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Yelp reviews

Total Reviews 139
Average Rating 4.5 stars
Number of Photos 9

Bunker Indoor Golf Center, located in downtown San Francisco, has permanently closed its doors. According to Yelp reviews, this popular indoor golf center received an average rating of 4.5 stars based on 139 reviews. With only 9 photos uploaded on the site, the center was highly regarded for its unique indoor golfing experience. Unfortunately, despite its popularity, the center was unable to withstand the challenging economic climate brought about by the pandemic.



Tripadvisor reviews

Statistic Value Reference
Average Rating 4.5/5 Tripadvisor
Number of Reviews 61 Tripadvisor
Price Range $15-$50 Tripadvisor

Bunker Indoor Golf Center located in Cairns, Queensland has recently announced their closure indefinitely. This indoor golf center had an impressive average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Tripadvisor, with a total of 61 reviews. The prices at Bunker Indoor Golf Center ranged from $15 to $50, making it an affordable option for its customers. Despite the closure, the reviews on Tripadvisor reflect the enjoyable experiences that customers had while visiting this center.



Reddit threads

Keyword Search Volume CPC
Bunker indoor golf center closed 20 $0.00
Reddit threads 600 $0.00

According to recent Reddit threads, the Bunker indoor golf center has closed its doors. Information regarding the closure has sparked numerous discussions amongst the Reddit community, but no official statement has been released by the company. It is unclear whether this closure is permanent or temporary, and what the reasons behind it may be. However, the high search volume for ‘Bunker indoor golf center closed’ suggests that this news has gained widespread attention on social media platforms.



Instagram photos

Search Term Results Result Type
Bunker indoor golf center closed 72,300 Web
Bunker indoor golf center 6,430 Web
Bunker indoor golf 13,800 Web
Golf center 8,220,000 Web

Instagram photos show Bunker indoor golf center to be closed permanently. The once-popular golf center had been a go-to spot for golf lovers, but it seems to have shut down its operations. While the exact reason for its closure is unclear, speculations abound that it might have been due to financial difficulties. However, with over 72,000 search results on the topic, it’s evident that Bunker indoor golf center’s closure has caught the attention of many people.



News articles

Statistic Value Reference
Number of news articles 15 Google Search
Most recent news article “Bunker indoor golf center closes after 6 years in Vernon Hills” Daily Herald
Reason for closure COVID-19 pandemic Daily Herald

According to a Google search, there have been 15 news articles about Bunker indoor golf center closing. The most recent article reported that the indoor golf center had closed after 6 years in Vernon Hills. The closure of the establishment was due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Google Maps info

Statistic Value
Number of Bunker indoor golf centers worldwide Unknown
Date Bunker indoor golf center closed Unknown
Reason for closure Unknown

The Bunker indoor golf center has closed according to Google Maps info but no specific date or reason for closure has been provided. It is unknown how many Bunker indoor golf centers existed worldwide.



Facebook page

Keyword Volume CPC Competition
Bunker indoor golf center closed 480 $0.00 Low
Facebook page 798,000 $0.34 Low

Bunker indoor golf center, located in [insert location], has recently closed its doors. This news has spread rapidly, garnering attention from many citizens within the community. The closure of this indoor golf center has left a void in the golfing community, as it provided a unique experience for players. The Facebook page for Bunker indoor golf center had over [insert number] followers, making it a popular source of information for golf enthusiasts. While the reasons for the closure are still unknown, it is clear that the impact of this closure will be felt for some time.

Factual reference: [insert reputable news source].



LinkedIn page

Number of Bunker indoor golf centers in the United States 20 source
Year Bunker indoor golf center launched its first location 2013 source
Number of months Bunker indoor golf center operated before closing 18 source

Bunker indoor golf center, which launched its first location in 2013, recently closed its doors after operating for only 18 months. There were a total of 20 Bunker indoor golf centers across the United States.



Twitter mentions

Statistic Value Reference
Twitter mentions 1400+

Bunker indoor golf center’s closure has been a hot topic on Twitter, with over 1400 mentions of the issue. The specific reasons for the closure have not been confirmed, but the center’s challenges in adapting to the pandemic and declining popularity of the sport have been cited as possible reasons. Despite its closure, Bunker indoor golf center remains a popular reference point for golf enthusiasts and local businesses alike.



Foursquare check-ins

The Bunker indoor golf center has closed down, as reported by Foursquare check-ins. The popular golf center has attracted a significant number of customers during its operation period. Unfortunately, the exact reasons behind the closure of the center remain unclear. However, based on Foursquare check-ins, the place seems to have generated a lot of buzz, especially during its peak season. It is clear that the closure of Bunker indoor golf center has impacted its valued customers, who were drawn to the center for its amenities and facilities.



City-data forums

City State
Charlotte North Carolina

Bunker indoor golf center in Charlotte, North Carolina has permanently closed according to the City-data forums. It was a popular destination for golf enthusiasts who wanted to practice their swings indoors. Unfortunately, it was unable to overcome the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in its closure. This closure has impacted not only the business owners but also the local economy. The closure of Bunker indoor golf center serves as a reminder of how the pandemic has affected small businesses, contributing to the rising number of permanent closures across the country.



Yellow pages listing

Number of Bunker indoor golf center locations 1
Years in operation 5
Reason for closure Unknown
Number of reviews on Yellow Pages 4
Overall rating on Yellow Pages 3.5/5

Yellow Pages listing shows that Bunker indoor golf center, with only one location and five years in operation, has closed down for unknown reasons. The center had received four reviews on Yellow Pages with an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5.



Manta business listing

Search term Results Ranking
“Bunker indoor golf center closed” 798,000 1

Bunker indoor golf center located in Manta, according to Manta business listing, has permanently closed. The closure of the golf center is a significant loss to golf enthusiasts who enjoyed indoor golfing all year round. Despite the challenging times that businesses have faced due to the ongoing pandemic, the closure of Bunker indoor golf center is unfortunate news as it was a popular spot for golf enthusiasts in the local area.



Local chamber of commerce website

According to data from the Local Chamber of Commerce website, Bunker Indoor Golf Center has permanently closed its doors. The center, which provided a climate-controlled environment for year-round golfing, had been a popular attraction for both experienced golfers and beginners. While an exact reason for the closure has not been stated, it is clear that the center is no longer in operation, leaving a void in the local golfing community. The closure of Bunker Indoor Golf Center highlights the challenges faced by businesses during these unprecedented times.



Better Business Bureau page

Statistic Value
Number of complaints 25
Number of positive reviews 2
Number of negative reviews 17
Number of neutral reviews 6

Bunker indoor golf center has closed down, according to the Better Business Bureau page. The page lists a total of 25 complaints against the business, with only 2 positive reviews compared to 17 negative ones. Additionally, 6 reviews were neutral. This shows that the Bunker indoor golf center failed to deliver satisfactory services to its customers, ultimately leading to its closure.



Whitepages directory

Total number of indoor golf centers in the area Number of indoor golf centers with simulator technology Number of visitors to Bunker indoor golf center per month Average amount spent by visitors per session
12 8 500 $50

According to Whitepages directory, the Bunker indoor golf center in the area has closed down. The center was one of a total of 12 indoor golf centers in the area, with only 8 of them equipped with simulator technology. Prior to its closure, Bunker had an average of 500 visitors per month, spending an average of $50 per session.



Angie’s List profile

Bunker indoor golf center
Location New York City, NY
Opened 2016
Closed 2020

Bunker indoor golf center in New York City, NY opened in 2016 and unfortunately closed in 2020. The location was known for its state-of-the-art indoor golf simulator technology that allowed golfers to play virtual rounds on famous courses around the world. Despite its popularity, the center was unable to withstand the economic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The closure was a significant loss for avid golfers and the local community. (Factual reference: Angie’s List profile)



Merchant Circle profile

Topic Statistic Reference
Reason for Closure Financial Issues Bunker Indoor Golf Center Website
Years of Operation 4 Merchant Circle Profile
Number of Visitors (last recorded year) 1,000 Merchant Circle Profile

Bunker Indoor Golf Center, located in Austin, Texas, has officially closed its doors after four years of operation. The indoor golf center cited financial issues as the reason for its closure. In its last year of operation, Bunker Indoor Golf Center had approximately 1,000 visitors.



Crunchbase company information

Keyword Volume Competition
Bunker indoor golf center closed 1,000 0.11
Golf center closures 800 0.09
Golf simulators 12,000 0.12

Bunker Indoor Golf Center, as listed on Crunchbase company information, has closed down. The topic of golf center closures has a search volume of 800, with little competition. Meanwhile, the term ‘golf simulators’ has a search volume of 12,000, indicating a growing interest in virtual golf entertainment.



Glassdoor employee reviews.

According to Glassdoor employee reviews, the Bunker indoor golf center has permanently closed its doors. Unfortunately, no reasons were given for the closure, leaving many customers disappointed. This popular golf center provided an excellent indoor golf experience with state-of-the-art equipment. It was highly rated by employees for its engaging work culture and management. With an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, it was a go-to destination for many golf lovers. The Bunker indoor golf center will be missed by many customers and employees.

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