Transform Your Room Into a Golf Simulator

Screen Golf Home – How to Turn Your Room Into a Golf Simulator

Screen golf home is a great way to have fun and improve your game without having to leave the comfort of your house. However, Cory warns that you need to make sure your room is large enough to swing comfortably. This includes the ceiling height, the room width, and the depth of the swinging area.


For those looking for a top-notch golf simulator hitting enclosure that also looks great and offers high-quality images, SwingBay is one of the best choices. Designed with feedback from golf simulator owners, this hitting bay isn’t cheap but it is well worth the investment. It features a ballistic impact screen that is built to withstand balls traveling at up to 250 mph. The frame is made of a heavy-duty material that reduces external light and fastens together using a simple Velcro and bungee system.

It comes with a SkyTrak Plus launch monitor that uses high-speed cameras or radar technology to capture accurate data about your shots. It also includes a projector that delivers stunning course visuals and can be upgraded to an HD short throw model with 3000 lumens. The enclosure is spacious enough to work on your swing and play full rounds of golf with friends. It includes a premium strike turf mat to help improve your accuracy and provide a realistic feel for the ball.

Retractable Hitting Screen

The Pro Screen is a portable hitting screen that lets you turn any room into a golf simulator at the push of a button. The system includes a sturdy frame and a projector-ready screen that can handle up to 250mph balls. The screen is made from ballistic-grade material, and it flexes at the bottom to catch mis-hit shots.

The screen also features a Sky Net and Pro Arms to help contain stray shots that could damage the screen or your home. The netting and arms can be pushed out to offer an ultra-wide 14-foot flat projection area.

It comes with a wireless remote that allows you to retract the screen in less than 30 seconds. It’s ideal for spaces that serve multiple purposes and saves you the trouble of setting up and taking down a fixed golf enclosure. The screen is available in different lengths and materials, but the most popular options include a single, double, or triple-ply layer construction.


Aside from the screen itself you will also need a projector. You should make sure that the projector you choose has an aspect ratio that is close to the impact screen you have purchased. Typically this is an easy adjustment in the settings of the projector, but check just in case. To hang the screen you will need eyehooks (available at Home Depot) that attach to the strut channel specific square nuts. Screw them in at least every 12” across the top of the frame and use 6′ ball bungee cords (available at Home Depot) to connect the top to the strut channels.

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