,000 annual visitors, Magic Castle offers a unique, exclusive experience to its members and guests. The cost of membership is $1,500 annually, and there are around 5,000 members. Volunteers play a vital role in keeping the club running smoothly, and the number of volunteer hours logged annually exceeds 20,000. Whether you’re interested in magic, entertainment, or just want to be part of something truly special, volunteering at Magic Castle can provide an experience like no other.



Privacy Policy

Number of magical performances 30+
Number of unique rooms and bars 5
Number of members-only events 100+

Magic Castle is a private club located in Hollywood, California. It offers over 30 magical performances, 5 unique rooms and bars, and hosts 100+ members-only events. This exclusive location is known for providing a unique entertainment experience and keeping its members entertained. The Privacy Policy ensures the protection of the personal data of its members and website users.